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Nici Shows New Plush Designs on Taobao
Over on the Chinese Nici shop on Taobao 3 new plush have been spotted of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie feature a new mane style and also have some slightly tweaked colors. In addition to those changes, Twilight has finally become an Alicorn! They're available in two new sizes as 25cm (10") and 35cm (14") plush, and have been released in China and possibly other Asian countries too. Nici no longer has an European license for My Little Pony, so these plush will, as far as we know at this moment, not be available on shelves in Europe.
Thanks to Ayu for the heads-up!

New Nici Plush Bags Spotted in Germany
After a small period of silence, Nici has put some new items on German shelves with these plush bags and purses. As usual the line starts with Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, but perhaps we'll see the other ponies soon. This line features big coin purses designed as pony heads, and purse bags which look like plush without stuffing. Designs of the ponies seem to be similar to the regular plush that Nici makes. See the images below for more details!
Thanks to Ayu for the photo!

Fake Nici Keychain Plush
These plushies have been posted on Taobao and are clearly fakies trying to rip off the Nici keychain plushies. You can identify that these are fakes by the low quality eye stitching and overall low quality lining and fabric. While Pinkie Pie looks somewhat decent, the poor Rainbow Dash figure has no nose whatsoever and is also suffering from terrible quality eyes. While the fakies have the same metal keyring attached, the string that connects the keyring to the plush is always white. The actualy Nici plushies have colored strings.
All of the plushies have a fake tag as well, even showing the supposed retail values around Europe. The actual value they go for on Taobao is 18 yuan, just under $3.
Thanks to Ayu for the info!

MLP Nici Rarity and Applejack plush on TV
The Applejack and Rarity plushies by Nici have been released in various Asian countries. So far they have been confirmed for a release in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The plushies have been annuonced on the Taiwanese Facebook of Nici, and they were even visible for a short moment in a Chinese television soap opera. With this release it's expected that they are also released in Europe, or will be releases very soon. A release in the US is unlikely, Nici rarely exports plushies to the US.
Thanks to Ayu for the info!

Nici Applejack PlushNici Rarity Plush
We don't hear much about Nici these days. Until today as I found this new plushies on Taobao. Seems like Applejack and Rarity will be next to receive a Nici plush! Just like the earlier releases they will be available as a 20 cm, 30 cm and 50 cm plush. For those who don't know, Nici is a German Company so most of these plush will only be available in Germany and other European Countries. I heard there are some places who sell these outside of Europe.

One other thing I ask myself is if there are other Pony Related Things that will be released together with these plush? Most of the time a whole collection of items will be dedicated to a specific Pony. We don't know right now. We also don't know when they will be available. The listings say around September 2015 but we still need confirmation.

MLP Merch Poll
This is the first poll that actually has a very close winner and 2nd place! In MLP Merch Poll #3 we asked you which plush manufacturer your favourite is, and the winner with 34.9% is Build-a-Bear! The second place with 31.6% of the votes goes to 4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE) and then there's a big gap until we find 3rd place: TY with 11.4%. Below that are Funrise (10%), Aurora (9.7%), Nici (1.7%) and Famosa is last with 0.7% of the votes.

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MLP Merch Poll
The results of the second MLP Merch Poll are impressive! A stunning 81% of our visitors is excited about Cutie Mark Magic, and the majority of you will definitely get some of the new ponies, awesome! 12% of the voters are not interested in Cutie Mark Magic and another 5% had no idea these toys were found!

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Nici Rainbow Dash Collection

Nici has revealed there new My Little Pony Collection! They announced this set in their new catalog. Seems like this collection will focus on Rainbow Dash, previously they had a Fluttershy Collection, with plush, keychains etc. Seems like this collection also comes with some cute things!

- A Sitting Rainbow Dash plush, these will come in 3 sizes. 20, 30 and 40 centimeters. The smallest one will be 18 euro's and the biggest one have a pricetag of 38 euro's. This collection will also have a bank, a pillow, a set with plates and a mug and a travel case.

This collection will be from sale starting the 35th week this year. Which will be the 25th of August. Kinda of a bummer, since Ossie and I both stay in Germany but we return back to the Netherlands 1-2 weeks before.