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Sea Pony Plush Listed on Entertainment Earth
Over on Entertainment Earth the first official images of Sea Pony Plush are published, and with the images comes another "surprise". It has been a debate whether these ponies should be called Sea Ponies or Mere Mares, but the listing names them something completely different: Twinkle ponies.
At this moment we cannot pull any conclusions from this, as it might be a temporary name, but for now it's still a bit of a mystery what Hasbro's official name will be (we'll use Sea Ponies for the time being).
Back to the subject of the plush: 10" versions of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are shown with the same 'flat' mane style as the other 10" plush, which is also the case for their tails, wings and fins. The online release date is set for June this year, but the release in stores and other countries might differ a month.
(Do note that the prices Entertainment Earth lists is based on a box with 9 plush, resulting in a price per plush of around $7)

First Sea Ponies Brushables Appear on eBay
It has only been a short while since the NY Toy Fair was around to show us the latest announcements from Hasbro, and already are the first Seaponies (Merponies as some prefer) are starting to emerge online. In this case an eBay listing has images of the actual brushables, which includes a regular Rarity and Pinkie Pie, translucent Twilight Sparkle and Applejack and even Princess Skystar.
The arrival of these figures on online listings is sign of active production and we expect to see an official release around this summer. At least a few months before the movie is in theaters.
Thanks to Anonymous for the heads-up!