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MLP Applejack Sweet Cart and Nightmare Night Charior from FiM Collection
It seems like it's that time again when several websites update their listings with brand new images of newly announced merchandise which of most we saw during the NY Toy Fair. Time to compile them all in one post! (And time to update the databases again)

First of all as you can all see the images of the Nightmare Night Chariot and Sweet Cart have arrived. These are the large story packs for the Nightmare Night FiM collection. The Golden Oaks Library has also just been found. You can pre-order these two sets on Entertainment Earth here. 

MLP Playskool Friends Fluttershy Vehicle & Pony
And we have even MORE My Little Pony news for you as the Playskool line will also get a lot of new MLP additions. First up we have Vehicle & Pony packs which is a Pony combined with cute little car. You can get Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Next up is a Pinkie Pie Ride 'n Slide Ramp playset that comes with Pinkie Pie and Lemon Drop (Interesting since Lemon Drop is a G1 Pony) Then there's also a new Playset with Cheerilee and Bumblesweet and a new Pinkie Pie Plush.

 MLP Playskool Pony Friends 4-pack
About two weeks ago we reported that Entertainment Earth had listed a possible Playskool 4-pack on their website. This has now been confirmed as this one has now also been listed on the US Amazon website. By the looks of it it seems like that they use the same molds as the previous release. This pack includes Bumblesweet, Applejack, Minty and Daisy Dreams. By the looks of it you can already order it for $9.99. Besides that it seems like the Bath Squirters are also listed on Amazon. But those aren't available for order yet.

MLP Playskool Pony Friends 4-pack - $9.99

MLP Playskool Pony Friends Bath Squirters

Huge MLP Sale at Zulily
Zulily once again launched a big sale on various My Little Pony products. This time the sale is bigger than ever and feature plushies, Playskool ponies, clothing, costumes, Christmas ornaments and much more. You can find all items on the My Little Pony product page, but we've listed some gems below too!
Note: You need to register for an account first and select 'United States' as shipping country in the top right corner to see all deals!

MLP All About MLP Merch Amy as a Playskool Pony
The first Playskool ponies have already been released for some months and by the looks of it we will receive some new sets! Entertainment Earth has just listed some new Playskool items. The first is a 4-pack which includes Bumblesweet, Daisy Dreams, Minty and Applejack. It's unsure if these are just the four we already got or that some new molds have been made. The second listing is a 3-pack with Pinkie Pie, Starsong and Applejack Bath Squirters. Both items will be available this November.

Playskool Pony Friends Collector Pack
A few days ago we reported that the Playskool Ponies started to appear in several stores like Walmart, but now they have also been listed online. Right now you can order the whole Playskool line from Toys'R'us. (excluding the Rainbow Dash Party Bus) We have listed them all below including images and descriptions. Please note that TRU has made an error by calling Moon Dancer "Rarity."

MLP Playskool Friends Moon Dancer & Minty
The series of cute little My Little Pony from Playskool, the Playskool Friends figures, have found their way to Walmart shops and are available now! In total there are 3 Story Packs available, each containing 2 ponies: Applejack & Daisy Dreams, Bumblesweet & Rainbow Dash and Minty & Moon Dancer. It seems that these sets are not yet available on the Walmart website, but we hope to see them soon.
Thanks to Ponyfan for the images!
Update: They're $6.44 per set and are not supposed to be out (Walmart might have made a little mistake there). Expect to see these being release in other Walmarts in the coming weeks. (Thanks Voilet CLM)

All About MLP Merch Launches Playskool Database
We have launched a new database! You can now check-out all the current Playskool ponies that are available right now (or will be very soon). We also included the Amazon links so you can easily look them up. We hope you will enjoy our new database.

Click here to visit the Playskool Database

Wave 12B Blind Bag Twilight Sparkle
It's only a few weeks ago that we first saw the Wave 12A Blind Bags release in the UK, but already has Tesco (and probably Claires too) released the wave 12B set. As usual, this set contains the 12 blind bag figures from wave 12 that were not included in the wave 12A set. In contrast to wave 12A, the wave 12B set actually has another bag style that that of wave 12, which released globally.
Just like the other wave 12 blind bags, these bags still have the code, but also contain a window in the back to see which pony is inside.
We've also added the Wave 12B Blind Bags to the MLP Blind Bag Database.

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My Little Pony Playskool FriendsMy Little Pony Playskool Friends
Two days ago we already showed a huge part of the Playskool Friends My Little Pony figures, but they seem to get cuter every day! Here you can see Hasbro's Playskool Friends display with the cute pony figures on the Music Celebration Castle and a box with the Collector Pack figures!
On the images you can also see the Pinkie Pie Walking Pony and Rainbow Dash Glow Pony.
Many thanks to Stitch Kingdom for the pictures!