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Big MLP Merch Database Update Now Available!
Today we proudly present the latest update for the MLP Merch database! It took us a bit more time than we initially expected, but with the current global situation we found more available time to work on make the database a better and faster experience.
In this post we'll share all the new and improved stuff, and hope that you can enjoy the databases now more than ever!

April Fools! But an Update is Coming Soon...
April Fools! Of course our primary focus hasn't been the release of the G4 Hot Air Balloon database, but we are in fact very close to a big update of the G1 database. We're basically merging the international release with the local releases and nirvana's into a more complete collection of everything G1. Including (closely estimated) release years, manufacturers and more photos! We still can't give an exact release date for it yet, but know that are we in the process of testing the code changes at the moment.
For those who missed it, below is our April Fools post from yesterday.

New York Toy Fair 2020 Wrap-Up
The 2020 New York Toy Fair is behind us so it's time for our yearly wrap-up. And this year has been quite disappointing for those who were expecting to see tons of new merchandise. Granted we'll probably see a lot more merchandise during the next Toy Fair in 2021 since the G5 Movie will be released the same year. For this year the focus lays on the new Pony Life Series which will debut this spring/summer.


Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
Hasbro didn't reveal many new items this year. Most of the items shown were Reveal the Magic Toys that are actually already available. Several new items have been spotted though, including the officially announced "Kiss my Unicorn" Princess Celestia and the Unicorn Sparkle Collection which comes with DJ Pon-3, Rarity, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie and Twilight Sparkle. Alongside those two we also got a glimpse at the Potion Princess Cadance, the Potion Dress-up Rarity and new Fashion Squad singles of Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.
There was also an absence of Cutie Mark Crew, which leaves the question what future this line will see in 2020.
And lastly we can't ignore the absolutely adorable Fluttershy juice box cushion that was on display next to the Kiss my Unicorn figure. No idea what their plans are with this, but I sure hope this will be taken in production!
(Photos by My Froggy Stuff, Hasbro & Toy Caboodle)
Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020

Basic Fun

Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
Retro Ponies
Basic Fun did show their upcoming sets of the second series of the Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi Ponies alongside the first set of Earth Ponies. The ponies that will be released as part of the Earth Pony II set are Cherries Jubilee, Lickety-Split, Posey and Tootsie. The Unicorn and Pegasi Ponies are Gusty, Sparkler, Suprise and Heart Throb.

Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
Mega Mashems
Brand new are these Mega Mash'ems, which are larger versions of the well known Mash'ems/Fash'ems that we've known My Little Pony versions of since 2013. This new line will start with 4 figures: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy in blind capsules.
Meijer has listed the Mega Mash'ems last week, including a high quality render of the packaging, but it seems to be down again.
(Photos by Juegos Juguetes y coleccionables)

Just Play

Just Play My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Just Play My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
More licensed product news come from Just Play, who will start to release My Little Pony plush this year, as well as another release of the large Pinkie Pie styling head, possibly with new packaging and accessories.
(Photos by Toy Caboodle)


WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
The role-play oriented figure designer WizKids recently released their unpainted miniatures, which are now in display in both packaged form and some painted samples. If you're interested in painting your own, they are available on Amazon.
(Photos by Bizzarro Toys)
WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020

WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020


YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
A new name here is YuMe, who showed their first line of My Little Pony licensed products. And they start off with a pretty large line-up, including plush in various sizes, a "Magic Advent Calendar" and most excitingly: a line of collectible stampers called Pony Pals. These small stampers with pony-figures come in their own dome, with their matching pet and interchangeable flooring to customize the domes. On the display we learn that the first series will include the mane 6 and 2 others who were (purposely) left out of frame. Perhaps Trixie and Potion Nova?
While the name YuMe probably sounds unfamiliar for you, people within the EMEA (Europe, Middle-Eastern, Africa) region will get to know them very well over the next year, as they become the primary partner for plush for these markets. This is especially welcome, as the amount of plush licenses dropped significantly in the past few years.
(Photos by Scott Rubin, thanks to Ayu for the heads-up)
YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020

YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020

YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020


Kotobukiya My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
The bishoujo statues by Kotobukiya were also on display, but the most recent reveal of the colored Applejack statue was absent. However, the teaser poster for Sunset Shimmer was there and we get the confirmation that the Rainbow Dash statue will have a slightly increased MSRP compared to the other girls, which is also reflected on their US website now.
(Photo by Scott Rubin)

That was all for the 2020 New York Toy Fair! If you missed anything in this post, or have photos of your own, feel free to contact us.

My Little Pony: Pony Life Series Coming 2020 - Product Line Officially Announced
After a teaser campaign on Instagram the news is now officially out: My Little Pony will return to Discovery Family in 2020 with a brand new animated series called Pony Life.
The new TV-series will feature new chibi-style animations, done by Hasbro's own Allspark Animation, and the mane 6 and their voice actors from Friendship is Magic will return for this series.
The show will center around Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie and mysterious potions in a Slice of Life setting. Aside from the main TV-show the My Little Pony YouTube channel will continue to release exclusive shorts.

