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Celebrate the 4th of July With Our $14 T-Shirt Sale!
Right now you can find a huge sale over on our MLP Tee Store on TeePublic with t-shirts for $14 and tons of other discounted items! Just for the occasion Ilona added 6 new neon designs of the Mane 6 Cutie Marks, as well as several other designs that have recently been added.
Aside from clothing you can also find wall art, mugs and phone cases in our MLP Tee Store.

My Little Pony the Movie Friendship Festival Party Friends Set Brushables
Looks like we also finally know Toys'R'Us Exclusive line for this year: Friendship Festival, as this set was spotted on their website. This set contains the Mane Six with tinsel in their hair and glitter on their legs and they are each combined with a friend who are Derpy/Muffins, Big McIntosh, DJ Pon-3. Spitfitre, Coco/Miss Pommel and Maud Pie. This also solves the mystery of how Maud Pie and Pommel would be released. Since the gimmicks of the Celestia and Luna brushables we spotted earlier, match with that of the Mane Six, it's most likely that they are part of the set as well.

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MLP Reboot Series Maud Pie Brushable

Lots of new Brushables have been spotted on Taobao! At first we have a better look at some of the All About Brushables for the movie, but some other interesting news is that three new brushables have been spotted as well. The first one is a Princess Celestia with Tinsel Hair and painted accessories like her necklace. Her hooves are also covered in glitter.
The next two are perhaps even more interesting since Maud Pie and Coco Pommel join the new molds. Currently their release is unknown but we still have to see if Toys'R'Us and Target will be getting special releases. (we also still have that Songbird Serenade Brushable) With the SDCC coming up soon I think we'll here more info later.

MLP Wave 19 Blind Bags
ToyWiz has listed the 19th Wave of the Blind Bag Series. And this one basically confirms all our speculation as it's Rarity-Themed to fit with her Friendship is Magic Collection Release. As expected most of the included Blind Bags are related to Rarity themed Episodes and/or Areas like Manehattan. This set also includes some recognizable characters like Fancy Pants and Coco Pommel. The expected release date will be March 2017. You can pre-order a Whole Box on ToyWiz or go for one pack. Have the listings below! I will include an image with the blind bags and their show counterparts later so stay tuned!

Happy Meal Figures Coming to Australia
If you live in Australia you can count yourself lucky: The 2016 Happy Meal MLP figures will also be coming to your local McDonalds soon! They come only 1 month after the original US release and gives other countries some hope too. In some US McDonalds restaurants these figures were released all together from day 1, but under the ad on the Australian website is explicitly says new figures every week. The exact release date is not mentioned anywhere, but it will be the next line of Happy Meal toys.
Thanks to Leanne for the info!

New McDonalds Happy Meal Figures Available in the US
The new My Little Pony Happy Meal figures are now available at McDonalds in the US. We've had various reports of people finding either two figures (Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash) or the complete set.
During the coming few weeks you can get: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Suri Polomare, Starlight Glimmer and Coco Pommel.
Thanks to Larysa, Vincent for the heads-up!

MLP Starlight Glimmer 10 Inch Aurora Plush
That went actually quite fast if you ask me. We first found these at the start of the year but it turns out the brand new Aurora Plushies are now already available online. You can now get these four plush of Coco Pommel, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor and Starlight Glimmer on Amazon. What's also nice is that they are currently on sale as well! You can find the Amazon Listings below.

MLP 2016 McDonalds Happy Meal Figures
While we already knew that McDonalds would release some new MLP Figures we actually didn't have an official announcement yet. But according to the Happy Meal website they will be released after the current Happy Meal which will end on February 15. This does most likely mean they will be indeed be released on February 16, 2016. We also got a nice HQ image of all the figures. By the looks of it they will each come with a comb and some stickers.

Thanks to Anonymous for the heads up.

MLP Princess Celestia, Starlight Glimmer, Shining Armor, Princess Cadance and Coco Pommel Aurora Plush
Two days ago it was announced that Aurora would bring out some new My Little Pony Plush including several new characters like Coco Pommel and Starlight Glimmer. So far no good quality image was known but Aurora has now updated their catalogs for 2016 and included a high-quality image of the My Little Pony Pages. The catalog contains more pages with MLP Stuff but those are the plush from last year so nothing new except this particular page. However I decided to include them as well.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up.

MLP Friendship is Magic Season 6 Teaser
Hasbro has posted this teaser of Season Six on the official MLP Facebook Page.
There’s no doubt, friendship is the best thing ever. But friendBOATS are great too!! — Pinkie Pie
Coming in Season 6: Pinkie Pie will discover that there’s nothing quite as fun as rowing a Swan Boat through Manehattan with best friends!! You get to see the city from new and different angles, and it’s a fun way to explore Equestria together!!