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My Little Pony NY Toy Fair 2017 Wrap-Up
Welcome to our yearly tradition in February: The wrap-up of the New York Toy Fair. In this post we sum up all the info that we could find about My Little Pony on the biggest annual toy fair of the world. We've categorized all new merch and added as much photos as possible. We hope you'll enjoy reading it!
Previous editions: 2014, 2015 & 2016

MLP Easter Egg Figures With Jelly Beans
It's been a while since our last Store Finds post, especially with the Toy Fair in between, but we're back with another one! This time we've received reports of MLP Easter Eggs, toothpaste, Equestria Girls Minis and various more items!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

MLP My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy
Keep the new toys coming! And this is quite a special one... Forbes has posted an article about the upcoming "My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle" This massive Twilight Sparkle has some amazing features like a light-up horn and she can also speak over 90 phrases. The Price Tag for this lovely piece of merch will be $129.99 and she will be released this fall. She will most likely be also presented during the NY Toy Fair this weekend.

Thanks to Chevistian for the heads up!

MLP Merch Presents: Live Collection Signatures
We at MLP Merch are happy to announce that the amount of items everyone has added to their checklists and wishlist almost reached 150.000! We understand that collectors are also proud about the amount of items they own, or that you'd like to share your wishlist easily with other collectors.
That's why we'd like to introduce our latest database update: Live Collection Signatures! The signatures (aka userbars or banners) are images that you can use as your signature on practically any forum or blog. The images will show how many items you have in your checklist and/or wishlist, and will update daily! That way your signature is always up to date and as the signatures are clickable people can directly visit your checklist or wishlist.
Want to try it out? Visit our Signature Creator and login to your account (or create one first). There you can play around with various options like the size and text to create your perfect collection signature.
Note: be sure that your checklist and/or wishlist is marked as public on your profile, else the numbers are not visible!

This is still a preview feature, so any feedback (good or bad) is welcome! Enjoy!

Rubie's Announces MLP Costumes... For Dogs
This week on Instagram, Rubie's, known for their licensed costumes, introduced the world to a new niche they're going to explore for their licenses: Dog Costumes. Part of this line, which they call Rubie's Pet Shop, are costumes of Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. The costumes consist of a hat, body and skirt, all of which are separately available. They'll be available in various sizes, but all images on their Instagram are of small dogs, so don't expect to dress up your Great Dane in a tutu.

As of this summer wholesale orders will be processed, but it's unknown what type of stores are going to sell these, nor do we know anything about the prices yet.

Review + Giveaway - MLP Box (December)
Starting this month we'll be reviewing the MLP Box more often! The MLP Box is a monthly subscription box filled with official My Little Pony merchandise. You can subscribe to the MLP Box to receive it every month for only $9.99 + shipping and you'll get a surprise selection of MLP merchandise every month.
Interested in what the MLP Box may contain? This time we've received the December 2016 MLP Box, which had a big surprise for us! Check our video on YouTube or embedded below for the full review!

Every month we'll also give one free MLP Box away! Those who will enter our monthly giveaway get a chance to win the next month's box for free. Below are all the ways you can enter our giveaway and we'll pick the winner on February 3rd, 2017.

New UK MLP Magazine Comes With Erasers and New Look
Not only brushables, books and stores are adapting to the new My Little Pony branding, the official magazines too are shifting towards the new look. This brand new UK magazine even mentions "New Look" on the cover!
Aside of the usual content, this magazine is bundled with erasers of Rarity and Applejack. From the photos it looks like the bodies have been slightly altered to more look like the dynamic look of Reboot Series brushables. The faces look sub-par, but we got to give them credit for combining two 3D ponies with the magazine at all.
Next up for the UK magazine will be princess keyrings, but it's unclear if you will receive one or all three with the purchase of your magazine.
Thanks to Twitter Shy for the info!

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Big My Little Pony Sale at Zulily - Up to 65% Off!
Every once in a while Zulily sells their stocked up My Little Pony merch for a greatly reduced price, this time up to 65% off. Over 280 items are available, but this time we see less Hasbro figures and retro MLP items, in favor of clothing, books and miscellaneous merch.
The sale is only available for the coming 3 days, so be sure to check out the My Little Pony Sale page before the time runs out.
Below we've made a selection of the items on sale, focusing on the various categories and picked some of the newer items too. Enjoy!

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MLP Merch Poll #109MLP Merch Poll #108 Results
Last week we asked you which type of official Hasbro MLP plush you liked most. The clear winners are the 12" plush with a filled, more realistic mane. Also popular were the 22" huggable plush, and all other scored about the same amount of votes (10%-13%), with the Feature Wings princesses scoring the bottom 10%.

Hasbro Comes With Semi-Official Mr Potato Head Rarity Figure
Over on the Hasbro website a new Mr. Potato Head figure has been listed, which has the exact looks of Rarity. The figure is simply called 'Unicorn', but nobody will deny that the mane and tail are from Rarity. It's a bit odd to see such a clear cross-over not being an official license tie-in, even though Hasbro owns both brands. They've done various other brand bundling for Mr. Potato Head with Transformers, Star Wars and Spider-man, so why not My Little Pony?
People interested in this official-non-official-Rarity can get her on the Hasbro website, or in a bigger set on Amazon.