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Detailed Photos of 390 Store MLP Items
A little while ago we reported on an exclusive range of My Little Pony items at 390 store in Japan. Merch hunter Joelle has managed to get some of the items from Japan and made some detailed photos of it, which we'll share in this post. All items are priced at 390 yen, which is about $4, and are only available at 390 store. As you can see in the images it's mostly accessories that they sell, but bags and pouches are also available. Joelle also reported that the hair clips and keychain are made of a wood-like material, which in any way sound better than brittle plastic.
The items are still available, and if you happen to live in Japan you can check out their store on Rakuten for all items.

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Huge My Little Pony Sale at Zulily - Up to 60% Off!
Zulily has once again started a huge sale on My Little Pony merch, this time with over 500 items available! Quite a lot of costumes and accessories are available, so if you're planning on dressing up or like to have some MLP-inspired jewelry you might just find what you need! Of course regular figures, plush, shirts and other items are included as well. Below you can find our favorite picks of this sale, but over on the My Little Pony Sale page you can find everything! But keep in mind: Zulily sales only last 3 days!

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Zulily My Little Pony Sale - Up to 65% Off
Zulily occasionally starts a huge My Little Pony sale, and there is another active one right now!
You can find all items on the My Little Pony product page, but below we've also selected a few deals they have on offer, focusing mostly on new items, so be sure to check those out.
Note: You need to register for an account first. Also, be sure to select 'United States' as shipping country in the top right corner to see all deals!

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MLP Mystery Necklace Packs at WalmartMLP Mystery Necklace Packs at Walmart
A new kind of MLP blind bag is currently available at Walmart: Mystery Necklace Packs by H.E.R. Accessories. We don't have much info on them (nor does the H.E.R. website list their products), but these seem to be metal heart-shaped keychains. These could be compared with the blind bag dog tags, but of course with another shape and designs. Every pack contains a necklace, including both the pendant and chain, and a leaflet with all available designs.
They're exclusively available at Walmart for $1.88 each, and if anyone knows more about the available designs then please let us know!
Thanks to Michelle for the photos and info!

MLP Collactible Bracelets by Trrtlz at Walmart
Walmart is currently selling these collectible bracelets for only $1 each! The bracelets have multiple Pinkie Pie-shaped wooden charms and metal balls. The Pinkie Pie charms come in 9 different colors and a multi-colored variant as well (1 color per bracelet). The bracelets are manufactured by Trrtlz, a company known for their licensed and non-licensed bracelets, just like these.
Thanks to Rarishy and Erica for the images!

Zulily MLP Jewelery Sale
Zulily has started a sale on My Little Pony products today, with mainly jewelery and a few other items. The jewelery on sale is made by World Trade Jewelers, of which we made a special post last year. Various pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are available for 30-60% off. In addition to the jewelery there is also some clothing and two LED Christmas ornaments on sale.

Zulily requires you to get an account before you can see the sale, so be sure to create your account here first. Once you have an account you can search for My Little Pony, or use this link. (You might need to select US or Canada as your language in order to see most of the items).
Be sure to do it quick, as this event ends in just 24 hours!

Rudolf Stein MLP Rainbow Dash Character Brushable
You might remember Rudolf Stein from the MLP Mascots we posted earlier, but this doesn't seem to be the only new product they'll be releasing this year! Rudolf Stein brought out their 2015 catalog full of licensed products, including 8 pages of MLP! The line-up contains mostly fashion accessories, bags and jewelery. As you can see above, we've spotted their Rainbow Dash Brush from last season in our local Claire's store, and the new Pinkie Pie Character Brush is already available on Amazon UK!
Below you can see the full line-up as shown in the catalog. Most of these products are sold in European stores, including Claire's, Primark and Argos.
Thanks to Ayu for sending in the catalog!

Xtreme My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Black Watch
Normally when you think of My Little Pony watches, they will be pink, purple, white or any other bright color. Xtreme Watches proves that it doesn't always have to be so! They've just introduced a new line of My Little Pony watches in black, gold and silver colors. The watches come in a tin box and each watch has a pony on the dial plate. All watches are now available on ShopYourWay for $27.99 each. Individual listings, images and specifications below:

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My Little Pony Sale at Zulily
Zulily, a famous site with themed daily sales, has launched a brand new sale on their My Little Pony Collection. You can get up to 60% on a total of 61 products including necklaces, underwear (for both girls, women and men), bikinis, cosplay, bags, purses, socks and more!

Zulily requires you to get an account before you can see the sale, so be sure to create your account here first. Once you have an account you go find the sale on the homepage, or use this link.
Be sure to do it quick, as this event ends in 3 days!

Thanks to Ryan for the info!

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MLP Twilight Sparkle Adult CostumeMLP Rainbow Dash Adult Costume Wings
In addition to the MLP Puzzle Eraseez, there has also been a huge amount of new pony costumes and accessories over at Party City, just in time for Halloween! Most of the new items are based on Rainbow Dash, but there are also a few Pinkie Pie accessories, Twilight Sparkle costumes and general mane 6 stuff.
Because of the huge amount of items we won't link directly to each item, but you can find them by searching on the Party City website.
(Images from Party City, thanks to tomo for the info)