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Store Finds: Seapony Fashems, Mystery Posters & More
We're back with a new store finds post, as we try to get at least one out every week. This time we have some exclusive news on the 7th Fashems series, a Songbird Serenade costume and more from across the US! Of course we're interested to hear from everyone, so no matter where you're located, feel free to send in any new stuff you find!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Store Finds: Ornaments, Plush & More
It's been a while since our last Store Finds post, and a lot of items were still stuck in our inbox. To get all the info out we'll also included some of the older finds, just to get the message out to everyone who might be waiting for it. As usual, feel free to send us an email with your finds, preferably with images and we'll feature it in the next store finds post!

MLP Starlight Glimmer 10 Inch Aurora Plush
That went actually quite fast if you ask me. We first found these at the start of the year but it turns out the brand new Aurora Plushies are now already available online. You can now get these four plush of Coco Pommel, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor and Starlight Glimmer on Amazon. What's also nice is that they are currently on sale as well! You can find the Amazon Listings below.

MLP Princess Celestia, Starlight Glimmer, Shining Armor, Princess Cadance and Coco Pommel Aurora Plush
Two days ago it was announced that Aurora would bring out some new My Little Pony Plush including several new characters like Coco Pommel and Starlight Glimmer. So far no good quality image was known but Aurora has now updated their catalogs for 2016 and included a high-quality image of the My Little Pony Pages. The catalog contains more pages with MLP Stuff but those are the plush from last year so nothing new except this particular page. However I decided to include them as well.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up.

MLP Aurora Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Coco Pommel and Starlight Glimmer Plush
It looks like Aurora is going to bring out some amazing plush again this year was we will get several new characters. Coco Pommel, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor and Starlight Glimmer will join the Aurora Plush line. Much like the previous plush these will again have brushable hair instead of the fabric one. It's sure is strange how much love Coco Pommel is getting these days. A new brushable, Fashion Style, McDonalds Toys etc... however the same goes for Starlight, but I can understand that more since she probably play a big part in the future, maybe the same will happen to Coco? And we also got Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. But those are already some big characters and we get a new boy plush to that's great.

No release date is known at the moment but we hope we can provide more info soon. We will as always. keep you updated.

Thanks to Bin's Toy Bin and Billy for the heads up!

Hot Topic has listed 2 interesting items. The first one is their variant for the Friendship is Magic #24 Comic and the first of the Siege of Crystal Empire Story Arc. All the Hot topic covers for this story arc are designed by Tony Fleecs and they are supposed to form one big image when you combine them all. You can order it here for $5.50.

Bootleg Plush Handpuppet Ponies
The handpuppets above should trigger all bootleg alarms in existence, and so they should. These plush handpuppets are a variant of commonly seen 'fake' plushies (seen below), which in their turn copied the Aurora design. Both the mane, eyes and head design is close to that of the earlier spotted fakies, but Twilight's color seems to be way off.
The plush have a tag, but I can't exactly read what's written on them (possibly a fake Chinese brand). Head on down this post to see some more detailed images of the individual ponies!
Thanks to Ayu for sending this in!


MLP 6,5 inch Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Aurora Plush at Hot Topic
Some new Pony plush have started to appear at Hot Topic! They already sold some Aurora Derpy/Muffins, DJ Pon-3 and Dr Whooves Plush before but two new ones have been spotted. This time the two Princesses started to appear. You can now get 6,5 inches plush of these ones for a price of $12.50 each. According to their tags it seems like they are "special edition" with Luna actually being a "Season one special edition" Probably because she only has this look in season one. They were found at Hot Topic Chicago, IL. They haven't been listed on the Hot Topic website yet. We will provide you with information if they do.

Thanks to Victor for the heads up and images!

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Aurora Announces New Winter Gear Plushies
Last year Aurora released some cute Winter Gear Plushies, and this year they're releasing a new set! This time, the set will contain Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash again, but this year with a brushable mane. Neither in their catalogue nor their New York Toy Fair stand did they show Pinkie Pie, so it seems like Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are the only Winter Gear ponies for this year.
They also have been listed on Amazon (listings below), but have not yet been released. Seeing as the Winter Gear ponies from last year were released around August, it wouldn't surprise me to see these listings as available within the next 2 or 3 weeks.
Thanks to jskr76 for the original submit!

MLP Aurora Princess Celestia 14 Inch Plush
Remember that we spotted a Princess Celestia Aurora Plush during the NY Toy Fair 2015? At that time she wasn't licensor approved, but it seems like she's now as she has been listed up for pre-order on the ToyWiz website.

She's 14 inches tall and just like the new Aurora Plush she has brushable hair! According to the product description you too can be her faithful student! Want to pre-order her? You can find her here. She will ship this August.