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My Little Pony Prime Day Deals (Up to 73% Off)

UPDATE: And Prime Day is over! Hopefully you were able to get ponies at a great discount during the two days. Below discounts are no longer available, but you can always check our G5 Amazon idea list for any discounts during other sales.

It's Prime Day! Amazon's annual sale, just for Prime members, is back with two days of deals across all categories. We already scouted the toys section for My Little Pony deals and found some deals worth mentioning, including G5 sets!

Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis Now Available on Amazon
While various online retailers still mention a November/December release date, Amazon currently has some active listings for the Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis, both loose and in 12-pack boxes. It's unsure how large this first batch is, but it's great news that the figures are finally available online, after they've already been spotted at GameStop two weeks ago. Below we have both listings:

Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis (single pack) on Amazon ($6.99) 
Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis (12-pack) on Amazon (starting at $79.99)

Funko Mystery Mini Power Ponies at GameStop
GameStop is the first store where the Funko Mystery Mini Power Ponies have been released. The set that is available has a few changes compared with the Hot Topic set that we spotted earlier. Rarity and Twilight Sparkle are available in different poses, and the henchpony has been replaced by... another henchpony!
Thanks to EddictedBony and AquaticNeon for the info and images.

Another Store Finds post? Why, yes! But there is a very good reason for one, as both our email and Facebook inbox was overflowing with finds and news. Below are the latest 6 finds which indicate what's available in which country right now.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

An interesting listing has been found on Toywiz for possible Power Ponies-themed Funko Mystery Minis figures. According to the listing a total of 12 figures will be included in each box. Perhaps we'll see some new characters or chase variants. Not much else is known but we'll keep you updated!

You can find the listing here.

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Men's My Little Pony Tee (Mane 6)Men's My Little Pony Tee (Power Ponies)
Kohl's joins the Adult pony shirt party with two designs. One of the, the Power Ponies design, originates from WeLoveFine, and for the other design we couldn't find a source yet. With a price of $12.99 these are about half the price of WLF, and even at the regular price of $20 this could be a better deal if you like the designs. Only blue seems to be available for both shirts, and there's not a big chance that other colors will be available in stores. If you're interested in differently colored pony shirt it's best to look elsewhere or wait for Kohl's to release more designs.
Thanks to Steven for sending this in. Below we have the listings for these shirts:
- Men's My Little Pony Tee (Mane 6)
- Men's My Little Pony Tee (Power Ponies)

Enterplay Released Power Ponies Trading Cards Pack
A new Trading Cards release has been found in stores featuring the Power Ponies. The pack comes with 9 pre-defined foil cards, 3 separate packs of Series 3 Trading Cards and a Power Ponies poster. All foil cards are Power Ponies related, but the 3 packs are of course completely random.
On the back of the packaging it also notes that 8 of the included cards are exclusive foils, so I'm guessing the 9th card is a foil version of the Power Ponies episode card. We yet have to get scans of the included cards, so until then we have no further information about the foil cards.
You can get this pack right now at Target for $12.99, which is not a bad deal (especially for collectors).
Thanks to Steven for the info!

Target Lists Friendship Games, FiM Collection, Playskool & More!
Since today Target has updated their website and added a whole lot of new items for you to order! It took a little while as most of the merch has been spotted in stores already, but we're glad to see that Target has made everything (even the smaller FiM Collection sets) available on their website. We decided to combine all the listings within these post. We also included some older listings as well just to make things easier and more complete.

Power Ponies

Power Ponies

Cutie Mark Magic and Hasbro POP

Cutie Mark Magic and Hasbro POP

Equestria Girls Friendship Games

Equestria Girls Friendship Games

Playskool Pony Friends

Playskool Pony Friends

Friendship is Magic Collection

Friendship is Magic Collection

Power Ponies Spotted in Target Stores
The complete line of Power Ponies has now been spotted at Target. In the US all Power Ponies are exclusive to Target, and in the UK only Argos will sell them. By our knowledge the Fashion Style 6-pack is the largest non-playset release in the complete G4 series of merch to date with 6 Fashion Style ponies and a huge box.
The available sets from the Power Ponies series are:

  • Single Applejack
  • Single Pinkie Pie
  • Single Rainbow Dash
  • Single Rarity
  • Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Spike 3-pack
  • Mane-iac Mayhem
  • Fashion Style 6-pack

Thanks to Felipe for the image!

MLP Power Ponies Fluttershy as Saddle Rager and Twilight Sparkle Masked Matter-horn 2-pack with Spike as Humdrum
A few weeks ago we reported that the Power Ponies Fashion Styles had been listed on the Target Website. But we didn't had any clue about the brushables. But it turns out another website has started to list them as well. (excluding the Fashion Styles) I'm talking about Argos. They also sold the Wild Rainbow Merchandise last year.

Anyway they have listed a total of 3 different sets. The first one is 3-pack containing Twilight Sparkle as the Masked Matter-Horn and Fluttershy as Saddle Rager. We also know now how Spike will be packaged. He will be included with these two. The pack will retail for £14.99.

Then we have the regular Power Ponies Singles who will retail for £6.99. No packaging is shown in the listing but we have spotted it long ago.

And at last we have Mane-iac Mayem who will be sold as a single brushable. She will come with a comb and a hair dryer. She will retail for £9.95. Have the listings below!

Power Ponies Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle 2-pack with Spike

MLP Power Ponies Fluttershy as Saddle Rager and Twilight Sparkle Masked Matter-horn 2-pack with Spike as HumdrumMLP Power Ponies Fluttershy as Saddle Rager and Twilight Sparkle Masked Matter-horn 2-pack with Spike as Humdrum

Power Ponies Singles

MLP Power Ponies Applejack as Mistress Mare-Velous BrushableMLP Power Ponies Rainbow Dash as Zapp Brushable

MLP Power Ponies Rarity as Radiance BrushableMLP Power Ponies Pinkie Pie as Fili-Second Brushable

Power Ponies Mane-Iac Mayem 

MLP Power Ponies Mane-Iac Mayem Brushable