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MLP Merch Other Figures Database
A lot of people wanted to see this database released (especially after we asked you in MLP Merch Poll #29. Well after some time we've finally managed to do so! From today on you can now also check out other MLP Figures that aren't made by Hasbro or Funko. There are quite a lot of companies who also made Pony figures! Have fun browsing the database and let us know if you find any errors. If you have any additions that aren't included, please feel free to let us know!

Click here to visit the Other Figures Database!

My Little Pony Wiggly Water Tube by Blip Toys
Ah I remember these things. I used to have one as a kid. What I'm talking about is this Wiggly Water Tube or Water Weenie or Water Snakes whatever you like to call them. It turns out that the company called Blip Toys (also known for the MLP Cameo's/Pencil Toppers) has decided to make a My Little Pony themed Wiggly Water Tube. It is Rainbow Power themed.

As so far we don't have an exact store where to find these, but since the cameo's were found at Target I believe that's a good place to start! If you find them please let us know so we can update this post.

Thanks to cozzybear_55 on Ebay for the images.

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Blip Toys My Little Pony Rainbow Power Magnetic Drawing Board

Just something fun. Blip Toys has listed this new magnetic drawing board on Amazon. Blip Toys is also known for toys like the Pony Cameos. (Pencil Toppers) This time they have made a new Magnetic Drawing board. Right now it's listed on Amazon but no other information is known.

For those interested in the listing: Blip Toys Magnetic Drawing Board

My Little Pony Blip Toys Cameos Figures
Thanks to one of our readers. We stumbled upon these adorable Pencil Toppers. They are made by Blip Toys who also made the Pinkie Pie Fold-N-Go playset. You can get these for $3 each at Target.