MLP Merch Poll
This is the first poll that actually has a very close winner and 2nd place! In MLP Merch Poll #3 we asked you which plush manufacturer your favourite is, and the winner with 34.9% is Build-a-Bear! The second place with 31.6% of the votes goes to 4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE) and then there's a big gap until we find 3rd place: TY with 11.4%. Below that are Funrise (10%), Aurora (9.7%), Nici (1.7%) and Famosa is last with 0.7% of the votes.

Our next poll returns to your overwhelming enthusiasm for Cutie Mark Magic from MLP Merch Poll #2: Which brushable pony would you like to see in Cutie Mark Magic style?
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And feel free to also leave a comment in this post with your opinion!
MLP Merch Poll #3 Results


  1. Personally I'd rather one that hasn't been released before.

  2. i want more discord!!!!! if Hasbro could get off their stupid butts and make a discord, I would buy as many as I could get my hooves on!