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ToysRUs Gets Exclusive Monopoly Junior Re-Release
My Little Pony has had it's own Monopoly Junior game for ages, and the latest release is already over 1.5 years old. Now, a new listing has just revealed that the board game is getting a re-release under the Friendship Festival brand, which is exclusive to Toys"R"Us.
Thew new board game will have a My Little Pony The Movie-themed update regarding the graphics, but all locations, markers and figures are still the same as the earlier version. Only the money and cards did get a little update, but none of this is much exciting if you already own the previous version.
Right now only Toys"R"Us Canada has it listed for C$24.99.

Store Finds: Movie Merch, Nail Polish and More
This week we have a Store Finds post that is filled to the brim with new releases! We got MLP The Movie merch from Germany, US and Canada as well as the release of My Little Pony nail polish!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Hasbro Releases Pinkie Pie Edition Pie Face Game
If there's one company known for combining brands and licenses, it must be Hasbro. Board games, Rubik's Cubes and even complete brands have themed up with My Little Pony in the past.
Something they didn't create a My Little Pony version of yet, was Pie Face. This game of luck and faces full of whipped cream has been around for ages, but was recently revived. Now more and more version are being release, including one for Pinkie Pie (who else?). Overall the concept is the same as with all other versions, but the face frame is based on Pinkie Pie and the spinner and base have a pink-ish theme as well.
One thing to notice, is that this game is only to be released by Toys"R"Us under their Friendship Festival line of exclusive merch. And it's up on their website right now for $19.99.
Thanks to Macy for the heads-up!

Tip for the fans: Check our list of MLP the Movie merch on Amazon for more movie merch!

My Little Pony the Movie Friendship Festival Princess Parade 3-Pack

Alright there's even more Friendship Festival news for you as the Princess Parade Set has now also been listed on the Toys'R'Us website. We already saw it at the SDCC This year but this set contains Princess Cadance, Celestia and Luna. Like the other main ponies of this line their wings are translucent and their legs are covered with glitter. You can order this set for $19.99

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My Little Pony the Movie Mare-Y-Go-Round Friendship Festival Playset
Quite a surprise release here with the Mare-Y-Go-Round Playset from Toys'R'Us Exclusive Friendship Festival line. This carousel comes with Pinkie Pie and Rarity with their glittery legs and hair. And for those wondering, yes this carousel is the same one as the one released as Rarity's  Carousel Boutique, the only difference being the colors and decals. You can get this set on the Toys'R"Us website for $39.99.

My Little Pony the Movie Friendship Festival Festival Foes Brushable Set
SDCC is still going and they have revealed two new sets for the Toys'R'Us Exclusive Friendship Festival Line! The first set is a 3-pack with Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Tempest Shadow herself and it's called "Festival Foes" (with Spike of course being the largest foe of them all. *cough*) The second set that they showed contains all the three princesses like most of us actually already expected. It's called "Princess Parade" None of them are listed on the Toys'R'Us website but we'll let you know when they do.

My Little Pony the Movie Friendship Festival Party Friends Set Brushables
Looks like we also finally know Toys'R'Us Exclusive line for this year: Friendship Festival, as this set was spotted on their website. This set contains the Mane Six with tinsel in their hair and glitter on their legs and they are each combined with a friend who are Derpy/Muffins, Big McIntosh, DJ Pon-3. Spitfitre, Coco/Miss Pommel and Maud Pie. This also solves the mystery of how Maud Pie and Pommel would be released. Since the gimmicks of the Celestia and Luna brushables we spotted earlier, match with that of the Mane Six, it's most likely that they are part of the set as well.