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The Ultimate My Little Pony the Movie Merchandise Guide
My Little Pony is back on the silver screen! After 7 seasons it's time for the first movie in My Little Pony's Friendship is Magic series, hitting theaters on October 6th.
And with this release in mind, we from decided to compile all the Movie Merchandise that's available in one ultimate post. This ranges from figures and plush to costumes, books and even collectible figures.

In the post below you'll be able to find all information on official toys and merchandise, including some information, images and where to get them.
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Many new My Little Pony (the movie) Listings on Amazon
Well luckily I have no college today. Also just finished my Seaquestria Display and as I type this one of those baby Seaponies is falling off again... Anyway Amazon has gone crazy with new listings for upcoming toys. But as usual the first time we see these the listings themselves are quite vague what they exactly are. I tried to categorize them all. Because they are called "Fashion Doll" doesn't mean they are Equestria Girls exclusive, brushables also got these placeholder names before. Because of that it's quite hard to tell what's what. I tried sorting them by size for now but even that might change in the future. Feel free to speculate though! :)

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My Little Pony the Movie new Friendship Packs on Entertainment Earth
About a month ago Entertainment Earth had listed some new items for the movie. Along them was also a listing for three new Friendship Packs with the following combos: Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar, Twilight Sparkle and Songbird Serenade and Capper Dapperpaws with Rarity. Entertainment Earth has now updated the listing with an image!

Princess Skystar Hippogriff and Songbird Serenade Already on eBay
If Hasbro is able to show it on conventions, you know it's already in production somewhere. And knowing My Little Pony this means that eventually some figures end up on Taobao and eBay.
The same story goes for the brushable versions of Songbird Serenade and the Hippogriff Princess Skystar, which has only been known a few hours now.
Neither of the figures comes with any accessories and the mane of Songbird has not yet been styled with the famous Sia-bangs.

Below we have listings of both figures on eBay, sold by a seller known for selling legit merch.
- MLP The Movie Songbird Serenade Brushable on eBay
- MLP The Movie Princess Skystar Hippogriff Brushable on eBay

Hipogriff Princess Skystar Spotted at HASCON
While most of the merch shown at HASCON this weekend was already announced at the NY Toy Fair or SDCC, but one kind visitor did send in a new find: a Hippogriff version of Princess Skystar!
So far she was only released in her seapony form, but we did read about a new release together with Pinkie Pie, so could this be the figure? The photo was taken at a playing area, so it's unclear what set she comes in, but it's definitely interesting to see her released in another form!
Aside from the obvious tall legs, she got some large yellow wings and feathered hooves.
Thanks to EddictedBrony for the photo!

MLP Magazine in Bulgaria Gets Princess Skystar With Next Issue
The first magazine from September are currently being released around Europe, which contains a free Glory (pirate) Fluttershy magazine figure. Something else that is always of interest in these magazine is the announcement for the next figure!
This month Bulgaria got the prime release and of course the next figure is again MLP the Movie themed: Princess Skystar is next! As usual these figures are from Egmont and closely follow the style from the series (or movie in this case).
We do expect more countries to get a new magazine any time soon, and it'll be an interesting one, because we've also seen announcements for a Tempest Shadow figure in some countries in stead of Princess Skystar, so let's see if they're still planning to do so!
Thanks to Leader Pony for the info!

Exclusive Twinkle Pinkie Pie, Seapony Collection & More Now on Amazon
Tonight various new MLP The Movie sets have finally become available! While some of them are now up for pre-order (including an Amazon exclusive figure), others are now in-stock and ready to order.
The exclusive figure is no other than the Pinkie Pie Twinkle Seapony, who comes with Gummy and both have a very unique glitter layer. They come in a collectors box, which also lights up to better contrast the glitter on both figures.
Another set which we expect to be an Amazon exclusive, is the Seapony Collection featuring Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and MLP The Movie-debut Princess Skystar. While Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar have been released in bigger sets, Rainbow Dash is a new release, and this is a better way to get Pinkie Pie if you're not interested in the Seashell Lagoon.
Other releases that are now on Amazon include the Rubik's Crew Pinkie Pie Cube, Guardians of Harmony sets of Tempest Shadow and Stratus Skyranger, as well as the Sea Song Princess Skystar and Pinkie Pie.
Listings and additional images below. Thanks to Alex for the heads-up!

MLP The Movie Brushables Songbird Serenade, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Rainbow Dash
Some great announcements by Entertainment Earth today! Above we start directly with a new wave of brushables, including the first Songbird Serenade single brushable, which will not be a Target exclusive, and new All About brushables from Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Pinkie Pie. And by the way, this is the same Pinkie Pie as the one being released in the HASCON MLP Box, so it turns out to not be an exclusive figure.

Possible MLP The Movie My Busy Book Figures Spotted
Back in July we posted about various new MLP The Movie books that got announced, and we had particular interest in the new My Busy Book that's coming out. Why? The book includes 12 figures! The only problem with the original My Busy Book figures was the quality: misformed molds, runny paint and weird facial choices made this book to a potential top-seller into something hilarious, in a bad way. What might have made it even worse is the fact that Asian bootleggers were in love with these figures and created tons and tons of copies, available on every online marketplace.

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MLP The Movie Fashion Seaponies & Seashell Lagoon Sets Available
Another update from Amazon right now with the availability of various new MLP The Movie sets, including the Fashion Style seaponies! It's the first official batch that's being sold, in contrast to the somewhat overpriced third party listings from the past weeks.
The first wave of the Land & Sea Fashion Style ponies consist of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, who are available for $11.99 each. They have 8 points of articulation and come with a seapony tail, which is removable.
Princess Skystar, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are available in the first Glitter & Style set for MLP The Movie, and they come combined with several accessories each. They have glossy eyes and translucent wings, but their seapony tail is permanent. They're priced at $16.99 a piece.
And finally there's the Seashell Lagoon playset, for $39.99, with Pinkie Pie and a beautiful light-up wall and bubble maker. As usual Hasbro didn't save on accessories for this playset, so you'll get plenty of food, pearls, crown, furniture and even a fish to keep Pinkie Pie company.

All Amazon Listings:
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Fluttershy
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Rainbow Dash
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Fluttershy
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Princess Skystar
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Twilight Sparkle
- My Little Pony The Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset (With Pinkie Pie)

We've also added the listings to our curated MLP The Movie merch list on Amazon, which includes all currently available sets and figures.