Hasbro Releases Ponies: The Galloping Trading Card SetHasbro Releases Ponies: The Galloping Trading Card Set
We normally don't post anything related to Magic The Gathering, but when Hasbro starts a collaboration with My Little Pony we're happy to jump in!
Hasbro just sent out a news statement that the Ponies: The Galloping Trading Card Set will be available tomorrow, as well as an exclusive set of Ultra PRO playmats. Both to celebrate the final episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and to raise money for charity.

Hasbro Reveals 2019 SDCC Exclusive Through The Years Twilight Sparkle
A few minutes ago Hasbro has officially shared images and information on this year's San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure, which is a throwback to the 35th Anniversary of My Little Pony! Twilight Sparkle is combined with her former self, Twilight, in this exclusive Through The Years 2-pack.
The G4 Twilight Sparkle combines an existing 3" body with new face and mane design (with bangs!), while the G1-based Twilight has a brand new pearlized design with the looks of the original pony from the 1980's.
Both come in a combined see-through package showing a design of Twilight on one side and Twilight Sparkle on the other side. Each side also shows the My Little Pony design from their respected era. The set will be available for $19.99 and debut at the San Diego Comic Con. Afterwards the figure will be available on the Hasbro Pulse website while stock lasts.

My Little Pony NY Toy Fair 2019 Wrap-Up
It's February, and that means New York Toy Fair time! Although, this year is quite different from earlier installments (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014) as it's accompanied by the official statement from Hasbro that the upcoming 9th season of Friendship is Magic will be the final one for the generation. Everything points towards an upcoming 5th generation afterwards, but you'll find no hint of that on the fair this year. Instead it's a line-up that pretty much covers everything that has been announced in the past few weeks, including the recent waves of Cutie Mark Crew and brushables that were released in late 2018.
Though, we do see some new sets on display at the fair this year, with the 2019 series called "Rainbow Road Trip" which ties in with an upcoming special. And there's some amazing news from other companies too, including Kidrobot, who are releasing their first My Little Pony figures this year!

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Next Sunday: MLP Merch Live AMA on Reddit!
Most of you will already have heard of My Little Pony Collectibles, our first book, that was recently published (available on Book Depository). To celebrate this, and have all your questions about the book answered. we're organizing an AMA (ask me/us anything) on the My Little Pony Reddit next Sunday!

During the AMA you can ask us (Ossie & Ilona) anything about My Little Pony Collectibles, and the databases, our personal lives or anything else that comes to mind! Get your questions ready and ask away :)

My Little Pony Reddit
November 25th, 2018
Starting at 6PM UTC / 10AM PST / 12PM CST / 1PM EST (convert to local time)

Hopefully we'll see you at the AMA!

(Got any burning questions about the AMA itself? Don't hesitate to leave a comment or send a mail!)

Our Book My Little Pony Collectibles is Now Available!
We're happy to announce that our first book My Little Pony Collectibles is now available! As we shared last month this is our contribution to the 35th Anniversary celebration of My Little Pony. In the book we take you on a journey through time from the very first ponies, all the way to the 4th generation. Through this history we highlight several sets and facts, resulting in a colorful 96-page book, counting 150 photos of ponies from ourselves and fellow collectors from around the world!

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A Look at the Polish Series 4 MLP Trading Cards
Most of you will be familiar with the My Little Pony trading cards. They're released internationally by Enterplay, we've seen 4 large series and 2 side series and you may even know that our admin Ilona designed one of the cards.
But what if we told you that not all cards are written in English? And that a special release of the 4th series is available in Poland?

Enterplay teamed up with Media Service Zawada, a Polish distributor, to release a subset of the Series 4 trading cards within Poland. This set does not feature all cards that you might be familiar with, but contains Polish versions of the character, song and location cards. Aside from regular foil cards all other card types and chase version are excluded, which means no FanArts, logic cards or shaped foil cards. In total this leaves 99 cards to collect: 81 regular cards and 18 foils. As with the regular series buying a booster box should guarantee you a complete set of regular cards, but the foils are random.

Booster packs contain 5 cards each: 4 regular cards and 1 guaranteed foil card. FunTat tattoos and stickers are absent in this set too. This does make the card packs relatively cheap with a price tag of only 3.99PLN, which is just over $1. Aside from the loose boosters there's also an album to keep track of your card collection for 29.99PLN (which includes 4 packs) and a complete booster box (24 packs) is available for 94.99PLN. Images of what this all looks like can be found below!

Many thanks to Piro for the information and photos! He also made unpacking videos of the album and booster box (in Polish).