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Twilight Sparkle Confirmed As Second Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue
Kotobukiya's original announcement of the Bishoujo Pinkie Pie statue already teased about a complete line, and this week we got the confirmation that there will at least be a second statue in the series! On a Japanese blog's Twitter an image was shared showing that Twilight Sparkle won a poll for who the second figure would become. According to sources, the poll consisted of both mane 6 and non mane-6 ponies.
As seen in the image above, no further information is available on the design or release of the new figure. In fact, we're still waiting for addition info on Pinkie Pie, so we need to keep our patience a bit longer for these very promising figures!
Thanks to Ayu for the info!

Kotobukiya Announces Equestria Girls Bishoujo Series
While we were all focusing on the Toy Fair in New York, over in Japan at the Wonderful Festival a completely different announcement regarding My Little Pony merch was made: Kotobukiya is partnering with Hasbro to create actual Bishoujo statues! Directly during the convention they also put out an official statement and better image on their Facebook page confirming Shunya Yamashita as the illustrator and more figures from My Little Pony and GI Joe coming too.

The teaser images shows a highly detailed Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie, but also a regular pony version of her. It's unknown if these will be combined in a single figure, or if both will be released as separate statues. Personally I wouldn't mind either option!

At the time of writing no further information on release dates, prices or actual product designs is known. But once the release is inbound, there's some good news for oversees fans: The statues of Kotobukiya are usually well available outside of Japan.

Thanks to Ayu, Amanda & shadowcat456 for the heads-up!

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle Vinyl Mini Figure
Remember that strange Pinkie Pie Equestria Girls Mini's figure that was spotted some months ago? Well it looks like we finally now how they will be released. Thanks a lot to one of our readers who spotted them on Lezada which is a Philippians site where you can buy basically everything. You can perhaps compare it to Amazon.
Anyways these figures are released without any accessories and they look more the smaller collectible vinyl figure type so that's what we're gonna call them for now unless Hasbro comes with an official name. We will also list them under the Minis for know. It's unknown yet if these will also be available in the US, we hope to inform you guys about that soon as well.

MLP Merch Poll #126MLP Merch Poll #125 Results Last week we asked you which of the then announced Fashion Style ponies you're planning on getting first. As it turns our you're all waiting for a new Fluttershy fashion pony as she got 33% of all the votes. It's almost a tie between Applejack and Rarity, but the actual fashion queen just won that by 2 votes. And the final 25% are not going to get any of them.

A big announcement from Funko is just in: They're going to expand their line of POP! figures around the release of MLP The Movie with at least 4 figures. Seapony versions of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are set for a release around September-October this year.
Images are not yet available, but we'll be on the lookout for those in the coming weeks. Below we have some Canadian pre-order listings where they were first found, but expect Amazon or Entertainment Earth listings to follow soon.
Thanks to Tomo for the info!

MLP Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis Walgreens Exclusive
All previous Funko Mystery Minis series had two lines: one for regular stores and one for Hot Topic. But out of nowhere Walgreens joined the exclusivity party and released their own wave of the Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis figures with 3 unique molds:
- Spike as Humdrum (finally!)
- Rainbow Dash as Zapp (new pose)
- Mane-iac Mayhem (wrapped up)
All other ponies that are included in this set are equal to the regular Power Ponies release, and the ratios have not been changed (see details in the images below).
The figures seen in this post are bought in Puerto Rico, but Walgreens stores in mainland USA will probably follow soon. Found them? Feel free to leave a comment below to help others!
Thanks to Victor for the info and Cindy for the images!

Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis Now Available on Amazon
While various online retailers still mention a November/December release date, Amazon currently has some active listings for the Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis, both loose and in 12-pack boxes. It's unsure how large this first batch is, but it's great news that the figures are finally available online, after they've already been spotted at GameStop two weeks ago. Below we have both listings:

Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis (single pack) on Amazon ($6.99) 
Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis (12-pack) on Amazon (starting at $79.99)

Funko Mystery Mini Power Ponies at GameStop
GameStop is the first store where the Funko Mystery Mini Power Ponies have been released. The set that is available has a few changes compared with the Hot Topic set that we spotted earlier. Rarity and Twilight Sparkle are available in different poses, and the henchpony has been replaced by... another henchpony!
Thanks to EddictedBony and AquaticNeon for the info and images.

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MLP Merch Poll #97MLP Merch Poll #97 Results
We sort of missed last weeks poll, but that's no problem as we're right on time this week on a Monday!
Last time we asked you whether you like our new database features, and which one you're using now. We're glad that most of you are using our new features, of which Search by Character is the most popular one. The other features are also used, but the popularity is relatively lower. The Details Pages are the least used pages of all new features, but there is still a decent user base for that.
Only 13.6% of you are not using any of the new features, so it was a good investment on our side!

MLP Diamond Select DJ Pon-3 Vinyl Bank
Diamond Select Toys has announced a new vinyl bank for their My Little Pony Vinyl Bank line. This time it's the famous DJ Pon-3 making some music on her turntable. The mold looks amazing in my opinion. At the moment you can pre-order it on ToyWiz and the BigBadToyStore for $19.99. It's expected release is January 2017. The ones that haven't been released yet are expected to do so this summer according to the Diamond Select Toys website. Have the pre-order listings below: