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My Little Pony World's Smallest Figures by Super Impulse
Seems like the G1 Ponies are making a return this year! A company called Super Impulse has actually created the World's Smallest My Little Pony. And World's Smallest is in this case also the name they use for this line. But Ponies aren't the only small things they make. They've also miniature versions of other popular toys such as the Rubiks Cube, Care Bears and more.

My Little Pony Series 11 Retro G1 Mashems by Basic Fun

The eleventh series for the My Little Pony Mash'ems/Fash'ems line has been revealed. And we're taking an interesting turn since this time, all the ponies are from Generation 1! This set contains all the collector ponies in their iconic pose. The ponies included are: Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Minty, Snuzzle and a special release of Cotton Candy with glitter.

MLP Merch Poll #158MLP Merch Poll #157 Results
Last time we asked you whether you liked to 2017 MLP Merch Battles or not, and we're glad to see that most of the responses are positive! Almost 42% loved the battles, and another 26% likes it too, but with a few proposed changes. 14% likes it a bit and less than 2% didn't like it. That leaves 16% of the people that didn't join the battles, quite a low amount we think!
We hope to be able to share the winners of the battles with you all this week, so keep on the lookout for that!

MLP G1 35th Anniversary Butterscotch Collector Pony at Target
Time to blow out some candles because this year My Little Pony of officially 35 years old now! And to celebrate that Target now sells the first set of the Year 1 Collector Ponies. This set includes Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty and Snuzzle. They are $9.99 each and each pony also comes with a retro comb and Tail Ribbon.

Let's hope we'll see some more 35th Anniversary goods appear this year. Perhaps during this years Toy Fair?
Thanks to Lulamae_flyaway and afkosek for the heads up!

MLP Minty Build-a-Bear Plush
Good news for those who we're looking towards the release of the Build-a-Bear Minty Plush: She's now released and you can order her from the website of visit one of the Build-a-Bear Stores near you. So far she has been listed on both the US and UK website but not on any on the other. There were rumours that some countries (like Germany) stopped selling the MLP Plush but we haven't got any confirmation yet about that. If you have more info please let us know.

Have the listings for her below!

New My Little Pony Playskool Sets Announced
Various new My Little Pony Playskool Friends sets have been announced yesterday. While the targeted audience might not read this post, we're sure there are plenty of collectors out there who adore the cute faces of these tiny figures! Below we have all new items that have been announced, including all available pictures.

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Build-a-Bear Minty Plush Available on October 27thBuild-a-Bear Minty Plush Available on October 27th
The Minty plush, which we talked about earlier this month, will be available at Build-a-Bear stores starting at October 27th. She will be priced just like the other ponies (no word about region limitations yet) and you'll be able to order her with a mint scent too. So, for the Minty fans out there: one more week!
Thanks to Polly for the info on her and the brilliant photos you can see above!

MLP Merch Poll #98MLP Merch Poll #97 Results
Last week we asked you what your thoughts were on the new Funko Mystery Minis. As we secretly already expected for anything new from Funko: the results are very positive! Over 50% of you absolutely adore the new figures, and another 20% liking most of the bunch. 16% of the respondents like a few of the new figures, and only 9% is not fond of them.

MLP Minty Build-a-Bear Plush
Some big news! It turns out that Build-a-Bear is actually going to continue their My Little Pony Line as they announced a new character: Minty! For us this actually comes as a huge surprise since we thought they stopped making these. And second, of all ponies... it's Minty. Although it has been confirmed that she's quite a popular character as she's also appeared in Generation 1 and 3. It could also be because of her unique color scheme. Anyways she's coming to Build-a-Bear. No release date has been announced yet but it shouldn't take long.

Thanks to Golden Star for the sending it in and to David Thomas for the image!

Midnight in Canterlot Set Re-released at Toys"R"Us
Those who never got the opportunity to get their hands on a Minty brushable will probably rush to their local Toys"R"Us or their website after reading this: The Midnight in Canterlot set has been re-released, still with all the ponies from the original release back in 2013.
The set is available for $29.99, which sounds like steal to me, and can be bought on the TRU website or in local stores.
While the contents have not changed since the first released, the box has barely been touched either. Only the copyright year was updated to 2016, but the old logo is still their, as well was the 'hub'-logo from the TV-channel that has been renamed to Discovery Family almost 2 years ago.
The re-release of this set may also be the reason why Minty brushables have started to pop-up on eBay and Taobao again as of lately. With this release we don't think that Minty will be featured in another set for the near future.

Thanks to Felipe and Missy for the info!