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Review: My Little Pony Snapback by Bioworld & Snapback Empire
It's been a while since we've talked about merch from Bioworld, but today we're back with a review on one of their latest additions to the My Little Pony line-up: this multi-character snapback!
This snapback wears the Bioworld label, but is exclusively available through Snapback Empire, who also provided the review copy for us.

MLP Twilight Sparkle and Zecora Friendship is Magic Collection Golden Oak Library
In addition to the single and small story packs for the Nightmare Night Themed Friendship is Magic Collection we now also got a high quality image of the Golden Oak Library playset. Just like the previous ultimate story packs the detailing is once really incredible, I think this line is one of the best at the moment. As expected this set comes with Twilight Sparkle and Zecora both wearing their Nightmare Night Costumes.

MLP Zecora Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection Figure
A new Blind Bag for the upcoming Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection has appeared on Ebay. And this time it's every one's favorite zebra: Zecora. During the Toy Fair she was shown with her cape but most Chinese Ebay sellers sell the figures loose without their accessories. It's also unknown how she will be packaged but judging by the fact that she was standing next to a Star Swirl Twilight Sparkle figure probably means these two come together in a "small story pack" The Nightmare Night FiM Collection will probably be released this summer/fall but we'll keep you updated.

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MLP Friends Forever Volume 6 Paperback Comic
And already the 6th Friends Forever Paperback has been listed on Amazon. Sure goes fast! This one contains again 4 issues of the Friends Forever Series: #21-24. This one included the stories of Spike & Zecora, Pinkie Pie & Princess Celestia, Applejack & Fluttershy and at last the one with Rarity and Gilda.

But as predicted (the last two issues aren't even released yet) you quite have to wait for this one as it will be released on February 9, 2016. But you can already pre-order it on Amazon for $16.92 at the moment while the normal price will be $17.99.

Pre-order it here!

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MLP Friends Forever #21 Comic by IDW Regular Cover by Amy Mebberson
From today on you know have the option to get the newest issue of the Friends Forever Comic Series. This time the story will focus on Spike and Zecora who need to work together as a strange flu has descended over Ponyville. The writer for this issue is Ted Anderson and the artist is Agnes Garbowska. There are a total of three covers for this issue:
  • A Regular one made by Amy Mebberson
  • The Subscription Variant made by Agnes Garbowska
  • A New York Comic Con Exclusive one made by Diana Leto
You can get the comic on Amazon as well.
 A strange flu has descended over Ponyville! Only two friends find themselves immune... Spike and Zecora? Will the unusual pair be able to find a cure?
MLP Friends Forever #21 Comic by IDW Subscription Cover by Agnes GarbowskaMLP Friends Forever #21 Comic by IDW NYCC2015 Cover by Diana Leto

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My Little Pony Friends Forever #21 Comic by IDW
And some new comics have been announced! Today it's 21th issue of the Friends Forever Series. This issue will focus on Spike and Zecora. Interesting combination.  The writer for this issue is Jermy Whitley and the Artist is Brenda Hickey.
Update: Apparently IDW made a little mistake on the cover, as Ted Anderson is the writer and Agnes Garbowska is the artist. The cover is made by Amy Mebberson and this issue will be available on October 7, 2015
A strange flu has descended over Ponyville! Only two friends find themselves immune... Spike and Zecora? Will the unusual pair be able to find a cure?

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Build-a-Bear shared this on their Twitter page today: 25% off all make-your-own My Little Pony plushies! The sale will only be on for a couple of days (ends in March 19), but 25% is a neat deal for their great plushies (confirmed by our readers, who voted Build-a-Bear for best plushies brand).
Note that the offer is only valid on make-your-own plushies, so all pre-made plushies (CMC & Spike) are not on sale.
The regular plushies are now $18.75 instead of $25, Princess Celestia is $20.25 and Zecora is $26.25.
Update: Thanks to Emmy we now know that the sale is on until March 19.

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MLP Merch Hasbro POP Zecora Unpacking and Review
Remember our Toys"R"Us order from yesterday? Well here is a review about the Zecora POP Pony that came with the order in both text and video, which you can view either on YouTube, or the embedded video below. Enjoy!

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MLP Toys"R"Us USA Order Video
We've just received our Toys"R"Us order! Because we in The Netherlands don't have any Toys"R"Us stores we decided to do an order at the USA website. Want to see what we ordered? Check out the video on YouTube or watch it below!

Hasbro POP Fluttershy Decorator Kit and Rainbow Dash Style Kit
At an extensive merch hunt today in The Netherlands, we've spotted many new official Hasbro MLP products that have recently been released in the United States. We've also had various reports of findings in other European countries. The new releases consist of the first wave Hasbro POP ponies, fashion style Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom playset and the Pony & Breezie sets.