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Teepublic Pre-Black Friday Sale: All Shirts $14 + New Designs
The Pre-Black Friday sale is now live over at TeePublic, which means that our shirt designs are once again on sale for $14 a piece! As usual this is not limited to only shirts, but many other items with the same designs are down in price too. To celebrate this Ilona has expanded the MLP Tee Store with 7 new designs:
- Pacific Glow
- Flutterbat
- Starlight Glimmer
- Coloratura
- Sapphire Shores
- Rarity Investigates Duo
- Vapor Trail

Visit our Teepublic Merch Store here!

Pearlized Brushables Found at Big Lots
We know that the pearlized brushables are not widely available in the US, but as we've heard they are in stock at Big Lots. Personally I have no idea how well know this retailer is, but judging by the amount of stores they have most people in the US will at least be able to locate one.
The figures are $5 there, and for now the first wave has been confirmed to be available: Coloratura, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Starlight Glimmer.
Thanks to theshyprinprin for the image!

MLP Explore Equestria Pearlized Coloratura Brushable

Good morning everyone! Great news for those who were waiting for the first Pearlized ponies to be available. Well, they are now! You can now order the first wave of the pearlized ponies on Amazon. The first wave consist of Coloratura, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Starlight Glimmer. They are listed for $6.99 each, however
they are also an add-on item which means your total order has to be over $25, So for example, you can order all four of them or order them with something else.

Have the listings below, thanks to Liesel for the heads up!

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MLP Ponycon 2016 3D Coloratura Poster by Enterplay
Ponycon NYC will be held soon (on February 13 till February 15 to be exact) It's one of the biggest Pony conventions in the world and that also means a lot of interesting items will be available. Especially from Enterplay who's going to release a lot of items.

4 comments Ilona's B-Day Giveaway
It's been a while since we hosted a giveaway isn't it? Well, time to start a new one! And this time it's quite a personal one. I, Ilona will turn 21 on February 14 this year. To celebrate this I'm actually giving away one item from my Redbubble store. The winner of this giveaway may select one item from my Redbubble store and choose one of my many designs to be printed on it. We will order the item and ship it to your address. For free!

You can take a look at all the designs here.

How do I enter this giveaway? Just like/share our giveaway post on any of the following platforms below to join. That's it! You're allowed to use all 4 of these methods so using all 4 platforms below will quadruple your chances to win! The giveaway will end on my B-day which is the 14th of February 2016.
Now some items are a bit too pricey too actually give away... but don't worry. There are a LOT of items you can still choose from. To make things easier you can have a look at this list to see which items count towards this giveaway. The winner can select one item from the following:


MLP Explore Equestria Coloratura Glitter Single Brushable

We already knew that Coloratura would receive a toy but we never knew what exactly. The answer is now here as the official MLP Website has listed some new Explore Equestria Single Brushables. These ones are quite interesting since it looks like they are translucent with glitter on the inside. As for now we will call them the "Glitter" singles.The available characters are Coloratura, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. According to the listing they will cost $4.99 each but they aren't for sale yet and we don't know when they will. We will keep you updated.

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Unamee Launches MLP Shirt Sale
A line of brand new shirt designs has been released over at Unamee for a limited time. As always the shirts are available for only $11 and the sale lasts a week, of which now 6.5 days are remaining.
The designs are made by independent artists, including our very own Ilona. The available designs range from Princess Luna and Applejack to Coloratura and fan-created ponies!
Besides shirts (S-5XL) you can also get sweaters, hoodies and more.

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MLP Tee's Sale Extended for Cyber Monday
Teepublic's sale has been extended to Cyber Monday! Check out our MLP Tee store with all available designs currently at $14! The designs are created by our very own admin Ilona, and feature various characters like Octavia, Queen Chrysalis and Coloratura. The sale will end later today, at the end of Cyber Monday.

You can find our Teepublic Store here

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It's almost Black Friday, and Teepublic joins the sale party early today, which means MLP shirts for $14 again! Not only are t-shirts on sale, but tank tops, hoodies and all other items too. And to celebrate the sale, Ilona created some awesome new designs, including Coloratura and Octavia.

You can find our Teepublic Store here


MLP Merch Poll #58MLP Merch Poll #57 Results
Last week we asked you who your favourite MLP comic cover artist is, and the big winner is Andy Price, who created tons of great covers over the years! Second place is for Katie Cook, who didn't make that many covers, but did score quite some votes. Amy Mebberson ended 3rd and was closely followed by Sara Richard. You can see all the other results in the image above.