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MLP Merch Launches All Generation Database
After months/years of hard work we can finally present to you: Databases of the older generations of My Little Pony! This year, during the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of My Little Pony, is the perfect moment for this update to the databases and hope you'll enjoy the new (err, old) friends from the MLP universe!
You can now add all generations of ponies to your checklist, wishlist ánd: You now also have the ability to make add personal notes for every pony.

My Little Pony Ponies of Equestria Set
Entertainment Earth has listed a new set on their website: The "Royal Ponies of Equestria" Set to be exact. This set contains the three Princesses Cadance, Celestia and Luna. None of them have any gimmicks but each comes with a crown/tiara. Also, this is one of the first releases for Celestia in her reboot-mold with fully solid-colored wings. According to the description they are a great set for those new to collecting (G4) My Little Pony.

My Little Pony School of Friendship Mane Stage Set
An interesting new set has been spotted by Instagram user minisensmlp This set is called the "School of Friendship Mane Stage" and comes with Princess Cadance, Rarity and Baby Flurry Heart (who has more painted details than her previous releases.
This set was spotted at a Swedish Food Market called Ica Maxi and cost 249 SEK which roughly translates to $28 USD. Information about an US release us currently unknown sadly. We hope we can provide more news about that later.

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My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Ponies

Two days ago it was revealed that there was a second Birthday Set exclusive to Toys'R'Us. And now it's already been listed on the Canadian Toys'R'Us Website!
We get a clearer look at what's included including the secret figure! Turns out one of my guesses was correct as it's Gummy! This set is listed online for $22.47 CAD which is about $17 USD
Have the listing and more below!

My Little Pony Toys'R'Us Exclusive Birthday Surprise Ponies Set
 So not long ago we blogged about the Toys'R'Us Exclusive Birthday Surprise Party Pack. Personally I thought this would be the only set but then one thing came to mind: How does a party-themed set not include Pinkie Pie? Well it turns out that there is actually another set as a new set has been spotted at Toys'R'Us Canada.

My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Party Pack
Good morning everyone! When looking at the Canadian Toys'R'Us website I noticed they have finally listed the My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Party Pack. Although this set was spotted in-stores a few weeks ago it's always nice to see it listed online as well. (which means stock photo's for our database yay! Although they are kinda small...)

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Cutie Mark Crew Pinkie Pie
Entertainment Earth has listed a lot of new items! A lot of those we already know but along them is one very interesting item: Cutie Mark Crew Plush clips! It's obviously clear that Hasbro is going all-in with the new and popular Cutie Mark Crew line and it's nice to see they are expanding this brand new line with plush as the style really fits.

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Store Finds: Cutie Mark Crew, School of Friendship, Styling Heads & More
We're back from our holiday and got quite a lot of interesting store finds piled up from the past two weeks! In this store finds post you'll find more info on the latest Cutie Mark Crew finds throughout the US, get an update of what's available in The Netherlands and various new finds at Walmart, including the School of Friendship exclusive sets.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

BREAKING: New My Little Pony 35th Anniversary Set Found at Target
It's been just a few weeks since we reported on the second wave of My Little Pony 35th Anniversary G1 ponies that were spotted at Target, but today we've got even bigger news!
After some unconfirmed rumors we can now confirm that there is a third set of the 35th Anniversary G1 ponies, and best of all: it's already found in Target stores!
The third wave of reproduction G1 ponies, released by Basic Fun, is called Unicorn & Pegasus Collection. In total 6 ponies are featured in the wave: Firefly, Glory, Medley, Moondancer, Sunbeam and Twilight. Especially Firefly was one of the ponies that the community was hoping for.
Just like the previous wave each pony comes with a comb and ribbon, but the puffy sticker has been replaced with a mini poster.
While we only have a photo of Moondancer right now, the back shows all other ponies from the wave, and we have an additional photo of the UPC code.
Many thanks to Misty for the photos!

My Little Pony Established 1983 Greatest Hits Set
Good news for those who didn't attend this years SDCC. As promised HasbroToyShop has made the My Little Pony Established 1983 Greatest Hits Set (what a mouthful haha!) available for order. You can get this set for $19.99 with a limit for 2 for each household. Have the listing and info below!