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MLP Tech4Kids Squish Pops Series 4
Over at Target in the US you can now get the latest waves of the My Little Pony Squish Pops and Fash'ems figures by Tech4Kids. While we already had some info on the 6th wave of Fash'ems (which has the same figures as wave 5, but with a clear finish), the Series 4 release of the Squish Pops is completely new.
The latest wave of the small squishy figures introduces the first flocked figures and some new characters as well. Below we have more details on the included figures for each wave.
Thanks to Anto for the images!

MLP All About Brushables during New York Toy Fair 2017
We have waited for quite some years but our wishes have bee granted. Lots of people have wanted Boy Ponies with normal brushable hair for quite some time and now during the New York Toy Fair This year two BOY brushables have been revealed. And as expected we get one for two of the most popular colts on the show: Big Mac and Soarin. We can also see the whole line-up for the "All-About" line which included the ponies with some decals based around the show.

Expect more info during our coverage as well as more info about the other brushables. This image was taken from the video by MyFroggyStuff which we would like to thank for the video. :)

Most MLP Reboot Series Figures Now at Target
Yesterday in our Store Finds post we already reported on many findings at US Target stores, but our frequent submitter Victor just got a pretty big haul at Target, showing even more releases that have only just hit the shelves.
In addition to the loose Runway Fashions figures the Runway Set is now available, as well as the Twisty Twirly Hair and single brushables figures. A complete overview of what's available in the Reboot Series can be found in our Brushables Database, and by comparing that to the photos from Target you can see that most announced sets are now available. The only figures not confirmed to be released in the US yet are the second wave of single brushables and On-the-Go Purse figures.

Prefer to buy figures online? Target does not have most of these listed yet, but Amazon does! Check our collection of Amazon listings for the Reboot Series figures, as well as the new Equestria Girls Minis and Hasbro plush.

Reboot Series Brushables Found in Canada
Over at a Toys"R"Us in Ottawa, Canada the first Reboot Series brushables have been found in the west. Back in November Singapore (as usual) kicked off the line with a release in the east, but this is the first find of the new brushables outside of Asia. As you can see in the photo above the complete Wave 1 of single brushables is available with Rarity, Lyra, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle.
Online we already know that Amazon has a few listings up with a January release, so it's expected that in the coming month or so the US will see the first sets appear, and hopefully Europe at the start of 2017.
Credits to Kerri for the photo and thanks to vampyrefay for the heads-up!

MLP Reboot Series Runway Fashions Brushables at Toys'R'Us Singapore
Some big news! Singapore already got the new Equestria Girls Minis way before anyone else but now they also have the new Reboot Series Brushables. To be more precise, these have been found at Toys'R'Us. The first thing that got spotted are the Runway Fashions Brushables (we spotted concept art of them before) and they feature some of the main six with their Gala Gowns. Judging by the accessories they are the same size as the others but I could be wrong.

The next thing that got spotted was the first wave of the Singles which features Lyra, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. We have no clue at the moment when these and the other merch will be released in other countries but sites like Entertainment Earth state next month/January 2017.

Thanks to Joelle for the heads up and images!

MLP Gala Dresses Brushables Merchant Image
Some merchant images have appeared which shows some of the upcoming merchandise. Some of them we've seen already but some of these are new. If a set has already been spotted then you can go to our article by clicking on the header above the image.

Thanks to SweetLemons for the heads up! Have all the images below:

MLP New Blind Bags
And again some new Blind Bags have appeared on Taobao. Some of these seem to math with the ones we found before meaning they could be in the same set of Blind Bags. Still it's unsure which theme these will have but a lot of characters are Rarity Related again. We also get a new Sweetie Drops and Lyra which look both quite good! We also got a new Lyrica Lilac which looks quite unfinished though compared to her previous release. We also see some new eye-designs. Some of them look good, others need a bit to get used to though...

We hope we can provide you all with more info soon! Have them all + their show counterparts below!

Today we have a quick review on something that has only very recently popped up online: the new style MLP brushables. We're still unsure in what context they will be released, but in this video you can see what they'll look like and how they compare to the current line of brushables.
You can watch the video on YouTube or embedded below:

MLP Possible MLP The Movie Brushables
So far we've seen almost the whole Mane Six in the new Brushable style with the exception of Pinkie Pie and Rarity. But they have now appeared on Ebay. As you can see each of them have a different body as well which was a big wish for most MLP Collectors: More variety in poses. Still it's unknown to which line these belong but they are probably for the movie. Lets hope we'll spot some of these in packaging soon.

Thanks to Aquatic Neon EclipsedFlame for the heads up!

MLP Possible Reboot Brushables
Today I found something really interesting on Taobao. At first glance they just looked like a lot of regular brushables, but then I noticed something... they have completely new bodies and poses. The figures themselves look great with some new poses. But now comes the question... what are they? Now the seller has a lot of legit MLP Stuff on their site so I think these are real (still they could be fake). The quality of these looks also very great/perfect. So, are they from a third-company or are these possible reboot brushables and are we moving to perhaps Generation 4.5? With the new logo and all going on at the moment as well it seems kinda likely. But perhaps the biggest possibility is the fact that these are for the upcoming movie since the models of the Ponies are different then the show as well. (This is because the movie is made using Toon Boom instead of Flash)

But so far all of this is only speculation. For now I just think we have to wait although this makes me very eager to see what's next for the future of My Little Pony.

Feel free to share the images and article but please include a link to our blogpost for credit. Thank you. :)