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Pirate Fluttershy Guardians of Harmony Figure Confirmed!
This week we got reports of a Pirate Fluttershy appearing in stores, but with the lack of images we had no proof of her existence. That changes today as a vague Thai Instagram shop shared images of her in packaging!
Judging by the packaging she's part of the Single Figure line, together with Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle pirate figures. In the box you'll of course get a Fluttershy figure in her pirate outfit, complete with articulation, a pirate Angel figure and a bottle. Compared to Pinkie and Twilight the accessory is a bit random, but it's great to see a pirate Angel!
So far this figure has been spotted in South Africa and Thailand, which is an odd release schedule for new merch. Usually we see it appear in Singapore first, then listings at wholesalers pop-up and then it gets a global release within a few weeks. This figure however, has none of those, which might indicate that this figure is an "international exclusive". Although that's just speculation, please do send us a message when you see this in stores so we can keep a close eye on when and where she appears.
Thanks to Tomo and kids_and_fun_shop

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New Playskool Play Set With Angel Coming Soon
Promotional images of a new Playskool Friends playset. simply called "Treehouse", have been released online. The photos show a big playset with various points of interaction to be used with the My Little Pony Playskool Friends characters.
It's a bit vague which characters are actually included and which were added to fill up the setting of the photos, but one thing to notice is the first release of Angel. In the images it isn't really clear whether Fluttershy's pet will be a loos character or part of the playset scenery, but the design is different from the earlier announced bunny-character.
The current MSRP is around $70, which is pretty steep, so I expect some loose characters to be included with this set to justify that price. Hopefully we'll have more information on the included items once this set hits Amazon.

New UK MLP Magazine Bundled With Pet Erasers
This month's MLP magazine in the UK is not bundled with any pony figures, but they made up for it big time by including 3 amazing erasers based on pets! The erasers of Gummy, Owlowiscious and Angel are spot-on with their show counterparts, even after a transformation to 3D, and include multiple colors.
Hopefully they will keep on releasing both the figures and the erasers, as for freebies with a magazine these releases are not bad at all!
Thanks to Victor for the images!
New UK MLP Magazine Bundled With Pet ErasersNew UK MLP Magazine Bundled With Pet Erasers

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MLP Ponycon 2016 3D Coloratura Poster by Enterplay
Ponycon NYC will be held soon (on February 13 till February 15 to be exact) It's one of the biggest Pony conventions in the world and that also means a lot of interesting items will be available. Especially from Enterplay who's going to release a lot of items.

MLP Equestria Girls Mini Fluttershy Slumber Party Set
While the normal images of the Slumber Party Equestria Girls Minis had already been found around a month ago. Smyths has listed these now as well and included a picture of the Fluttershy one in her packaging. So far she's the only one to receive one as we don't know yet about Twilight's. As you can see the packaging looks pretty much like the single releases. Only a bit larger and a nice background.

These sets wil cost £8.99 but they aren't released yet. They should be around the end of December but I'm not sure. You can find the listing here.

MLP Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle Sleepover Equestria Girls Minis
During the NYCC 2015 a few weeks ago Hasbro finally revealed their upcoming line of Equestria Girls Minis. Not the full line but we got a look at what the girls would look like. Today Entertainment Earth has updated one of their listings with images of Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. According to the listing, this is the Sleepover themed one. It comes with both girls dressed in different clothing then we saw on the promo pic. They also come with some accessories and a show-accurate Angel which is really cute. Glad to see we finally get an Angel that represents how he's in the show. Twilight sparkle comes with a Laptop and a new version of Spike.

So the first two of these have been revealed. What do you think of them? According to Entertainment Earth they will be available this December. You can find the listing here. 

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!