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New 3-Day MLP Sale at Zulily
Not only Amazon, but Zulily too has started a new sale on My Little Pony items. As you might already know, Zulily has a broader range of items and you'll often find items you've not seen before on their sale list, so it's always worth a look. Keep in mind that their sales only last a few days, and this one is going to end on the 14th of March. You'll find all items on the My Little Pony Zulily page, but we've highlighted a few special deals below.

Buying presents for a big My Little Pony fan this Holiday Season and have no idea what to get? Our My Little Pony Christmas Gift Tips guide to the rescue! Our guide learns you about all the new and popular My Little Pony toys, figures and collectibles that are available right now, as well as some great stocking stuffers as a little gift any MLP-fan will like.
We're also happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments below. Happy Holidays!

MLP Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis Walgreens Exclusive
All previous Funko Mystery Minis series had two lines: one for regular stores and one for Hot Topic. But out of nowhere Walgreens joined the exclusivity party and released their own wave of the Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis figures with 3 unique molds:
- Spike as Humdrum (finally!)
- Rainbow Dash as Zapp (new pose)
- Mane-iac Mayhem (wrapped up)
All other ponies that are included in this set are equal to the regular Power Ponies release, and the ratios have not been changed (see details in the images below).
The figures seen in this post are bought in Puerto Rico, but Walgreens stores in mainland USA will probably follow soon. Found them? Feel free to leave a comment below to help others!
Thanks to Victor for the info and Cindy for the images!

Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis Now Available on Amazon
While various online retailers still mention a November/December release date, Amazon currently has some active listings for the Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis, both loose and in 12-pack boxes. It's unsure how large this first batch is, but it's great news that the figures are finally available online, after they've already been spotted at GameStop two weeks ago. Below we have both listings:

Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis (single pack) on Amazon ($6.99) 
Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis (12-pack) on Amazon (starting at $79.99)

Funko Mystery Mini Power Ponies at GameStop
GameStop is the first store where the Funko Mystery Mini Power Ponies have been released. The set that is available has a few changes compared with the Hot Topic set that we spotted earlier. Rarity and Twilight Sparkle are available in different poses, and the henchpony has been replaced by... another henchpony!
Thanks to EddictedBony and AquaticNeon for the info and images.

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MLP Merch Poll #97MLP Merch Poll #97 Results
We sort of missed last weeks poll, but that's no problem as we're right on time this week on a Monday!
Last time we asked you whether you like our new database features, and which one you're using now. We're glad that most of you are using our new features, of which Search by Character is the most popular one. The other features are also used, but the popularity is relatively lower. The Details Pages are the least used pages of all new features, but there is still a decent user base for that.
Only 13.6% of you are not using any of the new features, so it was a good investment on our side!

MLP Power Ponies Funko Mystery Minis
In a video on youtube and their FB Page, Hot Topic has shown some images of the upcoming Power Ponies Mystery Minis that got announced not long ago . From the first look we can see that these have different and less realistic proportions compared to the previous minis. These are instead, more chibi-like like the Chibi Vinyls by WeLoveFine. Overal, I still think that they look absolutely adorable! As you can see all of the Power Ponies are included together with Spike, Mane-Iac and one of her Henchponies.

They are expected to be released next month.
Thanks to Max DC for the heads up!

An interesting listing has been found on Toywiz for possible Power Ponies-themed Funko Mystery Minis figures. According to the listing a total of 12 figures will be included in each box. Perhaps we'll see some new characters or chase variants. Not much else is known but we'll keep you updated!

You can find the listing here.


MLP Pinkie Pie Toys'R'Us Exclusive Glitter Funko Pop!

While browsing online I suddenly saw some new MLP Funko POP! Listed on the Ikon Collectables Website. At first they looked like the Walmart GitD ones but these are a bit different. These are translucent with embedded glitter and glitter on their head as well. The listing of these states that these are Toys'R'Us exclusives. So far we had no reports on these yet, if you find these online or in-stores please let us know.

Review - Funko MLP MyMoji [VIDEO]
Today we review the brand new Funko My Little Pony MyMoji figures! This set features the Mane 6, Spike and Discord and vinyl emoji faces, and they're great! You can watch the video on YouTube, or embedded below!