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Store Finds: Series 2 Cutie Mark Crew, Single Brushables & Much More
Another compilation of Store Finds that we received in the past weeks! We've got some big announcements, like the Series 2 Cutie Mark Crew blind packs, as well as plenty of smaller releases from the US, Mexico, The Netherlands, France and Australia.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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MLP Merch Poll #169MLP Merch Poll #168 Results
Last week we asked you whether you started watching season 8 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic yet. And this shows that we have some big fans of both the merch and the show here, as in the first week almost 68% started watching right away! After a long gap we see another reasonably sized group of 19% that's going to watch it soon, followed by 6% who will watch it once the season is over (good luck not reading any spoilers in the mean time!). This leaves 12% of you that aren't watching MLP:FiM.

Ossie and the Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies Part 4
It's been a very long time since our last episode of the Fakie Quest, and while we did two quick updates on fake EqG Minis, a new episode was well overdue! In this post you'll find tons and tons of fake My Little Pony toys, figures and basically everything that can be printed with bootleg artwork. Since the last episode we did not stop collecting images, and we did receive several submits too. (Thanks to Tomo, Ayu, Sharon and Andrea for their contributions)
Enjoy our 4th episode in the quest for the worst fakies!

MLP Princess Applejack & Rainbow Dash Fakies
It's been around a month since the first Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies post, and because of the overwhelmingly positive reactions I've decided to write another one! I once again saved up all the fakies I found last month, and was planning to keep going a bit longer. However, I want to warn you all for new fakies that have been going around since the past 2 weeks, and in the past few days it's gotten a bit out of hand. So, as a warning to everyone I start this post with:

Current MLP Amazon Sales - Up to 60% Off
Every now and then we search far and wide on Amazon to collect current sales for My Little Pony merch. It's been a while, so there are quite some new items available for a good deal. Interesting to see is that the Equestria Girls Mini's, Friendship Games and some of the poseable brushable figures are already on sale.
So, head on down and check what's available right now:

Ossie and the Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies
When browsing the internet for My Little Pony products you find all the good and legit stuff first. But when you go beyond page 30 of Google and searching for shady marketplace website you will eventually get into the world of My Little Pony fakies. Of course eBay has plenty of fakies too, but this is usually only the surface of what you can find. Many of these marketplaces (like Taobao) don't have anti-counterfeiting on the top of their agendas, although Alibaba has had a major clean-up lately.
For the protection of everyone I will not share any links nor name websites, but rest assured that most of these fakies are only available when ordering thousands at the same time, which is usually done by equally shady retailers.
In this post I will discuss some of the more interesting fakies I have found over the past few weeks, mainly focusing on figures and plush. While there won't be a definite 'worst fakie' in this post, it was my actual goal during my search, skipping the other common and already known fakies.

So, after this brief introduction, head on down and enjoy my quest!

Gigantic Zulily MLP Sale - 380+ Items - Up to 75% Off
It's been a while, but it's back: The huge 3-day MLP sale at Zulily with more items and variation than ever before. This time there are more classic G1 items in stock, and plenty of comics too.
You can find all items on the My Little Pony product page, but we've listed some gems below too!
Note: You need to register for an account first. Also, be sure to select 'United States' as shipping country in the top right corner to see all deals!

MLP New Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony during Abrin 2016
During the NY Toy Fair we didn't saw much of the Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony merchandise besides a large Rainbow Dash one. But the Brazilian Toy Fair (Abrin) was hold not long ago and besides the Guardians of Harmony Discord they showed a lot more Hasbro Pop Ponies.

MLP New Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony Kits found in Stores
So we've seen several of the new Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony appear online. We've found them on Taobao and the official MLP Website posted these as well. But we all began to wonder when and where they would appear. The first reports are in. They've been found at Toys'R'Us and ASDA in the UK and they've also been spotted in Sweden, all the Scandinavian TRU websites have listed these as well so there's a high chance the other Northern countries have these as well.
No reports yet on from people of the US. I've you find them please feel free to let us know.

Thanks to SETC and Josefin for the heads up!

MLP Merch Poll #63MLP Merch Poll #62 Results
Last week we asked you what you think the best merch release of 2015 was. And, as we already expected, the Equestria Girls Minis won! Even with only the final weeks of 2015 of actual sales, these figures were simply too cute not to like. Second place is for the Friendship is Magic Collection, which introduced a whole new way to play and collect 'blind bag'-figures. Another popular option was the Friendship Games line of Equestria Girls dolls. And at the bottom we find the Playskool Friends figures who, even though we think they're cure, couldn't win from the other releases.

MLP Meadow Flower Hasbro Pop Starter Kit
It seems like several of the MLP websites have gotten an update which include some new listed merchandise as well. We knew that the Hasbro Pop line would continue under a different name, namely "Design-a-Pony" but we personally prefer to keep it named Hasbro Pop because most of us know it under that name. In addition to that the website has also listed some of the new Explore Equestria and EQG Minis line, but since none of that is new we keep it to this simple mention.

