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MLP Lord Tirek Guardians of Harmony Playset on the way?
So as we know all the Guardians of Harmony figures have been listed on But it turns out the Canadian Amazon does as well, although it seems like something aren't going as well... So it turns out that the name "Guardians of Harmony" is replaced in all the listings with the word: Wonderbolts. Okay that can happen, but then the Big Spike Listing is kinda interesting.

MLP Friendship is Magic #31 Hot Topic Variant by Tony Fleecs
Today Hot Topic listed their variant for the Friendship is Magic #31 issue. So from today on you can order that one now. However we never posted about their listing for the #30 Issue so me might as will hit two birds with one stone. Also a fun little thing about these covers is the fact that they form one awesome image together! Both covers are made by Tony Fleecs.

Have the listings below!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #32 Convention VariantMy Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic TP Convention Variant
This year, IDW will release two exclusive My Little Pony comic covers at the San Diego Comic Con. IDW has chosen to give the Fiendship is Magic TP (Trade Paperback) and Friendship is Magic #32 comic exclusive convention covers, in very very limited numbers.
The Friendship is Magic #32 comic will be limited to 500 copies at $5 each, and the Fiendship is Magic TP to only 100 copies for $25 each. In both cases people are only allowed to purchase a maximum of 3 of each comic.

Fiendship is Magic Cover Box Set
MOAR comic news! Want all the Amy Mebberson Covers from the Fiendship is Magic Series? Well Previewsworld has posted this awesome box. This box features all the main covers from the 5 issues from the Fiendship is Magic Series. It should be in store now so be sure to check out your comic store! (Or call them first to make sure they have it ;)

Thanks to Viktoria for the heads up!

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Fiendship is Magic #2 (Tirek) - Regular CoverFiendship is Magic #2 (Tirek) - Subscription Cover
The second comic from the mini-series Fiendship is Magic has been released and is now available. In issue #2 we get to know more about Tirek and how he turned into a villain! The comic comes in two flavors: The regular cover with Tirek and a subscription cover featuring Fluttershy, Día de los Muertos-style.
You can get the comic at your local comic store, or online at Amazon: Regular Cover - Subscription Cover - Kindle Edition (Digital)

The Fiendship is Magic series is a mini comic series by IDW that will be released throughout this month with a total of 5 comics and 1 bundled paperback.

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MLP CCG Pf2 Rainbow Dash: Rainbow CrashMLP CCG Pf3 Lord Tirek
Enterplay has just confirmed the pre-release event for the CCG's latest expansion pack: Absolute Discord. This set is all about Discord with many of his personas, events and related characters. During the pre-release event on April 24-26 select game stores who choose to promote the MLP CCG can hand out special pre-release foils of Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Crash (Pf2) and participants also get a chance to win a foil Lord Tirek (Pf3).
Store can join the event up until March 31, so ask them quickly if you want your game store to host the pre-release event as well!

For more information on the CCG and TC card games, check out our introduction post.

MLP Fiendship is Magic Paperback Cover
The first time we heard anything about the Fiendship is Magic Series was when Amazon listed a paperback version of all the comics bundled together. Not long after that all the individual comics got revealed. But... don't want to buy all the comics separately? You are now also able to buy them all bundled together in this paperback! Today we finally got a look at the cover and I think it looks great! Love how the sirens are floating/swimming above the other villains. This cover was made by Amy Mebberson!

The paperback will be released on June 16, 2015. In the mean time you can pre-order it here on Amazon!


Fiendship is Magic #03 - The Sirens Cover A
We already knew a new comic series from IDW was coming soon. This one was gonna be a micro series that focuses on some of the Villians within the MLP Universe. It it called: FIENDship is Magic. In the end we know have got the release date of all these comics, the synopsis and all the covers!

It seems like this series has 2 covers each release. The regular A one and the Subscribers Variants which all feature the Mane Six with a Dia del Muertos Style. (I love that style) The regular covers are drawn by Amy Mebberson and the Subscriptions variants are drawn by Sara Richard. It seems like the regular A covers are based of some old painting I believe... Luna looks a lot like the Mona Lisa and Tirek looks like someone as well. However I don't know who.

Anyways have all the covers and other info below! It seems like a new comic will be released each week.

Queen Chrysalis by Ilona
Queen Chrysalis by our own Ilona
Amazon listed something very interesting today: A brand new MLP comic paperback with never before seen stories. The listing description states that the villains that are included in this comic collection will be Sombra, Tirek, Sirens, Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis. The total amount of pages will be 124, so that means that each story will be the usual 23 pages and 9 extra pages of IDW ads. This means that the Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon stories from Friendship is Magic #1-4 and #5-8 will not be repeated in this paperback set and will in fact get new stories. Not will Sombra from the reflections arch be included, as that was a 4-parter as well. It's quite interesting to see 5 brand new stories without them being released before. This will also be the first comics to include Tirek and the Sirens (or did the EQG comic mention them?). The comic can now be pre-ordered at Amazon for $16.50 and will be released on June 30, after which the price will raise to $19.99.

We hope to get more information and cover art when the next IDW comics will officially be announced.