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Big My Little Pony Sale at Zulily - Up to 65% Off!
Every once in a while Zulily sells their stocked up My Little Pony merch for a greatly reduced price, this time up to 65% off. Over 280 items are available, but this time we see less Hasbro figures and retro MLP items, in favor of clothing, books and miscellaneous merch.
The sale is only available for the coming 3 days, so be sure to check out the My Little Pony Sale page before the time runs out.
Below we've made a selection of the items on sale, focusing on the various categories and picked some of the newer items too. Enjoy!

Hasbro Comes With Semi-Official Mr Potato Head Rarity Figure
Over on the Hasbro website a new Mr. Potato Head figure has been listed, which has the exact looks of Rarity. The figure is simply called 'Unicorn', but nobody will deny that the mane and tail are from Rarity. It's a bit odd to see such a clear cross-over not being an official license tie-in, even though Hasbro owns both brands. They've done various other brand bundling for Mr. Potato Head with Transformers, Star Wars and Spider-man, so why not My Little Pony?
People interested in this official-non-official-Rarity can get her on the Hasbro website, or in a bigger set on Amazon.

New My Little Pony Playskool Sets Announced
Various new My Little Pony Playskool Friends sets have been announced yesterday. While the targeted audience might not read this post, we're sure there are plenty of collectors out there who adore the cute faces of these tiny figures! Below we have all new items that have been announced, including all available pictures.

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MLP Starsong Playskool Friends Glow Pony Plush Prototype
Let's talk about one of the youngest MLP Lines: The Playskool line, it was 2015 when we saw them for the first time. During that year we were also introduced to the Rainbow Dash Glow Pony, a plush that lights up and makes sound when you press her tummy. So far nothing interesting right?

Well yesterday I went to a French site and noticed a listing with a Glow Pony Starsong as seen above. I though to myself, perhaps it's just a listing for a new Glow Pony, but I couldn't find anything about an upcoming Starsong one. So, what if it's a prototype? Then I looked further and I came to the conclusion: Starsong was supposed to be the Glow Pony plush instead of Rainbow Dash.


MLP Applejack Sweet Cart and Nightmare Night Charior from FiM Collection
It seems like it's that time again when several websites update their listings with brand new images of newly announced merchandise which of most we saw during the NY Toy Fair. Time to compile them all in one post! (And time to update the databases again)

First of all as you can all see the images of the Nightmare Night Chariot and Sweet Cart have arrived. These are the large story packs for the Nightmare Night FiM collection. The Golden Oaks Library has also just been found. You can pre-order these two sets on Entertainment Earth here. 

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MLP Playskool Friends My Little Pony Fluttershy Figure and Car
Some of the new Playskool merch that got announced during the Toy Fair has now appeared on Amazon. The merch listed are the Pony & Vehicle Packs and the Pinkie Pie Ride 'n Slide Ramp Playset. All of these listings aren't available yet so we just have to wait. They will probably be released this summer/fall. Have the listings below together with the images and descriptions.

MLP Playskool Friends Fluttershy Vehicle & Pony
And we have even MORE My Little Pony news for you as the Playskool line will also get a lot of new MLP additions. First up we have Vehicle & Pony packs which is a Pony combined with cute little car. You can get Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Next up is a Pinkie Pie Ride 'n Slide Ramp playset that comes with Pinkie Pie and Lemon Drop (Interesting since Lemon Drop is a G1 Pony) Then there's also a new Playset with Cheerilee and Bumblesweet and a new Pinkie Pie Plush.

MLP Playskool Friends Starsong 6 Inch Plush
The so-adorable Playskool Friends Plush are now available on Amazon. This was actually quite expected since these were revealed at the same time as the Activity Barn who's now available as well since today. The plush are $9.99 each and you can get Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Starsong.

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MLP Playskool Friends Applejack Activity Barn Playset
This one was spotted 2 months ago on Amazon but by the looks of it the Playskool Friends Applejack Activity Barn Playset is now available for order on Amazon. This barn comes with an Applejack and Pinkie figure and has a lot of features. At the moment you can get it for $19.99.

Listing: Playskool Friends Applejack Activity Barn - $19.99

  • Toddlers and preschoolers can play pretend with Applejack and Pinkie Pie
  • Age-appropriate playset and figures designed just for little hands
  • Tractor and swing can each hold 2 pony figures to ride together
  • Barn roof flips down to become a ramp for the tractor
  • Includes barn, tractor, and 2 pony figures.
Sweet adventures are just around the corner with Applejack and Pinkie Pie! Now toddlers and preschoolers can explore and play pretend with this adorable playset designed for their little hands. What will your little one and the ponies try first? Bring them for a ride around the barn on the tractor, which has space for both ponies. For even more rollin' fun, flip down the roof ramp and send the ponies rolling down! The swing can also hold both ponies after they go for a ride. Kids can also turn the spinner to hear clicking noises. For even more adorable pony fun, this set works with other Playskool Friends My Little Pony figures and vehicles! Sold separately. Subject to availability.
Playskool Friends, My Little Pony, and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.
MLP Playskool Friends Applejack Activity Barn PlaysetMLP Playskool Friends Applejack Activity Barn Playset

2015 MLP Merch Battles - WINNERS
The last battle ended several weeks ago and on the last day of 2015 we like to present the winners of this years battle. Below you can find all the winners per category with a small conclusions as well. We hope you liked this idea and perhaps we can host these battles another time next year.