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My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Twilight Sparkle Figure
Think we have quite the scoop here. This morning I found some brand new interesting My Little Pony items. Looks like this year Hasbro will introduce a new My Little Pony themed sub-line called Cutie Mark Crew. By looking at other toy companies it's clear that mini-figures like Shopkins, Tsum Tsum's and many similar toys are quite popular these days. So Hasbro perhaps saw this as an opportunity to create something similar.

Wave 18 Blind Bags Spotted + CODES!
After some early scoops on new blind bags we can finally confirm what Wave 18 looks like! The wave has been announced and the main line of figures have embedded glitter, some of them with a more gold-ish tint. The chase figures are still in line with the Nightmare Night theme, which includes Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Raven Inkwell, Minuette and Sprinkle Medley. The core of this wave consists of Wave 8 re-release figures, but there have been several changes, for example: Flim and Flam are not included in this wave.
Below we have a group shot of all ponies, including their blind bag codes. You can get a closer look at the figures in our MLP Blind Bag Database.

Wave 3 Water Cuties Found at Walmart
After quite some time the third wave of Water Cuties has been found in stores. Above photo was taken at a Walmart in Chicagoland area earlier this week. Price details are unknown, but the previous waves are currently priced $13 at Walmart.
This wave contains only two figures: Applejack and Flower Wishes, in contrast to the earlier waves, which contained three each.
Thank to Felipe for the image and info!

MLP Pursey Pink in the Friendship Celebration App
 The Friendship Celebration app has gotten an update and one of our readers noticed something interesting. By the looks of it it seems like some new scannable characters have been added to the app. We already knew Flower Wishes would get a zapcode as seen on her packaging. But another Pony has been added as well called Pursey Pink. She has been listed on Amazon before together with Lot's of other (unknown) listings. At first we thought she perhaps would be part of the second wave of the Friendship is Magic Collection but that one got fully revealed last week. So far the only Ponies to receive Zapcodes are the brushable ones. So there's a very high change we will see Pursey Pink as a brushable soon.

Thanks to Jason for the heads up!

MLP Applejack Water Cuties Explore Equestria
Earlier today we posted about the just announced Applejack and Flower Wishes Water Cuties, and the new toyline that this will be released under. The images were too small to read it exactly, but thanks to Entertainment Earth we now know the answer: Explore Equestria!
At the moment it's still a bit vague what the unique feature of this line will be, because the Water Cuties have their regular Cutie Mark Magic styled box and usual Water Cuties bodies.
The Explore Equestria theme has the potential to introduce loads of new toys to My Little Pony, with more vehicles or non-pony characters from around Equestria for example! But for now we'll have to wait for more releases and images before we know the direction of this toyline for sure.
And we can guarantee you one thing: We'll keep you posted!

This information appeared first on with image credit to Entertainment Earth.

MLP Cutie Mark Magic Wave 3 Water Cuties Flower Wishes and Applejack Brushable
Today the listing for the Wave 3 Water Cuties Brushables has been updated with images of the two. As you can see Flower Wishes has turned back into an Earth Pony and Applejack is well... Applejack. I think she really looks cool with that translucent orange. The listing states they will be available this October. This also means we're heading into a new main series. As you can see the logo has changed into something saying "... Equestria"

You can find the listing here.

Water Cuties Wave 3 Announced
While the second wave of Water Cuties has just been released, the next wave already popped up! This listing has been found at Entertainment Earth, and various other merch websites have posted the same info: The next wave will contain only two ponies, being Applejack and Flower Wishes. This selection will probably mean that the 3rd wave will contain fully transparent ponies, instead of just the wings like wave 2 has. The release date for these snow globe-like figures is set for October 2015, so that's pretty soon.
Thanks to adventuresinponyville & Wardah for the heads up!

MLP Display with Flower Patterned Equestria Girls and Ponies
Its been a while since we heard anything related to those Flower Covered Brushables. We didn't see them at the Toy Fair as well. So what now? Well this display has been found and it seems like it's themed after these brushables.

As you can see this display features several characters with that flower theme going on. The products in the front don't seem that interesting because we've seen already most of it. So lets talk about the backdrop!
As you can see this one features both ponies and Equestria Girls. On the top we see the EQG forms of... Lily Valley? (Not sure) Flower Wishes I presume, Fluttershy, Queen Chrysalis and Roseluck. Will this mean there's a Queen Chrysalis doll coming? And will she be in the new movie?

On the bottom we see Princess Celestia covered with flower-like designs. Together with Princess Cadance, Daring Do and Maud Pie. We know that a Princess Cadance with patterns has been found. So does that mean Maud Pie and Daring Do will receive a Brushable as well? So much to ask...

As for the location where this has been found, it seems like it has been found in Estonia. We hope we can provide more information soon like the actual name of this new series and other information. So stay tuned!

Thanks to Viktoria for the image!

MLP Cutie Mark Magic Commercial
Hasbro has officially started to promote their latest releases in the US with specialized commercials for the Glamour Glow Rarity, Cutie Mark Magic Ponies, Charm Carriage and Rockin' Hairstyle Dolls. The Cutie Mark Magic commercials are what you expect from a commercial, but the Rockin' Hairstyle video only shows 6 girls dressed like the dolls, introducing a sing-along song, but without actually showing the dolls. Perhaps the video will later be edited for TV.
The Cutie Mark Magic Charm Carriage + Singles video shows all the regular wave 1 ponies, so still no sign of a Rarity CMM single!
These are not all the CMM releases of the moment, as we're still missing the POP ponies, Water Cuties, Charm Wings and Fashion Styles, but maybe Hasbro will create separate videos for them later.
Thanks to madamepomnews and carwyynx for the info!
Anyway, if you'd like to watch those videos, we've embedded them all below, enjoy!

MLP Wave 12A Blind Bags
The rate at which new blind bags are being released in the UK seems to increase with each wave. It's been just over a week since the wave 12 blind bags released in the US, but the first UK set is out already. The set, as usually, contains 12 figure, but in contrast to earlier waves does not show half-specific ponies on the bag cover: CMM Rarity and Pinkie Pie are shown while these are not included in the Wave 12A set. However, the side of the box properly shows what ponies are included, so always take a look on the box (if it's there)! The bags are actually identical to those released in the US, including the transparent plastic window in the back (which you can use for cheating). This particular box was spotted at Tesco, but it's to be expected that Claires and other retailers will sell them soon too. Check below for the codes and more images!
Thanks to Victor for the info!