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Store Finds: EqG Minis, Reboot Dolls, Sleepwear & More
It's a been a while since our last store finds post (mainly because of HWCon, NY Toy Fair and our secret project), but still wanted to get the submits of last weeks out! Some info might not be new, so we hope you don't mind too much :)
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Fluttershy 7 Inch Play by Play PlushRarity 7 Inch Play by Play Plush
Some of you people know the Plushies made by Play by Play. For quite some time Rarity and Fluttershy were the only ones missing. But suddenly these 2 appeared on Amazon with Fluttershy for $7.95 and Rarity for $9.95 for some reason.

Some people have noticed that these plushies are sometimes sold in displays made by Famosa. The fact is is that Play by Play is owned by the Famosa Company.

Get these 2 + the others of the Mane Six here, they are all 7 inch tall.
- Applejack
- Fluttershy
- Pinkie Pie
- Rainbow Dash
- Rarity
- Twilight Sparkle

Play by Play Applejack Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Plushies

A while ago we reported on MLP plushies made by Play by Play which we found in a local store. We've now finally found promotional images of the larger plushies, which are 40cm (16 inch) tall. There are also plushies that are 17cm (7 inch) and 25cm (10 inch) tall.
The quality of the larger plushies are obviously better. The mane and tail are better structured (the smaller plushies have very fluffy hair) and the eyes and cutie marks look better. There also seems to be a alicorn version of Twilight Sparkle.
So far they have only been spotted in Europa, and the prices range from €9 ($12) for the smallest to €40 ($54) for the largest.

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Rainbow Dash Play by Play Plush

 While visiting one of the many Intertoys  toy stores here in the Netherlands I came across this Rainbow Dash plush. They were displayed in one of the Famosa Display boxes, but their appearance was different then the small Famosa plushies. They had very fluffy hair. Then I saw that they had larger plushies as well. Twilight and Rainbow Dash. Too my surprise Rainbow Dash was wingless. Even the smaller version of her had this. I took the large Rainbow Dash home and started to do some research.