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My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Budget Styling Pony Reveal the Magic Brushable
A Brazilian website has listed stock images for the upcoming G4.5 Budget Styling Ponies which we posted about several months ago. In terms of size, these ones are the same size as their Potion Dress-Up releases minus all the accessories. The characters included in this release are Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. It's unsure if Applejack, Fluttershy or Rarity will be released as well.

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My Little Pony Rarity Rainbow Road Trip Fashion PonyMy Little Pony Rainbow Dash Reveal the Magic Styling Pony

Toywiz has listed a "new" styling Pony on their website. The Dress-up Rarity. It's strange seeing this one pop-up only now since it has the same style of packaging as the other dress-up fashion ponies. The clothes Rarity come with is a less detailed version of the MLP The Movie Fashion Style Rarity. She has been listed on Toywiz for $11.99

New: Reveal the Magic (G4.5) Mega Friendship Collection & Styling Size Ponies
We're back from a short break (now that we're allowed to, again) and directly got two new releases for you! While not officially out, we got both of them in their final packaging and can see every detail.
UPDATE: In our initial post we wrote about the first set containing regular-sized ponies, but they turn out to be the size of fashion styles (5.5").


My Little Pony Reveal the Magic Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash Styling Ponies
Some quick news: A Brazilian Hasbro Catalog has revealed a "new" upcoming item. It appears that the Rainbow Road Trip Styling Ponies will be re-released under the Reveal the Magic Line. The catalog shows images of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash but its very likely Fluttershy, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle will be also released as they were also present in the Rainbow Road Trip Versions. As for Applejack... I'm afraid she won't be included in this time as well.
Update: Fluttershy, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle will indeed be included! Thanks to LilysToys we now have a photo of all re-release figures (see bottom of this post).

My Little Pony Classic Series Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle BrushableMy Little Pony Classic Series Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle Brushable
Amazon has updated one of their listings again! This time we get a good look at the Twilight Sparkle Magic Wings Figure. She has some really gorgeous Rainbow Wings. When you press her Cutie Mark her horn and wings will light up, they will also flutter. The body is the same as the Friendship Duet and Talking Ponies release minus the wings. So she's quite large, about the size of a Styling Size.

Store Finds: 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray, 3-Inch EqG Minis & More
It's a US-only store finds post this week! Though, we got stuff from Target, Dollar Tree, Meijer & Farm and Fleet, so it's still a bit of variety to go through. The finds themselves also differ quite a bit, with a look at the 35th anniversary Blu-ray, 3-inch EqG Mini figures and more.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Taiwanese Singer Jolin Tsai-Inspired Pony
(First I would like to point out that all of the information is translated as the original text in Taiwanese. I don't know how accurate Google Translate is at the moment. But if you spot any incorrect info let me know!)
A pony inspired by the Taiwanese Singer Jolin Tsai will be up for auction soon for Charity. From September 15 till September 25 you can bid on this awesome looking "Cai Yilin x My Little Pony" Pony through Yahoo Auction. The outfit this pony wears is based on the outfit Jolin Tsai wore during one of her concerts. 

Store Finds: MLP The Movie Merch, Wave 21 & More
A new store finds post is well overdue and we've got plenty of news to share! Below we have all the latest info from the US, UK as well as some early releases from Singapore. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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Entertainment Earth listed some new Styling Size ponies not long ago. At that time it was kinda the question if the styling size ponies would also receive a new mold like their normal sized counterparts. But today Entertainment Earth has updated the listing and as you can see Rarity is looking the same as we're used to. Still I'm kinda curious if the Fashion Style ones will receive a new mold then.

You can pre-order her together with Fluttershy (who hasn't got an image yet) on Entertainment Earth together for $19.99 They will ship this December.

Over at Entertainment Earth some new listings have been added and while most of the new items have already been announced earlier this week, two listings are completely new. One of them is possible a re-release of the Styling Size Rarity and Fluttershy figures, available for $10 each. The could be re-released, but usage of the new mold styles is also a possibility. We can only be sure after the images have been added.
The other listing is a bit more interesting as we've never heard of 'Twisty Twirly Hair Styles'-figures before. We had Cutie Twisty-Do's, but the description for this listing mentions styling and nothing about beads.
This listing does not have any images either and we couldn't find any other information on these figures only that the first wave will feature Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity for $9 per figure.

- My Little Pony Twisty Twirly Hair Styles Figures Wave 1 Set
- My Little Pony Basic Pony Wave 1 Set