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MLP Merch Poll #171MLP Merch Poll #170 Results
Last week we asked you who your favorite figure from the new EqG Minis Theme Park Collection is. The results were actually pretty close this time, with Sunset Shimmer winning this poll! On a close second place we can find Twilight Sparkle, followed by a bigger gap to the ponies that both got the same amount of votes to claim place #3: Pinkie Pie & Rarity. This leave Rainbow Dash in the final place, yet she managed to get over 10% of the votes.

New School of Friendship Brushables Found - Including Scootaloo
Over on AliExpress four new brushables appeared that will be part of the School of Friendship line. Right now Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Scootaloo were spotted, the latter being the very first filly-sized brushable since the reboot line started last year.
Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and Scootaloo are dressed (painted, not removable) in school uniforms, while there's also a second Twilight Sparkle found that has no outfit, but features some multi-colored ribbons in her hair.
Because they were only found online, we have no idea what release type these brushables are going to get. Be aware that this could become a larger store exclusive set (e.g. Target).
Thanks to Monster Glad for the heads-up!

Below we have photos of all four ponies from all sides!

MLP Tech4Kids Squish Pops Series 4
Over at Target in the US you can now get the latest waves of the My Little Pony Squish Pops and Fash'ems figures by Tech4Kids. While we already had some info on the 6th wave of Fash'ems (which has the same figures as wave 5, but with a clear finish), the Series 4 release of the Squish Pops is completely new.
The latest wave of the small squishy figures introduces the first flocked figures and some new characters as well. Below we have more details on the included figures for each wave.
Thanks to Anto for the images!

Images of Rarity FiM Collection Small Story Packs Released
Back in January we saw a magazine advert for the upcoming Rarity Friendship is Magic Collection Small Story Pack sets and a week later we got many high quality images of the other Rarity FiM Collection sets, but we were left without promo images of the earlier shown small packs.
But now, on the Icelandic Toys"R"Us website of all places, we finally get the images we were missing.
Below we have all images of the sets:

UK MLP Magazine Shows Upcoming Rarity FiM Collection
Back in March we initially spotted a few listings for Friendship is Magic Collection sets around the "Green Isn't Your Color" episode, and it has long been quiet around these sets. Out of the blue the official UK MLP Magazine is giving some of these sets away in a contest, which is extraordinary, as the sets are not available or even officially announced yet.
We can now clearly see that these sets are based on the Season 1-episode, with both spa scenes as well as clothing shoots with Photo Finish. The dresses from Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in this case are from the "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" episode, which aired later in Season 4.
With the huge amount of release in the past few weeks and this announcement in the UK magazine are strong indications that these sets will be sold very soon. Below we've included the original Amazon listings for all sets, which will hopefully be updated with high quality stock images soon!
Thanks to Robbie for the images!

Nightmare Night FiM Collection Small Story Packs on Amazon
Remember when Hasbro told us that most of their new stuff was coming fall 2016? As it appears July is now officially renamed to Fall, as another wave of merch has been released in this very month.
This time, it's the Small Story Packs from the Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection.
The wave consists of 4 packs with either 2 figures or 1 figure and some accessories. All the sets are themed after Nightmare Night and are now available on Amazon through a 3rd party seller.
You can find all the sets, images and listings below (thanks to April for the heads-up):

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Sale on MLP Books at Zulily
Always wanted to try one of the My Little Pony books, but never been able to get them cheap? At this moment Zulily has a 3-day flash sale on all kinds of licensed books, including 6 My Little Pony deals. All listings can be found below.
Note: You need to register for an account first. Also, be sure to select 'United States' as shipping country in the top right corner to see all deals!

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MLP Friends Forever #28 IDW Comic Regular Cover by Tony Fleecs

Friends Forever #28 is now released and this one centers around the CMC and Princess Luna. This issue is written by Jeremy Whitley and drawn by Jay P. Fosgitt. Three covers are available

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MLP Friendship is Magic Paperback Volume 10, cover by Andy Price
Looks like a new Paperback has been listed on Amazon. We're already at the 10th volume of the FiM Series. Time goes by so fast... This paperback contains FiM #38 - #42. It will be released on September 6, 2016. No High quality image of the cover at the moment but expect that one during the September Solicitations by IDW.

You can pre-order it now on Amazon for $19.99

MLP Squishy Pops Series 3 Starlight Glimmer Figure by Tech 4 Kids
The official websites of the MLP Fashems and MLP Squishy Pops by Tech 4 Kids have updated their website which includes some HQ Images of the upcoming figures. We first got a look at these during the Spielwarenmesse and the NY Toy Fair but we didn't had good images of both.
First of all we're already at the 5th series of Fashems, as always six figures will be included with one of them being Starlight Glimmer. The CMC will be re-released as well in this wave but they will have their cutie mark which probably is the first time we see merch of them with their CM's. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie will be in this wave as well. According to the images they should be available this spring which is quite soon.