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Review + Giveaway - MLP Box (December)
Starting this month we'll be reviewing the MLP Box more often! The MLP Box is a monthly subscription box filled with official My Little Pony merchandise. You can subscribe to the MLP Box to receive it every month for only $9.99 + shipping and you'll get a surprise selection of MLP merchandise every month.
Interested in what the MLP Box may contain? This time we've received the December 2016 MLP Box, which had a big surprise for us! Check our video on YouTube or embedded below for the full review!

Every month we'll also give one free MLP Box away! Those who will enter our monthly giveaway get a chance to win the next month's box for free. Below are all the ways you can enter our giveaway and we'll pick the winner on February 3rd, 2017.

New UK MLP Magazine Comes With Erasers and New Look
Not only brushables, books and stores are adapting to the new My Little Pony branding, the official magazines too are shifting towards the new look. This brand new UK magazine even mentions "New Look" on the cover!
Aside of the usual content, this magazine is bundled with erasers of Rarity and Applejack. From the photos it looks like the bodies have been slightly altered to more look like the dynamic look of Reboot Series brushables. The faces look sub-par, but we got to give them credit for combining two 3D ponies with the magazine at all.
Next up for the UK magazine will be princess keyrings, but it's unclear if you will receive one or all three with the purchase of your magazine.
Thanks to Twitter Shy for the info!

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Big My Little Pony Sale at Zulily - Up to 65% Off!
Every once in a while Zulily sells their stocked up My Little Pony merch for a greatly reduced price, this time up to 65% off. Over 280 items are available, but this time we see less Hasbro figures and retro MLP items, in favor of clothing, books and miscellaneous merch.
The sale is only available for the coming 3 days, so be sure to check out the My Little Pony Sale page before the time runs out.
Below we've made a selection of the items on sale, focusing on the various categories and picked some of the newer items too. Enjoy!

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MLP Merch Poll #109MLP Merch Poll #108 Results
Last week we asked you which type of official Hasbro MLP plush you liked most. The clear winners are the 12" plush with a filled, more realistic mane. Also popular were the 22" huggable plush, and all other scored about the same amount of votes (10%-13%), with the Feature Wings princesses scoring the bottom 10%.

Hasbro Comes With Semi-Official Mr Potato Head Rarity Figure
Over on the Hasbro website a new Mr. Potato Head figure has been listed, which has the exact looks of Rarity. The figure is simply called 'Unicorn', but nobody will deny that the mane and tail are from Rarity. It's a bit odd to see such a clear cross-over not being an official license tie-in, even though Hasbro owns both brands. They've done various other brand bundling for Mr. Potato Head with Transformers, Star Wars and Spider-man, so why not My Little Pony?
People interested in this official-non-official-Rarity can get her on the Hasbro website, or in a bigger set on Amazon.

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Detailed Photos of 390 Store MLP Items
A little while ago we reported on an exclusive range of My Little Pony items at 390 store in Japan. Merch hunter Joelle has managed to get some of the items from Japan and made some detailed photos of it, which we'll share in this post. All items are priced at 390 yen, which is about $4, and are only available at 390 store. As you can see in the images it's mostly accessories that they sell, but bags and pouches are also available. Joelle also reported that the hair clips and keychain are made of a wood-like material, which in any way sound better than brittle plastic.
The items are still available, and if you happen to live in Japan you can check out their store on Rakuten for all items.

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Up-Close Images of Integrity Toys Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy
Just like the earlier waves, Victor bought both new Integrity Toys dolls and sent in some close-up pictures of them! The Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy inspired dolls are the last wave of the HEART MLP line of high-quality collector dolls by Integrity Toys.
The dolls, that are sold at $130 each, are inspired by My Little Pony characters and have fictional "gamertag" names, but are often referred to as the pony they represent (in this case Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy). As seen in the images these are just as detailed as the earlier dolls, with a few extra accessories too, like a skateboard for Pinkie Pie.
All dolls are still available on the Integrity Toys website if you're interested in them.

Thus far these are the last dolls that Integrity Toys announced back in 2015. If new waves of dolls are ever announced we'll be sure to post it on our blog!

Devar Books My Little Pony AR Coloring Books
Devar Books, a Russian based AR book publisher, currently has a partnership with Hasbro and released several AR coloring books. The company is specialized in creating AR coloring books and as of short started with licensing deals.
The original announcement has been released several months ago, but has been very quiet, with only a handful of views on YouTube (hence our late post on these). Four books are already available on the Russian website of Devar for just under $5 each. So far we have not heard of any store releases, but if anyone spotted them in the wild feel free to let us know!
Thanks to Ayu for the heads-up!

MLP Nesting Dolls Announced By PPW Toys
Some of you might have already seen this set online, but we didn't have a lot of information on the set back then. Luckily we know a bit more about the set now! The set of six nesting dolls is manufactured by PPW Toys and range from a 4.5" Pinkie Pie to a 2" Fluttershy doll. Both the front and back of these plastic dolls are painted.
Availability of these in stores is a bit unsure, but you can pre-order them on the website of PPW Toys for $17. The release date is currently set for 17 January 2017.

Integrity Toys Releases Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie Inspired Dolls
Today Integrity Toys has announced the arrival of the Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie inspired HEART MLP dolls in their online store. This means that the complete mane 6 has been released, and in fact they're all still available. All dolls are limited to 500 pieces and we have no idea what the current stock is, so the earlier dolls can be sold out at any moment.
The Integrity Toys <3 MLP doll series is a line of human dolls around 12-13" tall, each inspired by a pony from the mane 6. Today's dolls are inspired by Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, respectively named kind_pegasus95 and okie_dokie_party. Below we have a few more details on both dolls, which are available right now.
(Thanks to Time Lord for the heads-up)