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Huge Princess Brushable Fakies
On Taobao these princess fakies have been found in the past week, and surprisingly enough: They're huge! While the regular Princess Mold brushables are 5 inch (13cm), these are double that size at 10 inch (25cm). Beside their unusual height, they all have cheap wings, with obvious mold lines, and eyes that are either too big or too small. To give you an idea of the size, below we have an image of some legitimate MLP figures, and in the back there is a 10 inch Princess Celestia fakie.

Princess Gold Lily and Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Magic Princess 2-packPrincess Sterling and Fluttershy Cutie Mark Magic Princess 2-pack
It seems like Cutie Mark Magic will heavily focus on re-releases of "older" sets. Why I type older like that is because this set is less then one year old! I still don't know why hasbro suddenly decided to re-release so many stuff but I guess it's because they will get distributed to other countries as well. Or maybe they just ordered too much at the factories. So for those who didn't manage to find these there's a high change you can find them now in their new packaging. We're still not 100% sure about that but we hope we can confirm it as soon as possible.

As addition to the Princess 2-packs. The Rainbow Helicopter together with Pinkie Pie has also been found in Cutie Mark Magic Packaging.

Thanks to Flitter for the heads up!

Princess Gold Lily and Pinkie Pie 2-pack
There is a great sale at Amazon right now with various Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks dolls and the Gold Lily and Princess Sterling princess packs with price drops of 50% and more.
I have no idea how long this sale lasts as it seems to be random price drops on select MLP items, so I've collected them all and listed them below:

Princess Sterling BrushablePrincess Gold Lily Brushable

These were already announced some weeks ago but they have now appeared on Taobao! You can see some nicely pictures of them in this post. No release date is known, but Princess Sterling will be bundled with Fluttershy and Gold Lily will be bundled with Pinkie Pie. You can read our article with more product details about them here!

Below the cut we have some nice pictures of the two!

Princess Sterling and FluttershyPrincess Gold Lily and Pinkie Pie

Kmart has listed something really interesting.... 2 new Princess called Princess Gold Lily and Princess Sterling. Princess sterling will come with Fluttershy and Princess Gold Lily will be available with Pinkie Pie. We have more information below the cut!