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And it seems like a new commercial has arrived. Here we have the commercial for the very popular Friendship is Magic Collection figures. Looks kinda cute with the whole scenery. In the end you can also see the chase figures for the wave 13 and wave 14 blind bags.

Thanks to Spazz DHN for the video! You can watch it below or on Youtube.

Friendship is Magic Collection Barn found at TRU
That's fast! Yesterday the Single and Small Story Packs of the FiM collection were available to order on Amazon. But it turns out this set is now also available at Toys'R'Us! This one was found at the TRU Murrieta, California. It's available for $19.99 if I'm correct. It's not sure if all TRU start selling them now. It's best to contact your store first to make sure you don't visit for nothing. ;)

Thanks a bunch to Eclipsed Flame for the heads up and for providing the image!

MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Single Story Pack
Yay! Finally we get a good look at the packaging for the Upcoming Friendship is Magic Collection! Yesterday we already talked about some single ones on Ebay but now some of them have been spotted in packaging as well! In addition to these single story pack ones, we also found the Barn in packaging! Check them all out below!

Thanks to ゆヰ丸五七低何ヂんナナ代 for the heads up for these!

Apple Flora Friendship is Magic Collection Blind Bag Figure
It's been a while since we heard anything about the upcoming Friendship is Magic collection. But since the past few days some of the figures have appeared on Ebay. This way we can perhaps take a better look at them.
Right now we have a bucking Applejack who will come with a large Story Pack. Apple Munchies (without her bonnet) who will be part of a single story pack. Red Gala who we already talked about a while ago. She will be combined with Granny Smith in an Ultimate Story pack and we have the adorable Apple Flora who will be combined with Sweet Tooth as part of a small story pack. For a complete list of available figures see our database!

Still no release date known but Hasbro said this fall. However there's a change that they will available earlier. We will keep you guys updated!

Red Gala/Crimson Gala Blind Bag
An interesting found on Taobao! We have stumbled upon this new Blind Bag of Red Gala, she also was part of the Wave 4 Blind Bag Series under the name "Crimson Gala" but most people refer her to as "Red Gala" She's part of the Apple Family

The interesting fact is that she's a completely different new mold! Looks like the earth Ponies will finally receive a new mold as well. As so far we have no idea for what set/wave she's gonna appear in. Maybe in wave 13? Or maybe we will finally get some new Blind Bag 3-packs. Anyways, we will let you know when we know more!