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Pre-Orders for Funko Retro My Little Pony POP! Figures AvailablePre-Orders for Funko Retro My Little Pony POP! Figures Available
It's only a short week after the official announcement of the new Funko POP! retro My Little Pony figures, and we just got word that pre-orders are now available, including a Hot Topic and GameStop exclusive!

In total there are 6 regular-size Funko POP! figures and 2 keychains, all themed after G1 ponies. Blossom, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, and Snuzzle will be generally available, while Blue Belle will be released as a Hot Topic exclusive, and a scented Cotton Candy will only be sold at GameStop. Blossom and Cotton Candy will also be released as smaller POP! keychains.

(Even though the Funko announcement says otherwise, Hot Topic and GameStop list their exclusives as is written in this post)


My Little Pony Retro G1 Funko Pop Ponies
About two months ago a leak has appeared telling us that possible G1 Funko Pop Figures were on the way, this has now been confirmed as the first images have appeared. The images are actually from a video made by Funko Themselves (My Little Pony Part Starts at 14:10, you can find the video below)

The ponies themselves which are: Cotton Candy, Minty, Blue Belle, Blossom, Butterscotch and Snuzzle,  are molded after the classic collector pose in combination with elements of Funko Pop's such as the more chibi-like appearance and the black, round eyes. What's also nice is to see that Blue Belle is also present now as she was missing from the leak.

My Little Pony Retro Pony Funko Pop Coming Soon
An Instagram account dedicated to Funko Pop has posted a leak containing a lists of upcoming Funko Pop's. What's interesting is that this list also includes upcoming Retro Pony Pop's. These figures are all part of the original six collector ponies. (with the exception of Blue Belle who is absent for some reason.) The following figures will be released:

2017 MLP Merch Battle Winners!
In the last few weeks of 2017 it was time for a second season of the MLP Merch Battles. We received tons of votes, and would like to thank everybody for joining in and casting their votes! We've now collected all the votes and are ready to present the winners to you. We've once again listed the winners for each merch type, including a little summary of what results we find interesting. Are any of your favorites among the winners?

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2017 MLP Merch Battles - Round 6
The MLP Merch Battles are back! In this 2017 edition the ponies battle it out during November and December to find out who is the favorite figure of them all! Every three days a new battle starts from another merch category and it's up to you to pick your favorites.

Funko isn't releasing that many pony figures these days, but they still have quite an archive of characters and types! The voting page has now been updated, so start on voting for your favorite Funko figures now!

Click here to cast your votes >

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BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Overview of My Little Pony Merch
There's plenty of deals around the web on Black Friday, but where to start? We've summed up the places we could find to get great discounts on My Little Pony items and included handy links and coupon codes where applicable. Enjoy!

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Store Finds: Chopstick Rest, Songbird Single, Twilight Rug & Much More
We skipped a week, but are now back with a big store finds update from around the globe! We've got the cutest Pinkie Pie figure for you, but also a Twilight rug, new dog tags, Songbird Serenade and much more!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.


My Little Pony the Movie Rainbow Dash Chase Funko Pop! Figure
They were announced several months ago but now Funko has finally showed the images for the upcoming My Little Pony the Movie Funko Pop! Figures. A total of 7 figures will be available of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Tempest Shadow. (still no Applejack or Rarity...)
Just like the normal Vinyl Figures from before there will also be some special Chase Figures.  (A rarity of 1-in-6.) The variants are a clear Rainbow Dash and a metallic Twilight Sparkle. Tempest Shadow will be a Hot Topic Exclusive. The are expected to be released this fall/October

Thanks a lot to everyone for the heads up! Have all the figures below!

MLP Merch Poll #129MLP Merch Poll #128 Results
Last week we asked you how you're managing spoilers for MLP The Movie. By far most people don't care about spoilers and take in as much information about the movie as possible. Surprisingly over 25% of the participants says they didn't see any spoilers yet (that's quite impressive!). Another big group of 35 people is trying to avoid them, but still saw some spoilers in the past months. Surprisingly enough 13 people say they didn't even know about the movie (they must be joking... the news is everywhere!).

MLP Merch Poll #126MLP Merch Poll #125 Results Last week we asked you which of the then announced Fashion Style ponies you're planning on getting first. As it turns our you're all waiting for a new Fluttershy fashion pony as she got 33% of all the votes. It's almost a tie between Applejack and Rarity, but the actual fashion queen just won that by 2 votes. And the final 25% are not going to get any of them.