Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis Now Available on Amazon
While various online retailers still mention a November/December release date, Amazon currently has some active listings for the Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis, both loose and in 12-pack boxes. It's unsure how large this first batch is, but it's great news that the figures are finally available online, after they've already been spotted at GameStop two weeks ago. Below we have both listings:

Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis (single pack) on Amazon ($6.99) 
Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis (12-pack) on Amazon (starting at $79.99)

MLP Photo Finish Equestria Girls Minis Flashy Photo Class Set
Four Amazon listings for upcoming Equestria Girls Minis Sets have now been updated with official images! We have the Splashy Art Class Set with Pinkie Pie, Rockin' Music Class Set with Rainbow Dash, Science Star Class Set with Twilight Sparkle and at last we have the Flashy Photo Class Set which comes with Photo Finish who makes her debut in the minis line. These will be the larger sets that will be included with the Rainbow Rocks Themed Minis which have also been announced (including Adagio Dazzle) but they haven't received images yet. So you can find these later under the Rainbow Rocks section in the EqG Minis Database.

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MLPMerch AR Book Giveaway
This shouldn't be a surprise for this that have seen our review from last week: we're giving a 'Where Equestria Comes to Life'-book away for free!
It's a great book to have, especially in combination with the free app that is included, and this is your chance to get the book for free as well. We'll even include free shipping, so everyone is welcome in this giveaway. And we'd like to thank Carlton Publishing for the extra copy.

MLP New Blind Bags
And again a lot of new Blind Bags have appeared on Taobao. (older post here and here) And quite some nice and interesting ones. As always I tried to match them up with their show-counterparts since I love to do so. One thing I figured is that these are almost all from the "Green Isn't Your Color" Episode" and or from Manehattan episodes which brings us closer to the conclusion that we might expect the Rarity FiM Collection soon. I'm also beginning to wonder if these are chase figures for the next waves or that a whole wave will consist of these...

Have them all below!

Build-a-Bear Minty Plush Available on October 27thBuild-a-Bear Minty Plush Available on October 27th
The Minty plush, which we talked about earlier this month, will be available at Build-a-Bear stores starting at October 27th. She will be priced just like the other ponies (no word about region limitations yet) and you'll be able to order her with a mint scent too. So, for the Minty fans out there: one more week!
Thanks to Polly for the info on her and the brilliant photos you can see above!

Review - My Little Pony: Where Equestria Comes to Life (AR Book)
Today we have a very special review for you! Carlton Publishing was so nice to use to provide us with a copy of the My Little Pony: Where Equestria Comes to Life book, which is not your average book!
Download an app on your phone, scan the pony and you'll see the pony walk around in your room!
During the review we'll talk about the book itself, but of course also focus on what the app has to offer.
You can watch the video on YouTube or embedded below, but we also wrote a little summary if you scroll down a bit:

MLP Original Series Reboot Nurturing Friends Brushable Set
Just spotted these on Taobao before we're heading of to Germany for some days. We found three of the newly found Brushable sets in packaging together with the Family Moments one that was found some days ago. But they have great images which gives us a good look at them. I would like to mention that a specific set name isn't included on the box so we will be calling it the "Reboot Series" for now.

Wave 17 Blind Bags on Amazon - Wave 16 Cancelled?
The Amazon listing we wrote about a week ago has been updated, and now mentions that the figures are in fact wave 17. While it's good news that Wave 17 blind bags are already available in the US, we also have some bad news.
We had direct contact with the Amazon seller, and we heard that all orders of Wave 16 orders are cancelled in the US. While we cannot be 100% sure if this has impact on the complete US, but hearing this after the big delay that we have seen so far only confirms the story that Hasbro is not shipping any Wave 16 blind bags into the US. This might result in another "International Exclusive" set like wave 2, because various other countries have had this set for months.

For now this is all the news that we have on Wave 16. If the set does actually end up in stores we'll write a new post on it once we get the news in!

Discord Now Available in MLP Magazines
The latest edition of My Little Pony magazines around Europe are bundled with a Discord figure. The famous Magazine Figures are known for their quality and likeliness to the original show artwork, because freebies shouldn't mean they're cheaply made.
For now both submits have come from France, but we know that the magazine figures will also be available in the UK and Poland at some point.
So, if you live in one of these countries (or somewhere where you can get the magazines), then don't forget to pick up this months issue!
Thanks to ooneptuneoo and Nicolas for the images!

MLP Mary Gold Blind Bag
And again some new Blind Bags were spotted. This time we have a new character named Mary Gold who appeared in her Garden but also appeared in Green Isn't Your color and Trade Ya! The next Blind Bag that got spotted is actually another version of Grace which we spotted earlier. As you can see her coat has changed from bright pink to a more darker lavender one.

Stay tuned for more info!