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Ossie and the Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies Part 4
It's been a very long time since our last episode of the Fakie Quest, and while we did two quick updates on fake EqG Minis, a new episode was well overdue! In this post you'll find tons and tons of fake My Little Pony toys, figures and basically everything that can be printed with bootleg artwork. Since the last episode we did not stop collecting images, and we did receive several submits too. (Thanks to Tomo, Ayu, Sharon and Andrea for their contributions)
Enjoy our 4th episode in the quest for the worst fakies!

Watch Out for Fake Equestria Girls Minis!
While I hope to get enough time for a new Fakie Quest post soon, this is one set of fakies that I wanted to get out in the open as soon as possible. Over on Taobao (and possibly eBay and AliExpress too) loads of listings for these fake Equestria Girls Minis are filling the search pages of the online marketplace. They look pretty accurate and cost next to nothing: listings go as low as $8.50 for 9 figures! Now these are only the Taobao prices, it's possible that once these hit eBay the prices will rise as well if people can't tell the difference.
To help everyone out we've made a quick reference to telling these and real EqG Minis apart. In the picture below we've marked some key elements different from the original ones:

4 New Equestria Girls Minis Mall Collection Sets Listed
Over at the 2017 New York Toy Fair we saw quite a few big and amazing sets for the Equestria Girls Minis, but only a handful of characters has been listed so far. Until today that is! As Amazon has just listed 4 of the bigger sets from the upcoming series, including images!
Hasbro has not officially named this new series yet, but we're calling it the Mall Collection for the time being. The new sets include a 6-pack of characters, a show-accurate Sunset Shimmer, the first release of Juniper Montage and the earlier announced Pinkie Pie's Sweet Snacks Café.
Below we have all images, listings and descriptions (if available) for the sets. No prices or release dates have been given, but we expect them around the summer.

Fluttershy Pet Spa Found as New EqG Minis Set
A small month ago we reported on listings for a 'Mall Collection' line of the Equestria Girls Minis. Today we've found another entry for this line (even though its not explicitly named) in the form of Fluttershy's Pet Spa. Not only does Fluttershy come with a brand new outfit, this set also features some familiar pets from the show: Tank, Opalescence, Winona and Angel. Of course various accessories to make it feel like an actual spa are included as well.
Below we have the full description, which also mentions Pinkie Pie's Sweet Snacks Cafe again, but no images were released of that set.
Fluttershy loves caring for her pet friends and dreams of pampering them all day. With the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Fluttershy Pet Spa Set, kids can imagine her nurturing and pampering her 4 animal friends, including Opal. Pretend she's feeding them with the included bone, carrot, and fish accessories, snuggling them, and sharing stories of kindness and friendship with them. Also look for the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie Sweet Snacks Cafe.

Overview of All MLP Products Announced for 2017
While we did post a big overview of all upcoming Equestria Girls merch in 2017, we did not yet post all other official My Little Pony toy lines. So far Hasbro has not released official images with the product info, but the listings are interesting nonetheless. Besides set names the product info also contains estimated release dates, included characters, MSRP and a large description. Do note that these listings may not be the complete line of products to be release this year, but only what Hasbro has announced.
Below you'll find all product listings already announced for 2017 of the brushables, Equestria Girls, Guardians of Harmony and Friendship is Magic Collection lines.

Store Finds: EqG Minis, Blind Bags, Plush & More
We're back with another weekly store finds post! This time we've got a few random items from the US, but we've also included an Equestria Girls update from the UK and something you might not see often in the US!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Official Images of Eqg Minis Fashion Packs Released
Over at the New York Toy Fair last month we saw a new concept for Equestria Girls Minis where a full figure is combined with interchangeable cloths, hair and accessories. And while we've seen a Pinkie Pie set with different hair pieces, this is the first time you can actually change the full body.
Rarity's set will feature a short & skirt set, glasses and strawberry (?) skirt set and a formal dress with gold accents. The "Switch 'n Mix Fashions" set of Twilight is bundled with a lab coat outfit, a purple dress and a sweater & skirt set. Aside of these clothing sets you can freely mix up the hairstyles and accessories, although some might fit better than others. As of course you're free to mix up pieces of Rarity and Twilight Sparkle to create a unique character.
We have no further details on the release of these sets aside from Hasbro's initial information: a Fall 2017 release for about $15 per set.

MLP Derpy/Muffins Mall Collection Singles EQG Minis

The first batch of the new Equestria Girls Minis we saw during the NY Yoy Fair this year has appeared on Amazon and several other websites. The theme for this line will be the mall with some of the characters having shops. Amazon has listed the Mall Collection Singles which includes a lot of new characters as well like Derpy/Muffins, Trixie and Roseluck and more.

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Big Amazon Sale on 2016 MLP Sets
Amazon once again started a big sale on the 2016 My Little Pony sets, including many of the Guardians of Harmony and Equestria Girls Minis figures. If you didn't get some of these figures yet it might be the ideal moment to get them, as some of the discounted prices are even better than the last sale in January!
Below we have a selection of the more popular sets, but you can also check out the complete Amazon page for My Little Pony items on sale. Enjoy!

Watch Out for Fake Equestria Girls Minis
Every time Hasbro releases a new concept for any of their toys it's just a matter of time before fake versions arise on the internet. EBay and Alibaba/Taobao used to be popular platforms for the latest fakies, but as of late Instagram became the latest trend for selling bootleg products. One more example of this practice are these new fake Equestria Girls Minis figures with the inappropriate name "My Fun Hose".
Some of the figures look pretty decent, but some others have weird accessories (like fake Blind Bag ponies, or the fact that Twilight Sparkle doesn't even wear her skirt) and another bunch that just looks odd, like Rarity and Fluttershy.
For some it might be an open door that these are bootleg products, but without the packaging it's a whole lot harder to see the difference. The best way to differentiate these from real figures are:
- Compare the colors
- Compare the accessories
- Compare the plastic (the fakes are more glossy)

Disclaimer: We do not promote buying and/or selling fake products and this post is meant as a warning for people to know the difference between real and fake My Little Pony products.

Note: We're still working on a full fakie quest episode, this is just a quick PSA.

Thanks to pega_ponycorn.offcl and Tomo for the info!