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My Little Pony the Movie Trading Cards by Enterplay
A few weeks ago ToyWiz made some listings for a My Little Pony the Movie Trading Card Series, but today Enterplay has posted a small preview for these on their official Facebook page. We can see some of the main characters for the movie and the design of the cards, and I think that they look lovely. I love the dark colors a lot in contrast to the bright ones of the ponies.
Are you excited for this series? What do you hope to see? I would love to see some 3D-like cards!

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Signed Crystal Clear Rarity Trading Card Giveaway
We're very happy to finally announce this giveaway: We're giving away 5 SIGNED copies of Ilona's Crystal Clear Rarity card that has been featured in Enterplay's Series 4 trading card set!
At the end of the giveaway we'll pick 5 lucky winners who will each receive a signed card (your pick whether Ilona signs the front or back) and free worldwide shipping is of course included.

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Series 4 MLP Trading Cards Special - Scans, Unboxing & Contest Winners
After Ilona's card ending up in the Series 4 Fan(tastic) Art line of cards we were fortunate enough to receive a full Booster Box of trading cards! To celebrate this all we've made this special post will all info on the trading cards, including an unboxing video of the booster box, we've updated our Enterplay Database with images of almost all Series 4 Trading Cards and have a list of all fan art cards that are featured in this series as a congratulation to the winners.

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MLP The Movie Trading Cards Set Coming Later This Year
Enterplay is on a roll at the moment, as they didn't only show a new CCG set, new dog tags and brand new LED hangers, as of today news is out that we're going to see an official MLP The Movie trading cards set.
It has only been a few weeks that Series 4 is officially out, and the packaging doesn't directly mention "Series 5", and the size is more in line with the Equestrian Friends set, which featured far less cards than the regular waves. Though, each pack does include the regular amount of 8 items, just as much as the regular series.

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My Little Pony the Movie Enterplay LED Hangers Keychain

ToyWiz has listed two new items by Enterplay. Both of them got slightly teased during this year's Toy Fair as well and one of them also got teased on Enterplay's Facebook Page. The first one are some nice rubber LED Hangers which will be available as Blind Bags. Included will be Pinkie Pie with her Party Cannon, Rainbow Dash in her Wonderbolt Costume and Starlight Glimmer as Snowfall Frost. Each bag will cost $8.99 according to ToyWiz.

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MLP Merch Poll #134MLP Merch Poll #133 Results
Last week we asked you if you would play a game about MLP Merch. It's one of the ideas that we have for the future, and seeing the poll results it's something we should seriously consider! Almost 43% of you would play it, and 36% would try it out. And only a relatively low group of 17% would not play such a game.

My Little Pony the Movie Seaquestria & Beyond Set CCG 2-player card Game
I'm sure most of you have seen the newest trailer for the movie. What did you think of it? I like the new more dynamic and fluent animation style and to see the other characters finally in action as well! To stay in the theme of the movie, Toywiz has listed some interesting new CCG items. The first one is a Movie themed Base Kit with a Playmat and possible two different decks to play the game. The other listing is one for the booster packs which will be called: Seaquestria and Beyond.
According to Toywiz these items will arrive this October. Have the listings below!

My Little Pony NY Toy Fair 2017 Wrap-Up
Welcome to our yearly tradition in February: The wrap-up of the New York Toy Fair. In this post we sum up all the info that we could find about My Little Pony on the biggest annual toy fair of the world. We've categorized all new merch and added as much photos as possible. We hope you'll enjoy reading it!
Previous editions: 2014, 2015 & 2016

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MLP Merch Poll #103MLP Merch Poll #102 Results
Last week we asked you the most obvious question of the year: Do you like the announced GoH Queen Chrysalis + Changelings figure? Almost 70% of you voted with yes, while another 13% was mildly positive about it. Of the people that do not like it the most common reason was a tie between the figure not being poseable and a dislike of the design. Only a handful of people were hoping for a different pose.

MLP Trading Cards Series 4 to be Expected on November 22
US based wholesaler GTS Distribution has added more information on the release of the fourth MLP Trading Cards series on their website. As you can see above we now have official pack designs, being it in low quality, and of course the new logo is installed. What can also be seen is that Thorax, Starlight Glimmer and Saffron Masala will be features in this series for sure.
Secondly, this series is packed with new special cards, including the Create-a-Card Contest winners. Other special variants include die-cut cards, more special finishes and the most rare cards of all: a whole series of parallel cards of which only one exists in the world! Even the signature cards from series 3 had a few copies, but this is the first time Enterplay will release cards this exclusive! And as a final extra every full booster box will include a die-cut box topper.
Those who are already drooling over those facts need to wait a few more days: the pre-releases start to ship out to retailers on November 22. The actual release date is set for December, but if you know a store who sold earlier series they might know when this shipment is to be expected exactly. We're still awaiting online listings for both the booster boxes and still packs. Stay tuned!