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Exclusive Songbird Serenade Figure Shown at SDCC
While there are no real My Little Pony SDCC exclusives this year, Hasbro was nice enough to do show a scoop at the San Diego Comic Con with this Songbird Serenade figure.
It's not the same figure as the Songbird Serenade brushable we saw a little while ago, as this figure is around the size of a Fashion Style figure and her cutie mark is a button. Judging by the packaging, her character and the fact that she's voiced by Sia, she'll probably sing when you press her cutie mark, as well as light effects in her bow. She comes with a pre-styled mane and also a removable shirt.
Also shown on the box is the fact that she will be a Target exclusive. This might be good news for international fans, as their exclusives usually pop up in other stores around the globe as well.
(Credits to SDCC Unofficial Blog for the photos)

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My Little Pony the Movie Glitter-Covered Pinkie Pie Seapony Brushable
A new and quite strange listing has appeared on Amazon. It's a Pinkie Pie Seapony the size of the Fashion Style ones but this one is completely covered in Glitter! She also features a nice fabric tail-fin. And what's Pinkie Pie without beloved pet Alligator Gummy? Who is also covered in Glitter. But perhaps the most interesting thing is the packaging. At the bottom there's a button which presumably lights up the base. We saw the same effect before with the DJ Pon-3 SDCC 2013 Exclusive. That makes us wonder... is this one also an convention exclusive? Or is she perhaps a collectors item that is eventually also released in stores? (Like some of the Collectors Monster High Dolls) We hope we can solve this mystery soon!

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It been some weeks after the San Diego Comic Con, but for those who didn't had the chance to attend the convention now have the chance to get the exclusive Discord and Fluttershy anyway as it's been listed on the HasbroToysShop website. If you prefer Amazon you can also order them there but the price is currently higher there.


MLP Elements of Friendship Applejack Brushable and Equestria Girls Mini

Toys'R'us has revealed their SDCC 2016 exclusives for this year. First of all I would like to mention that these are not "exclusive" as for example, the one from Hasbro. These are more of an introduction for their exlusive MLP line this year. So after the con these (and more) should be available in stores.

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MLP Merch Poll #88MLP Merch Poll #87 Results
Last week we asked you which MLP:FiM logo you liked the most: the current one, supposedly new logo or the official MLP movie logo? Apparently the new logo would be a good move by Hasbro, as almost 40% of the votes were for the new one! However, the current logo is still popular, with 30% of the votes. That leaves the movie logo in 3rd place, with 17%. Another 13% couldn't choose a favorite, and 2% didn't actually like any of them.

MLP Hasbro San Diego Comic Con 2016 Exclusive Discord and Fluttershy
 Hasbro has revealed their My Little Pony SDCC 2016 Exclusive. According to it will be Discord Together with Fluttershy. Fluttershy will have several points of articulation and he Discord looks a lot like the Guardians of Harmony one in my opinion. A light up base will be also included. It will be available at the con for $49.99 at booth #3329

Thanks to Wardah for the heads up!
MLP Hasbro San Diego Comic Con 2016 Exclusive Discord and Fluttershy

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Sci-Twi Doll
Hasbro's exclusive figures from the 2015 SDCC have now been listed on the HasbroToyShop website. Just like every year these figures are initially released at the SDCC and are sold in Hasbro's own webshop a bit later.
Sci-Twi and Chicken Pinkie Pie are now available for respectively $34.99 and $49.99 each.
Below we have detailed summaries of the figures:

Photo Finish Equestria Girls Doll Exclusive to Amazon
Remember the Amazon listing for this Photo Finish Doll will plain Hasbro box from yesterday? Turns out she will be an Amazon exclusive! This has just been released at the Hasbro SDCC booth, so it seems that Amazon listed her just one day before the announcement.
As stated in the article from yesterday, you can pre-order her for $14.99 and she'll be released on October 12. More info about the doll below!
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Cutie Mark Magic Nurse Redheart
History repeats again as the second Nurse Redheart brushable will also be an Walgreen exclusive, according to the Hasbro SDCC stand. In fall last year Walgreens released their exclusive Nurse Redheart brushable, in that time as Rainbow Power, and this year Nurse Redheart will be available as a Cutie Mark Magic Ribbon Hair figure. (We anticipated on this happening back when she was spotted). Walgreens will sell Nurse Redheart later this year in both stores and online.
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Toys"R"Us SDCC 2015 Maud Pie Brushable
Right at the start of the SDCC 2015, Toys"R"Us made their My Little Pony 2015 Ponymania line available online. Right now you can order Maud Pie, Daring Do and Princess Celestia right from the website (max. 1 of each per customer). Below you can find the listings with images, info and prices!
This line will soon also be available in stores and, like previous years, will be available for quite some time.