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Exclusive: Wave 22 Blind Bag Characters Revealed!
Only 8 days ago we first saw Wave 21 blind bags in stores, and in record time we've got images and names of all upcoming Wave 22 characters!
This next wave is a pretty close tie-in to the previous wave in that it's a mixture of Crystal ponies, Apple family members and some Rarity episode-related characters thrown in too. In contrast this wave does feature a bit more well-known characters like DJ Pon-3, Big McIntosh, Octavia and Starlight Glimmer. From the official mane 6 we only see Rainbow Dash in this series.

Chase figures can be identified by the same glitter-mane as in wave #21, which are Rainbow Dash, Thunderlane, Derpy/Muffins, Fluffy Clouds and Fire Streak.

Below we have a list of all characters names plus images of both the figures and their show counterparts.

Store Finds: Ornaments, Plush & More
It's been a while since our last Store Finds post, and a lot of items were still stuck in our inbox. To get all the info out we'll also included some of the older finds, just to get the message out to everyone who might be waiting for it. As usual, feel free to send us an email with your finds, preferably with images and we'll feature it in the next store finds post!

Wave 17 Blind Bags Images Released + CODES
The first images of wave 17 blind bags have been found, and Hasbro has been generous this time: HQ images of all ponies and blind bag cards are included! This way we were able to fill our MLP Blind Bag Database and figure out the codes for this wave! As expected, this wave is a re-release of wave 7, but with a missing characters like the wonderbolts (who get a release anyway) and Barber Groomsby. These have been replaced with Nightmare Night-themed chase figures, as we've seen before on eBay and Taobao. The regular characters are transparent ponies with embedded glitter (like wave 13), and the chase figures have regular material.
(Sadly, we didn't hear anything about the release of wave 16 yet)
Below we have a list of all the codes and ponies that we now know of:

MLP Wave 17 Cherry Berry Blind Bag
 Good news for those who want to expand their Nightmare Night collection as the third Chase Figure for the 17th Wave of the Blind Bags has been found. (Lyra and Ace have been spotted before) This time it's Cherry Berry who's dressed as a cute bumblebee. The only two we are missing now are Berryshine in her safari costume and "Dinky Doo" as a firefighter (?) These will probably appear soon as well.

Thanks to Anne for the heads up!

MLP Explore Equestria Pearlized Pretzel Brushable
Cherry Berry was found last week on the Australian MLP Website. But the other three of the second wave weren't. But it looks like they have been listed now together with some good pics. As expected Twilight and Rainbow Dash will join this wave as well.
So far none of the waves are released but we will notify you when they are. You can find them listed on the MLP Website below:

MLP Explore Equestria Pearlized Cherry Berry Brushable
Slowly but steady the newest merch that got revealed during the NY Toy Fair finally starts to appear online. The first four of the Pearlized brushables have already appeared on several sites (but none of them are available) but now one of the later ones have appeared as Cherry Berry got listed on the Australian MLP Website. You can find her here. Expect the other ones soon as well like Pretzel, Sapphire Joy and Sea Swirl.

Wave 13B Blind Bags Released in the UK
Back in the days when the first 12-pony sets were released in the UK, it took quite a while before the second part of the wave was released. Now it seems that Hasbro releases them at (almost) the same time, as Wave 13B has been spotted at Tesco, 3 days after the initial finds of Wave 13A.
Thanks to Victor, we now have images of the second blind bag, and as you can see: There is no window to spot the pony! This means that it's necessary to read the codes again, and we have them below (Although we're not sure what code-sequence they use, at least the order of ponies is correct):

Possible MLP Glitter Wave 13 Blind Bags
Taobao has sometimes got quite some interesting new things. For example, these Blind Bags were found recently. As you can see there are a lot of transculent Blind Bags with glitter inside their bodies and without painted manes. As you can see they also have the official Blind Bag eyes and Cutie Marks. Another interesting thing is that the combination of the body colour and Cutie Mark actually fit the resembled pony! A lot of these have been found so I guess that there's a really high change these will be for wave 13. As for now it seems like a lot of the Wave 3 Ponies will be included then. What do you think?

Thanks to Flitter for the heads up! We have more close-ups of them below with their names (only of the glitter ones)

Cherry Berry Brushable

I stumbled upon this Cherry Berry Brushable on Taobao and noticed something. This Cherry Berry has a new Head Mold, you can see that because the head is much more shiny then the old one, you can also see the seam under her ear, this is something that the new head molds have.

The only time Cherry Berry was released as a Brushable was as a Wedding Single, they used the old head molds at that time. Also the fact that she appeared on Taobao could mean that she indeed will get a re-release. It's just speculation, but you never know!