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First MLP K'NEX Tinkertoy Packaging Photos Appear + Pre-Orders
It's been a while since we last heard from the My Little Pony Tinkertoy line by K'NEX. Now's there finally an update about the building sets with official images of the packaging, as well as pre-order listings on Entertainment Earth.
The Tinkertoy line is the current deal between Hasbro and K'NEX to create construction sets for the MLP brand, featuring molded figures and colorful playsets.Sizes vary from 11-pieces, like the Rarity and Fluttershy sets below, to a huge Canterlot Castle set with 100 pieces. Sadly we don't have an image of that last one yet!

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More MLP K'NEX Images Found + Pinkie Pie Mystery Solved
A few days ago we wrote an article on the complete line-up of K'NEX toys for 2017, and were still missing the images of the smaller sets for Rarity and Fluttershy. Luckily we've managed to get images for those (see below), but also happened to find the official image of the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shop building. In the previous post we expected that the pricing of the set was based on two sets, as it was very small in relation to $39.99, but it turns out that the actual Pinkie Pie Sweet Shop set is much bigger!
The original image of Pinkie Pie might have been a early picture of the Pony Pals series 2 collection, which we assume will contain Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and indeed Pinkie Pie.
Below are all the new images:

MLP Merch Poll #111MLP Merch Poll #110 Results
Last week we asked you how well you like the Guardians of Harmony DJ Pon-3 Fan Series figure compared to other figures from the series. It was a close tie between those who prefer this figure and those are indifferent between them, but if you add up the votes for "much better" and "a bit better" it's clear that most people are positive about the DJ Pon-3 figure. Overall only about 8% of the voters think that the Celestia, Nightmare Moon and Discord figures are better than the DJ Pon-3 figure. Pretty unexpected!

My Little Pony K'NEX Line-Up Announced + Images
Yesterday we already released a sneak-peak at the first My Little Pony K'NEX set, but now the full line-up has been announced, including high quality images and a release date!
The sets will be released under the K'NEX Tinkertoy brand, which has seen a big re-branding in 2012 in a partnership between K'NEX and Hasbro.
For September 2017 a total of 6 sets have been announced, four of which have images, and below we've included all information we have right now:

MLP K'NEX Set with Twilight Sparkle and Spike
The 180th issue of ToyNews has published as a small article about the upcoming MLP K'NEX themed sets including an impression of one of one of them. It looks very K'NEX like and quite basic but that's K'NEX for you as it's more about building and constructing things. It can be especially interesting with the other sets that are coming soon. I bet you can make some awesome things if you combine all the sets.

MLP Merch Poll #105MLP Merch Poll #104 Results

Last week we asked you what you think of the upcoming new Blind Bag waves in general. For each question this is what the result was:
- New characters: Very positive, almost nobody dislikes the new characters
- New card design: Very positive, votes are divided 3:1
- Mane 6 not included: Somewhat positive, still in favor of the mane 6 not being included
- New bag/box design: Very positive, almost no dislikes
- General verdict: Very positive
So, overall you're all excited for the next wave, so hopefully we'll see them soon in stores!

K'NEX to Release My Little Pony-Themed Sets
News from an expected brand as Paul Fogarty, managing director at K'NEX UK, mentions My Little Pony as an upcoming license deal, as reported by ToyNews. He further says that 2017 will be the year that they will be "introducing K’NEX to children aged three and upwards for the first time", possibly hinting at a set with larger pieces.
Now don't think that this means we'll see life-size ponies built out of the classic K'NEX parts; nowadays they have multiple licenses that include molded figures, building blocks and even character blind bags. Take a look at their Mario range for example which is a great example of how a brand can be combined with K'NEX, and hopefully the MLP sets will be just as good.
This is just a teaser for what's coming, and the big reveal of what K'NEX is working on will be at the 2017 NY Toy Fair. Of course we'll report any news that we hear from K'NEX or the Toy Fair as it becomes available.