Now let's move on to the more interesting things, the new Pop ponies. We already knew some of them but we now have official images as well. The wing ones we're spotted before on another UK website and the Starter Packs and the large ones were found on Taobao. But 2 2-packs have now been revealed as well. One contains Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, and the other one contains Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

Have a look at all the new ones below.

2015 MLP Merch Battles - WINNERS
The last battle ended several weeks ago and on the last day of 2015 we like to present the winners of this years battle. Below you can find all the winners per category with a small conclusions as well. We hope you liked this idea and perhaps we can host these battles another time next year.

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Zulily is back with another big sale on My Little Pony items, especially some items we don't see everyday! The sale features exactly 360 items with discounts up to 60%, but the sale only lasts for 3 days.
The complete sale can be found on Zulily's website, but we've selected some great deals and items below.
Note: You need to register for an account first and select 'United States' as shipping country in the top right corner to see all deals!

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2015 MLP Merch Battles - Round 5
During the 2015 MLP Merch Battles event we allow you to vote on your favourite merchandise from MLP:FiM, but we only provide two options at a time! It's up to you to pick your favourite of the two. At the end of the battles we'll select the items with the most overall votes, and present them as this years winners! Every 3 days we have another round, with another type of merchandise.
The Funko battle ended yesterday (with a very clear winner, but we'll keep that a secret for a little longer) and now it's time for the Hasbro POP ponies! For the coming 3 days you can vote for your favourite POP ponies and help them claim a spot in the MLP Merch Battles ranking of 2015:

Click here to cast your votes >

It's once again time for a Amazon Sale Megapost, because we've found quite a few deals again. In this post you'll find the first FiM Collection figures on sale, loads of reduced price playsets (Canterlot Castle at $36 off) and plenty of Equestria Girls, Funko figures, POP figures, brushables and other MLP-related sales. In total we have 136 items for you today, ranging from 17% to 65% off.
As usual we've categorized the items and provide images, prices and links to everything. Happy shopping!

MLP Hasbro Pop Starlight Glimmer Design-a-Pony Kit
Even though the Hasbro Pop line has been renamed to: "Design-a-Pony" we will still keep the Hasbro Pop name because almost everybody has known it by this name. (Not just Pop ponies because they can be confused with the Funko POP!'s) Ah well lets get back to what this article is all about.

It seems like two new Design-a-Pony Kits (this is getting confusing isn't it?) have appeared on Taobao. One of Pinkie Pie and one of a very interesting new character who seems to get a lot of merch lately: Starlight Glimmer. These two are larger than the regular Pops. They are the same size as the Celestia and Black Cadance and Luna ones. These two come with a sticker sheet, some interchangeable hair and a "Breezie Designer tool" which if I'm right, you need to blow on it and then you can spray a nice pattern on the hair. Sounds interesting, reminds me of those blow pens I used to have as a child.

No other information is known. We will keep you updated.


Its been a while since we heard about the Hasbro Pop/Pony Pop Design-a-Pony Princess Cadance and Luna. But finally they are now ready to be ordered from Amazon. They cost $19.99 each. Have the information and listings below.

MLP Hasbro Pop (Pony Pop) Rainbow Dash Wing Kit
Not long ago we found some new Hasbro Pop Ponies on Taobao showing that the Hasbro Pop line would sort off get a reboot because of the new packaging. Today new Wing Kits have been spotted as well. By the looks of it it seems like these are made from a thin plastic/paper and it also comes with some markers so you can decorate the wings. Only Rarity and Rainbow Dash have been found. Kinda strange why Rarity is included though...

No other information yet. We will keep you updated.

MLP Hasbro Pony Pop Starter Kits
For a while we actually thought the Hasbro Pop Line was coming to an end since we felt it wasn't as popular as Hasbro would have hoped. But today something new appeared on Taobao. It seems like Hasbro Pop is going to launch some new starter kits and what kind of!
So the first things that I noticed is that the packaging is totally new. First it was some sort of a blister packaging which makes you see what's inside. This is now scrapped as they put  a nice render of the figure on the front. The back of the packaging shows what's inside. In this case the same as usual. The pony itself and her hair and some stickers.

Another cool thing is the fact that we see some brand new characters here we never saw before: The popular Cloud Chaser and other characters like Meadow Flower and Starry Eyes which is a colt which is nice. Of course a Mane Six Pony couldn't be left behind so Rainbow Dash is included as well.

I hope this will bring back the Hasbro Pop Line and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us as well. More new characters? Different kind of kits? All we have to do is wait...

Spike 20" Funrise Plush
To kick-off September, for many people a new year at school or work, we've yet again combined all interesting sales on Amazon into one post. Today we have more sales than ever and have been able to find 94 of them! Below we have them all categorized, so feel free to take a look and see if you spot something you want for cheap. Enjoy :)