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My Little Pony NY Toy Fair 2017 Wrap-Up
Welcome to our yearly tradition in February: The wrap-up of the New York Toy Fair. In this post we sum up all the info that we could find about My Little Pony on the biggest annual toy fair of the world. We've categorized all new merch and added as much photos as possible. We hope you'll enjoy reading it!
Previous editions: 2014, 2015 & 2016

MLP All About Brushables during New York Toy Fair 2017
We have waited for quite some years but our wishes have bee granted. Lots of people have wanted Boy Ponies with normal brushable hair for quite some time and now during the New York Toy Fair This year two BOY brushables have been revealed. And as expected we get one for two of the most popular colts on the show: Big Mac and Soarin. We can also see the whole line-up for the "All-About" line which included the ponies with some decals based around the show.

Expect more info during our coverage as well as more info about the other brushables. This image was taken from the video by MyFroggyStuff which we would like to thank for the video. :)

MLP Equestria Girls during New York Toy Fair 2017
We have another post coming soon with more detailed info and stock images of the upcoming Equestria Girls Toys for 2017. And I'm saying just Equestria Girls because there's no sign in the descriptions and images that the normal dolls will continue.
Anyway the new wave of figures will be centered about going to the movie. The most interesting thing is maybe the Cinema Six-Pack which includes figures of Daring Do, Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and DJ Pon-3.

MLP New My Little The Pony Brushables during New York Toy Fair 2017
The New York Toy Fair has officially started and here's the first picture of it. We can see that they have the new Seaquestria Playset displayed but alongside them are also a lot, and a mean a lot of new Brushables shown.

MLP Capper My Little Pony the Movie Figure
Are we done yet with MLP The Movie Merchandise reveals? No? Well here's another one. Capper was one of the first characters of the movie to be revealed but yet no figure of him has been revealed until now as his voice actor Taye Diggs has posted this lovely figure on his Facebook Page. So I believe we got now a merchandise piece for all the non mane-six Movie Characters. Expect more info this weekend.

Thanks to Aquatic Neon for the heads up!

MLP My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy
Keep the new toys coming! And this is quite a special one... Forbes has posted an article about the upcoming "My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle" This massive Twilight Sparkle has some amazing features like a light-up horn and she can also speak over 90 phrases. The Price Tag for this lovely piece of merch will be $129.99 and she will be released this fall. She will most likely be also presented during the NY Toy Fair this weekend.

Thanks to Chevistian for the heads up!

My Little Pony the Movie Logo
ATTENTION: This post contains spoilers about the upcoming MLP Movie this October. Do not read if you don't want to know anything about the movie.
The London Toy Fair has already passed and right now we're preparing for the New York one which will start this Friday. However we might have skipped over something during the London one, and here we are to post about it:

K'NEX to Release My Little Pony-Themed Sets
News from an expected brand as Paul Fogarty, managing director at K'NEX UK, mentions My Little Pony as an upcoming license deal, as reported by ToyNews. He further says that 2017 will be the year that they will be "introducing K’NEX to children aged three and upwards for the first time", possibly hinting at a set with larger pieces.
Now don't think that this means we'll see life-size ponies built out of the classic K'NEX parts; nowadays they have multiple licenses that include molded figures, building blocks and even character blind bags. Take a look at their Mario range for example which is a great example of how a brand can be combined with K'NEX, and hopefully the MLP sets will be just as good.
This is just a teaser for what's coming, and the big reveal of what K'NEX is working on will be at the 2017 NY Toy Fair. Of course we'll report any news that we hear from K'NEX or the Toy Fair as it becomes available.

MLP New Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony during Abrin 2016
During the NY Toy Fair we didn't saw much of the Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony merchandise besides a large Rainbow Dash one. But the Brazilian Toy Fair (Abrin) was hold not long ago and besides the Guardians of Harmony Discord they showed a lot more Hasbro Pop Ponies.

MLP Guardians of Harmony Fan Series Discord Figure
Looks like even more Guardians of Harmony Figures are on the way.
At the moment the "Abrin Toy Fair" is being held which is basically the Brazilian Toy Fair. There they actually showed this amazing Discord Figure. If you look closely you can see that this Discord will be part of the "Fan Series" Which includes the Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon figures as well.

Thanks to Luke and Nicole for the heads up and image!