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MLP Merch Poll #113MLP Merch Poll #112 Results
Last week we asked you how far away you live from your favorite merch store. It was awesome to hear a bit about the stores in your area, and as the poll shows most people live pretty close to the toy stores they'd like to visit. Apart from a 32% group that doesn't have a favorite merch store the majority (35%) lives within a 5 miles radius. And 6% of those even live within walking distance, awesome! Sadly the group of people who have to travel over 50 miles for their favorite store is slightly bigger at 7%.

MLP Books Update: The Movie, Adult Coloring Book & More Coming 2017!
We've been lacking a bit with updates in regards to My Little Pony books, but here is a big update on everything that is to come later in the year.
One of the biggest announcements is that of My Little Pony: The Movie books, which we'll see at least 7 of, all release about five weeks before the movie: August 29, 2017.
Also included in this post is the cover of the adult coloring book "Coloring Harmony", two My Little Pony Golden Books and various other titles you might like. Below is all the information we have, but at this moment most books lack their cover art or even the description.

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Big My Little Pony Sale at Zulily - Up to 65% Off!
Every once in a while Zulily sells their stocked up My Little Pony merch for a greatly reduced price, this time up to 65% off. Over 280 items are available, but this time we see less Hasbro figures and retro MLP items, in favor of clothing, books and miscellaneous merch.
The sale is only available for the coming 3 days, so be sure to check out the My Little Pony Sale page before the time runs out.
Below we've made a selection of the items on sale, focusing on the various categories and picked some of the newer items too. Enjoy!

Devar Books My Little Pony AR Coloring Books
Devar Books, a Russian based AR book publisher, currently has a partnership with Hasbro and released several AR coloring books. The company is specialized in creating AR coloring books and as of short started with licensing deals.
The original announcement has been released several months ago, but has been very quiet, with only a handful of views on YouTube (hence our late post on these). Four books are already available on the Russian website of Devar for just under $5 each. So far we have not heard of any store releases, but if anyone spotted them in the wild feel free to let us know!
Thanks to Ayu for the heads-up!

Store Finds: Pearlized Brushables & GoH
We've gotten loads of submits for the Pearlized Brushables that have been released last week, but also a few other items that can be found in stores. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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Huge My Little Pony Sale at Zulily - Up to 60% Off!
Zulily has once again started a huge sale on My Little Pony merch, this time with over 500 items available! Quite a lot of costumes and accessories are available, so if you're planning on dressing up or like to have some MLP-inspired jewelry you might just find what you need! Of course regular figures, plush, shirts and other items are included as well. Below you can find our favorite picks of this sale, but over on the My Little Pony Sale page you can find everything! But keep in mind: Zulily sales only last 3 days!

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MLP Wondercolts Forever Diary of Celestia and Luna Book
The Princess Diary Book about Princess Celestia and Luna has now received it's cover. Actually, this one is about their EqG Counterparts: Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna. In this book you can read all about their point-of view of the past and present at Canterlot High. For those who want it, you sadly have to wait some months as it will be released on January 3, 2017. But you can pre-order it now for $7.46 during the sale. The normal price will be $12.99. 

Pre Order it here!

Head back to Canterlot High School with Luna and Celestia in this replica of the teenage sisters' journal! Read their firsthand accounts and discover Canterlot High from the young girls' points of view. Walk the hallways, attend some classes, and take part in the Mane Event!

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LAST DAY: MLPMerch AR Book Giveaway
It's the final day to join the MLP Merch AR Book Giveaway and if you want to win a free copy of the Where Equestria Comes to Life book you should act fast! Below we have all the info you need on how to join and improve your chances of winning:

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MLPMerch AR Book Giveaway
This shouldn't be a surprise for this that have seen our review from last week: we're giving a 'Where Equestria Comes to Life'-book away for free!
It's a great book to have, especially in combination with the free app that is included, and this is your chance to get the book for free as well. We'll even include free shipping, so everyone is welcome in this giveaway. And we'd like to thank Carlton Publishing for the extra copy.

Review - My Little Pony: Where Equestria Comes to Life (AR Book)
Today we have a very special review for you! Carlton Publishing was so nice to use to provide us with a copy of the My Little Pony: Where Equestria Comes to Life book, which is not your average book!
Download an app on your phone, scan the pony and you'll see the pony walk around in your room!
During the review we'll talk about the book itself, but of course also focus on what the app has to offer.
You can watch the video on YouTube or embedded below, but we also wrote a little summary if you scroll down a bit: