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ToysRUs Gets Exclusive Monopoly Junior Re-Release
My Little Pony has had it's own Monopoly Junior game for ages, and the latest release is already over 1.5 years old. Now, a new listing has just revealed that the board game is getting a re-release under the Friendship Festival brand, which is exclusive to Toys"R"Us.
Thew new board game will have a My Little Pony The Movie-themed update regarding the graphics, but all locations, markers and figures are still the same as the earlier version. Only the money and cards did get a little update, but none of this is much exciting if you already own the previous version.
Right now only Toys"R"Us Canada has it listed for C$24.99.

My Little Pony the Movie Flutter Cloud Baby Hippogriff Figure
Quite an unexpected find here! Hidden in one of the listings of the second wave of Baby Seaponies was an image of a new character: Flutter Cloud. And yes you see that right, he/she isn't a Seapony but a Baby Hippogriff! I bet the people who have seen some spoiler might or might not know the relation between the Hippogriffs and the Seaponies but still it's really unexpected. We hope more will appear soon as well as more info!

Thanks to MLP Fever for the heads up!

Equestria Girls Minis Sunset Shimmer Beach Doll
Time for some non-movie merch! It's been a while. Some months ago we reported about beach-themed Minis listed on Amazon. But now Amazon has updated the listings with images! The beach set contains Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie Lulamoon and Twilight Sparkle. What's also nice is that the packaging got a nice make-over for this set with tropical designs all over and some nice traditional-style for the artwork. The packaging now also mentions Hasbro's Official Youtube Channel as well.

MLP Magazine in Bulgaria Gets Princess Skystar With Next Issue
The first magazine from September are currently being released around Europe, which contains a free Glory (pirate) Fluttershy magazine figure. Something else that is always of interest in these magazine is the announcement for the next figure!
This month Bulgaria got the prime release and of course the next figure is again MLP the Movie themed: Princess Skystar is next! As usual these figures are from Egmont and closely follow the style from the series (or movie in this case).
We do expect more countries to get a new magazine any time soon, and it'll be an interesting one, because we've also seen announcements for a Tempest Shadow figure in some countries in stead of Princess Skystar, so let's see if they're still planning to do so!
Thanks to Leader Pony for the info!

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Store Finds: Seapony Fashems, Mystery Posters & More
We're back with a new store finds post, as we try to get at least one out every week. This time we have some exclusive news on the 7th Fashems series, a Songbird Serenade costume and more from across the US! Of course we're interested to hear from everyone, so no matter where you're located, feel free to send in any new stuff you find!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

My Little Pony the Movie Tesco Exclusive Songbird Serenade Styling Head Pony by HTI
Yesterday we received an image on Instagram of a Songbird Serenade Styling Head being found at Tesco. By doing some research we managed to find the online listing together with lots of images and info! Like the other styling ponies/heads this one is also produces by HTI and it features a lot of accesories and stickers to decorate her. Online she retails for £12.95. You can find the listing here. Due the fact that she's been spotted in real life as well at Tesco, it might also be worth a trip to your nearest one. Let us know if you find her!

Have some more info below! Thanks to _mlp.fim_ and Twilightoys for the heads up of the in-store image!

Single Story Packs From Rarity FiM Collection Finally Available
The earlier waves from the Friendship is Magic Collection had a rather consequent release schedule, but with the later sets it has gotten rather random. We've already seen releases from the later Canterlot/Movie line, while some people were still waiting for the final sets from the previous series to be released.
Luckily the older set is not forgotten and the Single Story Packs from the Rarity series are now available on Amazon. The four figures are sold individually for $8.95 each and come with unique molds and accessories fitting the characters. Listings for all figures can be found below!
Thanks to SLPhotos for the heads-up!

Walgreens Releases Exclusive Friendship Lessons Set
Out of the blue Walgreens started to sell an exclusive set from MLP The Movie called Friendship Lesson. It features Twilight Sparkle and Spike, but both have been released in other sets before.
Twilight Sparkle comes in her new reboot/movie mold, but looks equal to the one from Royal Friendships. While she's rather recent, Spike has gotten a mold from 2013, where he was first released in the Princess Celebration Car set. Even the included flip-over and pointer are re-used assets, who were featured in a Cheerilee set before. The only difference is the image shown on the board, which is now a map of Equestria.
Nonetheless this is a good start if you're looking for both Twilight Sparkle and Spike without any fancy features or accessories. The price of this set is unknown at the moment, and it's not available online, so your best bet to learn more about this set is to visit your local Walgreens.
Thanks to SLPhotos for the info!

Exclusive Twinkle Pinkie Pie, Seapony Collection & More Now on Amazon
Tonight various new MLP The Movie sets have finally become available! While some of them are now up for pre-order (including an Amazon exclusive figure), others are now in-stock and ready to order.
The exclusive figure is no other than the Pinkie Pie Twinkle Seapony, who comes with Gummy and both have a very unique glitter layer. They come in a collectors box, which also lights up to better contrast the glitter on both figures.
Another set which we expect to be an Amazon exclusive, is the Seapony Collection featuring Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and MLP The Movie-debut Princess Skystar. While Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar have been released in bigger sets, Rainbow Dash is a new release, and this is a better way to get Pinkie Pie if you're not interested in the Seashell Lagoon.
Other releases that are now on Amazon include the Rubik's Crew Pinkie Pie Cube, Guardians of Harmony sets of Tempest Shadow and Stratus Skyranger, as well as the Sea Song Princess Skystar and Pinkie Pie.
Listings and additional images below. Thanks to Alex for the heads-up!

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Food Truck Festival: Sunset Shimmer & Pinkie Pie Coming Soon
It might be a coincidence, but we have news about two My Little Pony food trucks today! The first bit of news is from Sunset Shimmer's Sushi truck, which was available for a short period of time. Her truck has cute details and Sunset herself has a unique outfit. However, at this moment it's back to out-of-stock, but it could pop-up as available any time.
She's got competition from Pinkie Pie with her Roll 'n Ring Cupcake Truck, from the Playskool Friends line. She's combined with Spike to run their kid-friendly cupcake truck, which has a spinning cupcake on top. This is the first time we see her listed anywhere, so a release is bound to come soon.
Update: Both are now available to order for a december (or earlier) release.