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Friendship is Magic Collection Now Officially on Amazon
While Amazon did have the Friendship is Magic Collection listed for a few weeks, most of the listings were ran by 3rd party sellers, and those listed by Amazon did have a very low stock. Until now! All sets have their correct price and stock, plus the bigger sets are on sale now as well!

Single Packs

Figure Packs
Story Packs
Ultimate Story Packs

And it seems like a new commercial has arrived. Here we have the commercial for the very popular Friendship is Magic Collection figures. Looks kinda cute with the whole scenery. In the end you can also see the chase figures for the wave 13 and wave 14 blind bags.

Thanks to Spazz DHN for the video! You can watch it below or on Youtube.

MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Found at TRU
Yesterday we reported that the Barn from the Friendship is Magic Collection has been found at Toys'R'Us. Today we got a submission with pictures of the Small and Single Story Packs found at Toys'R'us San Antonio, TX. This means the FiM collection is now released in the US. However I still would recommend to call your store first before you go out there.

Happy hunting! Thanks a lot to Matthew for the heads up!

Small Storytelling Pack Sleeping Applejack
Several new items have been released on Amazon! You can now get the Archery Fluttershy and Applejack Friendship Games dolls and you can get some Storytelling sets from the brand new Friendship is Magic collection as well!

Have the listings below together with the prices!

Friendship Games:

Friendship is Magic Collection:

Super Speedy Squeezy 6000
And we finally found the stock images of the upcoming Friendship is Magic Collection! It seems that we have the whole first Apple Family series now, so scroll on down and enjoy the beautiful figures that you can find in stores later this year (towards fall).
(We'll add these figures with packaging to the databases later!)

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Ponyville Friendship is Magic Collection
Just look at that GORGEOUS Display. This is the display for the announced Ponyville Friendship is Magic Collection that's gonna be available this fall. It features the whole Sweet Apple Acres and the meaning of this series is to build your own world. You can see each individual set here!

Thanks to Stitch Kingdom for the heads up!

Friendship is Magic Collection Ultimate Story Pack with Granny Smith and Red Gala
So a lot of you have been wondering what exactly the announced Apple Family figures are. First we thought dolls, then we thought brushables. But in the end it turns out they are all Blind Bags. Don't be sad tough because in my opinion. They are gorgeous! For example take out that awesome barn that comes with Red Gala and Granny Smith. It will retail for about $19.99. Remember that no release dates are known yet.

All these images were found on the investor website of Hasbro. Thanks to Wardah for the heads up!

Story Packs (6 sets)Friendship is Magic Collection Logo
We've found some images and info online from a Hasbro partner confirming the release of special Apple Family sets, which we found 2 weeks ago on Amazon (part 1 / part 2). The sets will probably be released under a new name: Friendship is Magic Collection (see logo above) and 4 type of releases: Story Packs, Story Packs with accessories, Larger Story Packs and the Ultimate Story Pack.
We're still not 100% sure what these are, but I found something interesting. Remember the Red Gala blind bag with new mold we found a few weeks back? Well, the Ultimate Story Pack will contains a Red Gala figure! I personally think that this is not a coincidence and that these sets might finally be playsets for blind bag ponies! We can't know for sure, but it's going to look like it (especially if you look at the prices)!
Below we have a listing of all ponies included in each:

My Little Pony Apple Family
Disclaimer: We are still not sure if these are brushables or Hasbro Pop Ponies. That's because of the box measurements we noticed. They are too small for an Equestria Girls.

Ah well in addition to all the new Apple Ponies we saw on Amazon yesterday it seems more have been listed! Have a look at them below. We don't have images or any other information yet.

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My Little Pony Friends Forever #13 Regular CoverMy Little Pony Friends Forever #13 subscribers Cover
Another comic has been released since yesterday! You can now order the brand new Friends Forever #13 comic. This comic will settle around Rarity and Babs Seed.
"When Sweetie Belle gets sick, it's up to big sis Rarity to entertain Babs Seed on a visit to Manehattan. The only problem is the two seemingly have nothing in common! Will the two find a way to overcome their differences and find a way to have fun in the big city? "
This comic is written by Jeremy Whitley and the artwork is done by Agnes Garbowska. There are 2 covers available. The regular one by  Amy Mebberson and the subscribers variant by Agnes Garbowska.

- Regular Cover
- Subscribers Cover