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Baby Flurry Heart Magazine Figure Released
Over in France the MLP Magazine is now bundled with a free Baby Flurry Heart figure. This was already announced back in December, but we now have some proper images of the actual figure!
The figure looks decent (especially since it's free), but according to the submitter Flurry Heart is a bit wobbly and it's hard to keep her from falling over (well it is still a foal, after all).
The next magazine figure in France will be Spike. Other European MLP Magazine might also receive the Baby Flurry Heart this month, but we've not heard of any other finds yet.

Talking about magazine figures, did you know that you can see all released magazine figures in our MLP Merch Database?

Thanks to Neptune for the info!

Most MLP Reboot Series Figures Now at Target
Yesterday in our Store Finds post we already reported on many findings at US Target stores, but our frequent submitter Victor just got a pretty big haul at Target, showing even more releases that have only just hit the shelves.
In addition to the loose Runway Fashions figures the Runway Set is now available, as well as the Twisty Twirly Hair and single brushables figures. A complete overview of what's available in the Reboot Series can be found in our Brushables Database, and by comparing that to the photos from Target you can see that most announced sets are now available. The only figures not confirmed to be released in the US yet are the second wave of single brushables and On-the-Go Purse figures.

Prefer to buy figures online? Target does not have most of these listed yet, but Amazon does! Check our collection of Amazon listings for the Reboot Series figures, as well as the new Equestria Girls Minis and Hasbro plush.

Baby Flurry Heart Magazine Figure Coming February 2017
The MLP magazines will continue to release pony figures by Egmont as freebies in 2017. One of the last magazines included erasers instead of a figure, but this was just a side step for the magazine. In February the French magazine will debut with a Baby Flurry Heart figure.
As usual the figures are very close to their show-counterparts, and this is the same with Baby Flurry Heart: the figures Hasbro released are in no way as accurate as the one Egmont has created here.
Fans of the figures, magazine or Baby Flurry Heart can pick up the magazine in February (note that not every country sells the magazines with figures).
Thanks to Neptune for the info!

MLP Gala Dresses Brushables Merchant Image
Some merchant images have appeared which shows some of the upcoming merchandise. Some of them we've seen already but some of these are new. If a set has already been spotted then you can go to our article by clicking on the header above the image.

Thanks to SweetLemons for the heads up! Have all the images below:

MLP Original Series Reboot Nurturing Friends Brushable Set
Just spotted these on Taobao before we're heading of to Germany for some days. We found three of the newly found Brushable sets in packaging together with the Family Moments one that was found some days ago. But they have great images which gives us a good look at them. I would like to mention that a specific set name isn't included on the box so we will be calling it the "Reboot Series" for now.

MLP Family Moments Set with Princess Cadance, Shining Armor and Baby Flurry Heart Brushable
A new set has appeared on Ebay. And it's quite an interesting one as it's a listing for the "Family Moments" set. As you can see this is the first time we see the new style brushables in their packaging. And also some characters we didn't see yet in the new style because it's Princess Cadance and her Family.

As you can see the packaging has also changed and the new one is almost the same as the Guardians of Harmony one. What's also interesting is that judging by the packaging this set isn't part of a line just "My Little Pony" But perhaps some better images show more info. Still it's pretty exciting and I hope more of these will pop-up soon.

Thanks to Andrée for the heads up!

Crystal Heart Kisses Book Gets Cover
A short time ago some new books were announced, including one about Baby Flurry heart called "Crystal Heart Kisses". That book now has an official cover, and it's cute!
Both Princess Cadance and Shining Armor have their Crystal hairdo, but without their crystal coats, something I have not seen before. Even though the book is coming out in December, some Valentines are included with this book, as well as a poster. You can never be too early!
Below we have more info on the book and a link to the pre-order page if you're interested in this one (or if you like to celebrate Valentines Day around Christmas).

Walmart Combines Crystal Empire Castle With Shining Armor
The original Crystal Empire Castle Play Set comes with Princess Cadance and the new Baby Flurry Heart as figures, but oviously lacks her father: Shining Armor.
Hasbro now solved this problem by releasing a special version of the castle which includes Shining Armor. Not only him, but also an extra throne for him to sit on and various other accessories (as if the castle didn't have enough already!).
Though, the set is only available at Walmart. So if you're still looking to get Shining Armor you're required to pay Walmart a visit to get this set. As far as we can see this is the same figure as the earlier released Wedding Castle Play Set. At this moment it's unknown whether this set will be available in other regions.
Thanks to Ponyfan for the info!

Amazon CA Prime Day Sale: Crystal Empire Castle Play Set
While Prime Day is celebrated with the Talking Baby Flurry Heart in the US, the Canadian Amazon has decided on the Crystal Empire Castle for their Prime Day My Little Pony sale. This set also features Baby Flurry Heart, but quite a bit smaller, and her mother Princess Cadance as well. Oh and of course a huge castle with plenty of accessories is included too, let's not forget about that.
If you're a Prime member you can already enjoy the (nearly) 50% off this set, but if you're not a member yet you can join the Amazon Prime club directly with a 30-day free trial. You'll get the discount on this castle as well as other bonuses like free 2-day shipping.

Crystal Empire Castle Play Set CDN$ 49.99 CDN$ 26.24

Thanks to askgeorgemushroom for the heads-up!

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MLP Baby Flurry Heart So Soft Pony
Today is Amazon Prime Day, that means that lots of items will be for sale exclusively for Prime members. Only a handful of MLP Items are for sale right now but then there's Baby Flurry Heart. During the sale you can now get her for only $27.99 instead of the regular price of $39.99. Like we mentioned before you have to be a Prime Member for this sale. But you Amazon offers people a 30-day Trial for free

Talking Baby Flurry Heart - $39.99 - $27.99