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Playskool Pony Friends Collector Pack
A few days ago we reported that the Playskool Ponies started to appear in several stores like Walmart, but now they have also been listed online. Right now you can order the whole Playskool line from Toys'R'us. (excluding the Rainbow Dash Party Bus) We have listed them all below including images and descriptions. Please note that TRU has made an error by calling Moon Dancer "Rarity."

MLP Playskool Friend Musical Celebration Castle
The brand new series of My Little Pony Playskool Friends is getting spotted more and more online, and now it's Walmart that puts online their first set of Playskool Friends.
The Musical Celebration Castle is one of the first figures that was announced and includes a 16 inch high castle and two Playskool Friends figures: Pinkie Pie and Star Song.
Walmart sells this castle for $29.44 on their website. Store availability is currently unknown.

All About MLP Merch Launches Playskool Database
We have launched a new database! You can now check-out all the current Playskool ponies that are available right now (or will be very soon). We also included the Amazon links so you can easily look them up. We hope you will enjoy our new database.

Click here to visit the Playskool Database