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MLP The Movie Brushables Songbird Serenade, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Rainbow Dash
Some great announcements by Entertainment Earth today! Above we start directly with a new wave of brushables, including the first Songbird Serenade single brushable, which will not be a Target exclusive, and new All About brushables from Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Pinkie Pie. And by the way, this is the same Pinkie Pie as the one being released in the HASCON MLP Box, so it turns out to not be an exclusive figure.

EXCLUSIVE: Images of Wave 23 MLP Blind Bags
If there's one thing that's not going to end any time soon it has to be My Little Pony blind bags. We've already reached the announcement of Wave 23. According to the packaging it's planned to come out in 2018, so expect to wait a few months for these, but it'll be worth the wait!
Why? Well the huge amount of great characters! Cheerilee, Princess Cadance, Cheese Sandwich, Snips, Snails, Baby Flurry Heart and I can keep going on. Five of the characters will get the chase-treatment of large glitters in their manes, as with the previous Wave 21 and Wave 22 sets.

Below we have a full list of characters with images and names. It's a bit too early for codes, but we'll be sure to post about that once we're certain.

MLP Reboot Series Singles Wave 2 Cheerilee Brushable
For those who get our newsletter might have noticed that two new ponies had been added to our Brushable Database. But it was already quite late over here do I decided to wait till tomorrow morning to post it, so here it is!

We found some images of the second wave of the Reboot Series Singles. Not all of them but we got a first look at Cheerilee and we also got a Fluttershy which has something interesting going on. Looks like Hasbro is going to use some folded wings now as the Crescent Moon Blind Bag we posted about 2 days ago has some printed-on folded wings. Although they could have made this decision because Cresent Moon is basically Dr. Whooves with wings. But as you can see the folded wings will also appear in the brushable series. Good thing the wings are actually molded here instead of just printed one which gives a much better final look.

MLP Gala Dresses Brushables Merchant Image
Some merchant images have appeared which shows some of the upcoming merchandise. Some of them we've seen already but some of these are new. If a set has already been spotted then you can go to our article by clicking on the header above the image.

Thanks to SweetLemons for the heads up! Have all the images below:

New My Little Pony Playskool Sets Announced
Various new My Little Pony Playskool Friends sets have been announced yesterday. While the targeted audience might not read this post, we're sure there are plenty of collectors out there who adore the cute faces of these tiny figures! Below we have all new items that have been announced, including all available pictures.

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Sale on MLP Books at Zulily
Always wanted to try one of the My Little Pony books, but never been able to get them cheap? At this moment Zulily has a 3-day flash sale on all kinds of licensed books, including 6 My Little Pony deals. All listings can be found below.
Note: You need to register for an account first. Also, be sure to select 'United States' as shipping country in the top right corner to see all deals!


MLP Applejack Sweet Cart and Nightmare Night Charior from FiM Collection
It seems like it's that time again when several websites update their listings with brand new images of newly announced merchandise which of most we saw during the NY Toy Fair. Time to compile them all in one post! (And time to update the databases again)

First of all as you can all see the images of the Nightmare Night Chariot and Sweet Cart have arrived. These are the large story packs for the Nightmare Night FiM collection. The Golden Oaks Library has also just been found. You can pre-order these two sets on Entertainment Earth here. 


MLP Cheerilee Explore Equestria Teaching Poseable Brushable
The new poseable ponies who were shown during the NY Toy Fair 2016 have now been listed on Amazon together with their stock images. Like the past wave there are two different kinds of poseable brushables with 3 ponies each. The three new ponies which have basic poseable actions are: Applejack, Cheerilee and Fluttershy. Then we also have three other ones who each come with a "special" action. Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle are the ones who have that feature.

No release date yet but they are expected this fall. However with these listings it might be possible they will arrive earlier this year. We'll keep you updated. Have the listings and images below!

MLP Explore Equestria Fashion Styles at NY Toy Fair 2016
Thanks to Inside the Magic we know have gotten pictures of some new Brushables for this fall. They displayed some of the new Articulated Ponies as well as the Magical Scenes Brushables and lots of other Brushables I really really like the Fashion Styles, Sapphire Shores and Photo Finish look great! We also see the new characters like Pretzel, Meadow Flower and Royal Ribbon.
We also see the first images of the Magical Scenes Brushables. So far they look like ponies with huuuuge cutie marks. If I'm seeing this right you need to look though the hole of the Cutie Mark to see a magical scene. 

So far we only post what's a 100% new to us. Other playsets like the Crystal Palace will be discusses in our Wrap-up this week.We'll also go into much more detail then so stay tuned! Thanks to ASM for the images!

MLP Playskool Friends Fluttershy Vehicle & Pony
And we have even MORE My Little Pony news for you as the Playskool line will also get a lot of new MLP additions. First up we have Vehicle & Pony packs which is a Pony combined with cute little car. You can get Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Next up is a Pinkie Pie Ride 'n Slide Ramp playset that comes with Pinkie Pie and Lemon Drop (Interesting since Lemon Drop is a G1 Pony) Then there's also a new Playset with Cheerilee and Bumblesweet and a new Pinkie Pie Plush.