Store Finds: 6 Inch Pipp & Zipp, G5 Candy Land & More

We're back quote soon with another MLP store finds post! Several interesting finds have been reported that can't wait for next week, so we hope you enjoy this quick heads-up on what's available in stores.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - New Pipp & Zipp 6" Figures at Walmart

We've seen Fashion Style ponies (6" tall) versions of Sunny (Rainbow Reveal) and Izzy (Unicorn Charms) already, and at Walmart the next wave has been spotted featuring Performance Prep Pipp Petals and Sparkle Adventures Zipp Storm.
Pipp has painted wings and comes with hair extensions, and Zipp has a glittery wings, a detachable shirt and glass. Both have additional accessories too (15+ total) and are available for $14.97 each.
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - First G5 Themed Boardgame Spotted

Also found at Walmart is this new version of My Little Pony Candy Land, this time with a G5 theme. In contrast with the previous movie version, this one does not contain any plastic figures and is instead played with cardboard movers. Over on the Walmart website, where it's also available for $13.99, you can see what the board looks like (and it's pretty cute).
Also, directly next to Candy Land is the Sing 'n Skate Sunny Starscout which we originally wrote a blog about with a possible spoiler warning. Guess that's all out in the open now?
(Thanks to Aren & Cheyenne)

Germany - Shining Adventures Collection Hits Europe

We haven't had much news on G5 release in Europe, and in our local stores we've seen 0 sets so far, but there's some good news from Germany: nation-wide drug store Müller now offers the large Shining Adventures Collection in their shops. The set with 6" ponies is available for just under €60 and has been spotted in multiple locations already.
(Thanks to Andreas & Marcus)


  1. The ornaments are cute
    The really big toys look nicer somehow. I hope their hair is quality nylon.
    Not interested in the themed Candyland.
    I don't know why Hasbro is putting out expensive multi-packs in this economy of the same characters. It's like they lost some of their business sense.

    1. That's what happens when they keep putting old men in charge of their franchises, they are too far detached with what collectors and kids want.

  2. My favorite thing in these pictures is the black nail paint that the person is wearing