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Store Finds: Magazine Figures in US, Stamps, Pillows & More
In the Store Finds series we take a look at recent findings of My Little Pony toys and merch in stores or online. This week there's some more news on Equestria Girls reboot dolls, a Twilight Sparkle pillow, the release of magazine figures in the US and more!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Equestria Girls Reboot Dolls Now on Amazon and TRU
The complete first line of Equestria Girls Reboot dolls are now listed on both the Toys"R"Us website and Amazon! Right now TRU has a sale on some of them, and Amazon has them only listed by third party sellers, but we expect them to be officially available soon.
The good thing about the Amazon listings however, is the alternate images they have available (like Rarity above), and even commentary videos of the clothing designer!

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2017 MLP Merch Battles - Round 3
The MLP Merch Battles are back! In this 2017 edition the ponies battle it out during November and December to find out who is the favorite figure of them all! Every three days a new battle starts from another merch category and it's up to you to pick your favorites.

At the moment you're able to vote for your favorite Equestria Girls Doll. (minus the minis) As you can see in the picture the brand new Reboot Dolls are also included in this round.

Click here to cast your votes >

Equestria Girls Applejack, Fluttershy & Twilight Sparkle Reboot Dolls Now Available
Sunset Shimmer was a bit lonely in the aisle and storage of Toys"R"Us, but luckily we can now confirm that, at least online, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Applejack have joined her! And this directly means that we have stock images of Fluttershy and Twilight, which we were still missing.
The new Reboot Series Equestria Girls dolls, that Hasbro has been teasing for a while, now features 4 of the 7 planned girls. They're only available at Toys"R"Us so far, and are $9.99 each.
We're still waiting for Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, but seeing the rapid release of 3 more girls after Sunset, we don't think a long wait is expected.
We have more images, links and descriptions below:

Reboot Sunset Shimmer Equestria Girls Doll Also Available Online
Yesterday to our surprise the brand new Sunset Shimmer doll from the Reboot Equestria Girls line was, out of the blue, found at Toys"R"Us. Now we finally have the confirmation that this is not an error, but the actual release: TRU released the same doll online, including official stock images, a full description and for the same $9.99. Something interesting to note is that they call her '"Classic Style" in the product title. Probably because of the clothing, as the doll itself has a brand new design.

So far she's the only one that has been listed, but we're expecting more reboot Equestria Girls dolls to arrive before Christmas.
Thanks to Victor for the info!

My Little Pony Sunset Shimmer Reboot Equestria Girls Doll Spotted at Toys'R'Us
Normally we compile all the store finds into one big post every few days but this one was so unexpected that it deserved  it's own post. So it turns out that the Reboot Equestria Girls dolls are already appearing in stores. This one was found at Toys'R'Us Maryland according to one of our readers. The price was also quite a surprise as she was only $10! Sunset was the only one available so far. Makes me wonder if it was an error that she was already available or perhaps not. If you go to Toys'R'Us soon and you spot one of these feel free to let us know!

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Reboot Sunset Shimmer Doll
Russian Pony Website has posted some brand new images for the upcoming Equestria Girls Dolls. It's also great because now we're able to see the final look for these dolls. (since the past two images were kinda different) it also shows the release for some of these. At least Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer will all be sold separately.
No other info is known at the moment. The expected release date for these dolls is spring 2018 but I expect them to be available weeks earlier. Of course we'll keep you updated as well. So since we now know the final look for these dolls, what are your opinions about them? Feel free to let us know!


The website has posted the first images for the brand new Equestria Girls Dolls! And boy do they look different. For me, it's in a good way since I kinda dig the new look for them. I like that they all kinda reflect their personality. Take Pinkie Pie and Sunset for example. The clothes are also much more detailed than before. As for articulation we can see that there isn't any knee articulation. But there is some in the elbows which is nice.  They are expected to arrive in Spring 2018.

NEW My Little Pony Equestria Girls Dolls Debuting at HASCON
It's been quite long actually since we last got notice of any real Equestria Girls Dolls. And with Real I mean articulated with real hair and clothing etc. Most of us thought the line had died with the Minis replacing them. Especially since the Minis actually didn't had the word "Minis" anymore on the box but just "Equestria Girls"