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Wave 17 Blind Bags on Amazon - Wave 16 Cancelled?
The Amazon listing we wrote about a week ago has been updated, and now mentions that the figures are in fact wave 17. While it's good news that Wave 17 blind bags are already available in the US, we also have some bad news.
We had direct contact with the Amazon seller, and we heard that all orders of Wave 16 orders are cancelled in the US. While we cannot be 100% sure if this has impact on the complete US, but hearing this after the big delay that we have seen so far only confirms the story that Hasbro is not shipping any Wave 16 blind bags into the US. This might result in another "International Exclusive" set like wave 2, because various other countries have had this set for months.

For now this is all the news that we have on Wave 16. If the set does actually end up in stores we'll write a new post on it once we get the news in!

Wave 16 Releasing Next Week on Amazon US
For those who have been waiting for wave 16 to get out in the US should only have to wait one more week. The Amazon listing has been updated and the first boxes are going out on October 17, plus pre-orders for that date can now be placed. Do mind that at this moment you can only get the full box of 24 figures in one order, and not the loose blind bags you might expect. Also, the listing strangely enough has the image of wave 17 blind bags instead of the wave 16 blind bags.
If (and when) any physical stores are going to sell the wave 16 blind bags in the US remains a mystery, but perhaps this first shipment is a good indication that it won't be long.
Thanks to April for the info!

MLP Pile of Possible Wave 8 Re-release Blind Bags
So it seems like that both Taobao and Ebay are quite going crazy these days when it's about new Blind Bags from which we have no idea how they will be released. As you can see in the image above some new Translucent Blind Bags have been spotted on Taobao. Quite a lot actually. Now by taking a look at them I noticed a lot of ponies I already knew. So what about the following? Ribbon Wishes, Big Mac, Flower Wishes, Gardenia Glow, Noteworthy, Lemon Hearts, Skywishes and Sunny Rays, they ALL appeared in Wave 8. So perhaps they are for a future release but we'll see about that. Green Jewel could be a replacement for Flim/Flam, Gilda or Granny Smith

MLP Twilight Velvet Blind Bag Figure
Some new Blind Bags have appeared on Ebay again. Thought the past ones that we found were confusing? Well this doesn't help much either as it turns out that two versions of the same Blind Bag have been found. All the characters that we spotted will be part of Wave 16. We know that they will be pearlized as we in the official Amazon listing of these.

Now about two days ago we spotted a new variant of Peachy Sweet and Merry May. Both of them had painted manes alongside the pearlized bodies. We thought that maybe they would be part of Wave 17 but now that we've found this it seems very unlikely for Hasbro to release the same ponies in the next wave but just with painted manes. So what's going on? Will there perhaps be two versions of the same wave? (one for the US/EU and one for the UK?) Will these be the final versions instead of the solid ones? (seems unlikely because of the listing)  It's all one big mystery and let's hope it will be solves soon.

Wave 16 Blind Bags on Amazon + CODES
Finally we get some more official info on the wave 16 blind bags, this time through Amazon.
Not only do we see some of the figures more detailed than ever, this also reveals the final bag and card designs. Earlier this week we anticipated the blind bag codes for this wave, and it matches! Below we have the complete list of codes and characters, but you can also find them in our MLP Blind Bag Database (we'll update the images later).

MLP Wave 16 Crimson Gala, Berry Green and Berry Green Blind Bag
We already got the chase figures for the 16th wave of the Blind Bags. But quite some people wondered what the regular ponies would look like. We guessed they would be pearlized as we've found a Roseluck and Berry Green with this effect on Ebay. We also guessed it would be a re-release of Wave 6.

MLP Possible Fire Streak Wonderbolt Blind Bag
And even more Wave 16 Blind Bags are slowly appearing on Ebay as Berry Green has been found. She was also part of Wave 6 and she matches the design with the Roseluck one we found not long ago.
 Besides her we also found a new Wonderbolt but we have no idea who he/she is. By looking at several of the Wonderbolt members it could be that it's "Fire Streak" it's still also unknown how all these will be released as more Wonderbolts have been found as well. The Wonderbolts got featured in the 7th Wave of the Blind Bags so they could be released for Wave 17. But they could all be released in a special set as well.

We hope to provide more information soon.

MLP Wave 16 Big Mac Nightmare Night Blind Bag
And at last the last chase figure for the 15th Wave of the Blind Bags has been found. Alongside Sassaflash, Fiddly Faddle, Berryshine and Golden Harvest Big Mac will be available as a chase figure for this wave. It is speculated that his outfit is based off the one of Edward Hyde from Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. However as seen in the screenshot the cape is painted on the body and he lacks is hat.

Thanks to Valezri for the heads up!

MLP Wave 16 Golden Harvest Figure
Thanks to an Anonymous visitor of or website we got a report that the Wave 16 Chase Figure of Golden Harvest has been spotted on Ebay. That means we already got 4 of the chase figures for the next wave. Only Big Mac Remains...

While looking further on the sellers page I also noticed that some normal colored Wonderbolts had been listed on Ebay as well. Judging by the look it will be Fleetfoot and Soarin. There's also a small change that these are fake but I think that's unlikely. The Wonderbolts were featured in the 7th Wave of the Blind Bags and looking at the fact that the 16th wave is a re-release of te 6th one it míght be possible these are perhaps for Wave 17. As always we'll keep you guys updated.

MLP Wave 16 Berryshine Blind Bag
A new Wave 16 Chase figure has been found on Taobao (as pointed out by Anonymous, thanks for the heads up!) And we have a pale white pony. But who is it? Well she shares her cutie mark with Berryshine and Pinot Noir but the latter one didn't appear in the Luna Eclipse episode so that seems unlikely. But let's examine this figure: Her mane color is white as is a ghost's cloak. Her eye color is the same and as you can see the same shape above the eyes is also incidental. So I think we can almost confirm that this is Berryshine. Quite... weird. But we'll have to see the Blind Bag Cards to confirm it for a 100%

As for those wondering: "Hey, but then she gets two Blind Bags?" well that's correct. During the Toy Fair she was also shown with a safari outfit. In the episode she actually also had a second costume: The Safari one so it seems likely she will receive another Nightmare Night Blind Bag as well in one of the two waves who will arrive later this year.