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Wonderbolts Rainbow Dash Coming in April MLP Magazines
After the Baby Flurry Heart figure, who got very mixed responses from collectors, the next figure to be bundled with the MLP Magazine is a Rainbow Dash figure in Wonderbolts outfit. This is the first time Egmont decided to go with an alternative outfit for the included figure instead of a new character. Later this year they will get a bigger pool of popular characters with the release of My Little Pony The Movie, so hopefully we'll see some more characters towards that day.
The announcement seen above is for the German magazine, but usually other countries with the same magazine receive the figure around the same time.
Thanks to Nora4 for the image!

Baby Flurry Heart Magazine Figure Released
Over in France the MLP Magazine is now bundled with a free Baby Flurry Heart figure. This was already announced back in December, but we now have some proper images of the actual figure!
The figure looks decent (especially since it's free), but according to the submitter Flurry Heart is a bit wobbly and it's hard to keep her from falling over (well it is still a foal, after all).
The next magazine figure in France will be Spike. Other European MLP Magazine might also receive the Baby Flurry Heart this month, but we've not heard of any other finds yet.

Talking about magazine figures, did you know that you can see all released magazine figures in our MLP Merch Database?

Thanks to Neptune for the info!

New UK MLP Magazine Comes With Erasers and New Look
Not only brushables, books and stores are adapting to the new My Little Pony branding, the official magazines too are shifting towards the new look. This brand new UK magazine even mentions "New Look" on the cover!
Aside of the usual content, this magazine is bundled with erasers of Rarity and Applejack. From the photos it looks like the bodies have been slightly altered to more look like the dynamic look of Reboot Series brushables. The faces look sub-par, but we got to give them credit for combining two 3D ponies with the magazine at all.
Next up for the UK magazine will be princess keyrings, but it's unclear if you will receive one or all three with the purchase of your magazine.
Thanks to Twitter Shy for the info!

Spike Magazine Figure Now Available in Europe
We're a bit late with the post (I'll blame the holidays for this one!), but we did want to get the info out any way: The free Spike figure is now available in European MLP magazines, so be sure to pick it up before the month is over!
Spike is the latest installment of Egmont's freebie magazine figure line, praised for their quality and show-accurateness. In 2017 the line will continue and start with a Baby Flurry Heart figure in February.
You can get the My Little Pony magazines in the UK, France, Russia, Poland, Romania and various other European countries.
Thanks to Pirill for the photos!

Baby Flurry Heart Magazine Figure Coming February 2017
The MLP magazines will continue to release pony figures by Egmont as freebies in 2017. One of the last magazines included erasers instead of a figure, but this was just a side step for the magazine. In February the French magazine will debut with a Baby Flurry Heart figure.
As usual the figures are very close to their show-counterparts, and this is the same with Baby Flurry Heart: the figures Hasbro released are in no way as accurate as the one Egmont has created here.
Fans of the figures, magazine or Baby Flurry Heart can pick up the magazine in February (note that not every country sells the magazines with figures).
Thanks to Neptune for the info!

Discord Now Available in MLP Magazines
The latest edition of My Little Pony magazines around Europe are bundled with a Discord figure. The famous Magazine Figures are known for their quality and likeliness to the original show artwork, because freebies shouldn't mean they're cheaply made.
For now both submits have come from France, but we know that the magazine figures will also be available in the UK and Poland at some point.
So, if you live in one of these countries (or somewhere where you can get the magazines), then don't forget to pick up this months issue!
Thanks to ooneptuneoo and Nicolas for the images!

Princess Cadance In This Month's UK Magazine
While other parts of Europe got the announcement for the Princess Cadance a while ago, the figure didn't see an announcement in the UK yet (as far as we know), but has now been confirmed to be available as of August 19.
As you can see in our database, we're missing a good image of Princess Cadance.
UPDATE:We have an image for her now!
Thanks to TwitterShy/Amazing Gamers for the heads-up!

MLP Princess Cadance Magazine figure by Egmont
So as we posted not long ago. Starlight Glimmer is the current Magazine figure and you can get her now with several European MLP magazines. It's always interesting to see who will be the next one and now we know, before Starlight we had Shining Armor and now it's time for his wife to been included: Princess Cadance, so she will come with the next issue. We'll let you know when she arrives.

Many thanks again to Neptune for the heads up and image!

Burger King Releases New Figures in Brazil
Aside from the small set in 2013, MLP toys tied in with fast food kid menu's was mainly a monopoly for McDonalds, with a new set about every year. But it has come to our attention that Burger King in Brazil now has DIY My Little Pony figures! The set contains 3 ponies again, but this time it's Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. The figures are pre-built, but contain loose stickers you can apply yourself. I don't really get why they did that, as the stickers are usually the thing that requires the most precision (and potentially messes up the figure if done wrong), and seems like a 'cheap' release rather than a real DIY kit.
As usual the figures are combined with a set of Transformers figures. It's unsure at the moment whether these figures will be released outside Brazil. We'll keep you posted!
Credits to Icarix Ace for the photos!

MLP Shining Armor Magazine Figure by Egmont
April is just around the corner and like every month a new MLP Magazine gets released which includes a nicely detailed figure. The previous issue came with a Trixie figure and it was already revealed at the release of that issue that Shining Armor would be next. He's now included with several European Magazines for April.
As for the next one, a preview in the April issue shows Trixie, Apple Bloom and... Starlight Glimmer! It's not 100% confirmed yet if she will be included with the next issue or that she will appear 1-2 magazines later. If we know more we will update this post. Most of these magazines are available in specific countries like France, Poland and Russia but for those in the US, you can get most of these figures off Ebay as well.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!