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Are There Codes to Identify Cutie Mark Crew Blind Packs?
Since a few days the Cutie Mark Crew blind packs are starting to appear in shops around the world. In the US both Target and Walmart have them in stock, and we've got reports from the UK, mainland Europe and various countries in Asia too. Since these are the replacement for the blind bag waves we've gotten tons of requests about identifying figures without opening the capsules.
Luckily we've found some blind packs here on our holiday in Austria, so it's time for a bit of research!

My Little Pony at the 2018 SDCC
Today we have a special guest report from Anto, who was kind enough to shoot photos at this year's San Diego Comic Con of everything My Little Pony that was on display across the convention floor.
Hasbro had a relatively large booth this year with lots of items that are going to be release this year, including Cutie Mark Crew, Ultimate Equestria Collection and Best Gift Ever sets.
And of course we get to take a peek at an actual prototype of the Pinkie Pie Bishoujo statue can be seen.

Review: My Little Pony Snapback by Bioworld & Snapback Empire
It's been a while since we've talked about merch from Bioworld, but today we're back with a review on one of their latest additions to the My Little Pony line-up: this multi-character snapback!
This snapback wears the Bioworld label, but is exclusively available through Snapback Empire, who also provided the review copy for us.

2018 My Little Pony Happy Meal Update Post - Available in Your Country?
Over the past few weeks it was hard to miss on MLP Merch: McDonalds launched a new line of My Little Pony Happy Meal toys this month, themed after the Cutie Mark Crew. Because the availability differs from country to country we decided to write this post about the info that's currently available.
Below we've listed all countries from which we know the figures are available, including their release schedule (if known).
Not available in your country? You can always check eBay for online availability!

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Love to Collect? Quidd Just Launched My Little Pony!
Do you know Quidd? The digital pop-culture collecting and trading app has launched their collaboration with Hasbro and now features My Little Pony among other brands!
Within the Quidd app you're now able to collect digital My Little Pony stickers, 3D figures and trading cards. And you can't just collect them, you can trade them with friends and use them as stickers in your favorite chat apps too!

Signing up for Quidd is easy: Download the app (Android and iOS), sign-up and get started!
Right from the start you can claim various free packs with stickers and you'll get free coins to get other packs too. Plus you'll be able to get more coins for your packs, including a claimable 4000 coins every 3 hours.

And it's not just My Little Pony! You can get stuff from many other fandoms too, like Steven Universe, Star Trek, Marvel, Funko and Bob's Burgers. Add them to your favorites and never miss new packs for the stuff you like.

Secret Project Revealed: MLP Merch Goes Physical!
After months of keeping a secret we're finally able to share our big project with you: MLP Merch is going to publish a physical book!
Since the first hints at our secret project we've been working tons of hours on writing our first book, which is all about My Little Pony throughout all the generations. Starting with generation 0, the My Pretty Pony range, all the way to the latest G4 releases and Equestria Girls. This means that the book will contain plenty of older generation ponies, something that is not yet present on our own website!
As you might expect, we're not able to fit every pony ever released into a single book. That's why we've decided to primarily write a book about ponies that are special. Either because they have a unique gimmick, were pretty exclusive at release, or have another story behind them.
Of course the book will be available on Amazon, but if everything goes as planned select retailers in the US and UK will have the book in stock too. Though, the release date will be somewhere in the last few months of this year, so you'd have to keep some patience for it!

My Little Pony Special Magazine by Signature Publishing
A very interesting mail has appeared in our inbox as Signature Publishing itself has mailed us with some very exciting magazine news!
The UK MLP Magazines are quite popular with their 100th issue being released later this year. In a response to the success Signature Publishing has just announced the "My Little Pony Special" magazines. According to Editorial Director Amanda Clifford we can expect the following:

News Gap + Secret Project (Reasons for the Low Amount of Posts)
If you visit MLP Merch on a regular basis, you might have noticed that there aren't a lot of new posts in the past weeks... Well no need to worry, we're not quitting any time soon! There are, however, two reasons why it's been a bit quiet lately:

Welcome back to our yearly megapost on everything My Little Pony at the New York Toy Fair, which started last weekend. This year the My Little Pony stand differed quite a lot from the previous year, as there's almost no mention of MLP The Movie anymore, while it's only a few months after the release in theaters. Instead the focus for this year is cute & chibi: Cutie Mark Crew figures, cute plush and Equestria Girls Minis vinyls will see their debut this year, as well as the continuation of the Equestria Girls reboot. In the brushables department we see the first merch for the new season pop-up, plenty of fashion style ponies and the release of new molded mane figures.
As mentioned in previous editions, we were not able to attend the toy fair ourselves, and are using photos of people that shared them online. All photo credits can be found at the bottom of the post.

Note: Some announcements contain spoilers for season 8 characters and themes. If you do not wish to read any spoilers for the upcoming season, please skip the brushables section.
Previous editions: 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

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It's Official: MLP Merch at HWCon 2018
We can finally get the word out that we'll be attending Heart's Warming Con (or HWCon for short) this year, in Haarlem, The Netherlands. And not only will we attend, we'll host the MLP Merch panel on Sunday between 14:00 and 15:00 (local time) and Ilona will have a stand in the vendor area, featuring keychains and prints of her artwork!

We're not going to give any spoilers about our presentation just yet, but we'll make sure to keep it up-to-date with the latest releases from the NY Toy Fair that weekend! Aside from the presentation, feel free to walk by Ilona's vendor stand and have a little chat with us.