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My Little Pony Cruising Cutie Mark Crusaders Set
Amazon UK has listed quite an unexpected and exciting new set! The Cruising Cutie Mark Crusaders set to be exact and it contains the Cutie Mark Crusaders with molded manes and articulation. Scootaloo comes with her own scooter as well! But there are also some other accessories like a cart which can be attached to the scooter, and some in-line skates. Also, notice that Apple Bloom got the wrong eye-color on the loose product image photo's. However it's fixed with the in-packaging image so it's most likely a Prototype that was photographed.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Possible new Minis Figures
The official Polish Equestria Girls Instagram account just posted this image on their feed. We all know that the normal Equestria Girls dolls got a whole new look so what about the Minis? Well this image clearly shows a new kind of Equestria Girls Minis. First of all the whole look is way more Chibi-like with less detail int he eyes. Second, some articulation has also been removed like with the knees and arms. Third: the clothes are also way less detailed.

Many new My Little Pony (the movie) Listings on Amazon
Well luckily I have no college today. Also just finished my Seaquestria Display and as I type this one of those baby Seaponies is falling off again... Anyway Amazon has gone crazy with new listings for upcoming toys. But as usual the first time we see these the listings themselves are quite vague what they exactly are. I tried to categorize them all. Because they are called "Fashion Doll" doesn't mean they are Equestria Girls exclusive, brushables also got these placeholder names before. Because of that it's quite hard to tell what's what. I tried sorting them by size for now but even that might change in the future. Feel free to speculate though! :)

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My Little Pony the Movie Glitter-Covered Pinkie Pie Seapony Brushable
A new and quite strange listing has appeared on Amazon. It's a Pinkie Pie Seapony the size of the Fashion Style ones but this one is completely covered in Glitter! She also features a nice fabric tail-fin. And what's Pinkie Pie without beloved pet Alligator Gummy? Who is also covered in Glitter. But perhaps the most interesting thing is the packaging. At the bottom there's a button which presumably lights up the base. We saw the same effect before with the DJ Pon-3 SDCC 2013 Exclusive. That makes us wonder... is this one also an convention exclusive? Or is she perhaps a collectors item that is eventually also released in stores? (Like some of the Collectors Monster High Dolls) We hope we can solve this mystery soon!

Sheet Shows Future MLP The Movie GoH Sets (Unconfirmed)
A product sheet that has popped-up online is showing a list of upcoming sets and characters in the 2017 MLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony line-up, some of which we've not heard of before.
The initial waves consist of sets we've seen at the New York and Brazilian Toy Fairs, earlier this year, but a few characters and releases are brand new information. For now the information includes character names, outfits, accessories and store exclusive releases.
Thanks to Chevistian for the heads-up!
Note: At this moment we were unable to confirm the source of this information.

My Little Pony the Movie Logo
ATTENTION: This post contains spoilers about the upcoming MLP Movie this October. Do not read if you don't want to know anything about the movie.
The London Toy Fair has already passed and right now we're preparing for the New York one which will start this Friday. However we might have skipped over something during the London one, and here we are to post about it:

MLP Possible new Pinkie Pie Equestria Girls Minis Set
Here are some images for possible future Equestria Girls Minis Sets as these images are from a Planogram. The images are unclear but at least we can make out some theme's. The Pinkie Pie one looks like it's themed after a Diner and the Fluttershy one has something to do with every one's pets as we can see those as well. No much other info is known aside from these images, but I bet we can expect more info at the Toy Fair where they perhaps will be displayed as well.

Wave 17 Blind Bags on Amazon - Wave 16 Cancelled?
The Amazon listing we wrote about a week ago has been updated, and now mentions that the figures are in fact wave 17. While it's good news that Wave 17 blind bags are already available in the US, we also have some bad news.
We had direct contact with the Amazon seller, and we heard that all orders of Wave 16 orders are cancelled in the US. While we cannot be 100% sure if this has impact on the complete US, but hearing this after the big delay that we have seen so far only confirms the story that Hasbro is not shipping any Wave 16 blind bags into the US. This might result in another "International Exclusive" set like wave 2, because various other countries have had this set for months.

For now this is all the news that we have on Wave 16. If the set does actually end up in stores we'll write a new post on it once we get the news in!

MLP New Blind Bags Spotted
Again some new Blind Bags have been spotted. And this time on Ebay and we got a total of three new ones. The first one is a newer version for Twilight Sky which used the Earth Colt mold before but now he appears in the Apple Split mold looking more closer to his show appearance. The second and third ponies are some unnamed background ponies. What's interesting is the fact that they are once again all from Manehattan and possible for the Rarity Blind Bag waves, but that's still unconfirmed.

MLP New Blind Bags
And again some new Blind Bags have appeared on Taobao. Some of these seem to math with the ones we found before meaning they could be in the same set of Blind Bags. Still it's unsure which theme these will have but a lot of characters are Rarity Related again. We also get a new Sweetie Drops and Lyra which look both quite good! We also got a new Lyrica Lilac which looks quite unfinished though compared to her previous release. We also see some new eye-designs. Some of them look good, others need a bit to get used to though...

We hope we can provide you all with more info soon! Have them all + their show counterparts below!