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Store Finds: Cutie Mark Crew, Ultimate Equestria Collection & More
We have a short but interesting Store Finds post for you today, just to wrap up this week before it ends! In this post you'll find plenty of new stuff at Target, as well as a new set found in The Netherlands.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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My Little Pony Amazon Exclusive Twilight Sparkle as Star Swirl and Spike Set

A few months ago we posted about a 2-pack containing Twilight Sparkle and Spike both dressed up into their Nightmare Night Costumes. I expected this set to be an Amazon exclusive just like the Glitter Seapony Pinkie Pie last year. Recently Amazon has updated this listing with lots of information and additional images and best of all: It's now up for pre-order!

Store Finds: Brushable Bank, Underwear, Fash'ems & More
We've got a quite varied list of store finds this week, as no submit is the same. We have a brand new line of brushable coin banks to start with, see some new brushables, Fash'ems, a line of underwear and clothing in the UK and finish with a hair accessories kit from Canada.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Around a week ago we learned about the Snap On Fashions Rainbow Dash fashion style figure that would complete the new mane 6 set with interchangeable clothes. The original announcement only included a picture of Rainbow Dash's gala dress, but the second dress wasn't visible. At the NY Toy Fair we got a glimpse of the packaging, but not a clear enough view for her second outfit.
But, surprise surprise, she's already listed online! Detmir has all 6 ponies listed, and Rainbow Dash is shown in her complete alternate dress-up! The purple dress and gold accents combines nicely with her accessories.
However, we did notice something odd: The NYTF figure was packaged in a MLP:FiM themed box, whereas this listing has a MLP the Movie logo on it. Was this figure perhaps planned to be released last year?
Thanks to Tomo for the heads-up!

Big Discounts During MLP Pre-Black Friday Sale at Amazon
We're about a week away from Black Friday, but during this week there are already some great deals on My Little Pony toys on Amazon. We collected all the great deals that are available, and it's surprising to see that there's quite a lot of MLP The Movie merch on sale, as well as Christmas decoration. Check all listings below:
(Listed prices were recorded on the day of publishing and may differ when viewed on a later moment)

My Little Pony the Movie Pinkie Pie Fashion Style Brushable
Yesterday we posted about a massive amount of new Amazon listings. Turns out that a few of them actually already received some stock images. The first one is for Cloud Flutter the Baby Hippogriff which we spotted in packaging before. And the second two listings are for a Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle Fashion Style pony which will make the second wave of the movie Fashion Styles. (the first wave containing Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity)

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My Little Pony the Movie Rarity Deco Party Glitter Designs Pony
Some days ago we found some new My Little Pony the Movie items on the Argos website. However at that time none of them had images. However one of the listings now has. We're talking about the Rarity Deco Party Pony with Glitter Designs. As you can see this marks the return of the earlier design-a-pony from some years ago. She also comes with two fabric mermaid-tails which can be decorated as well. She's the size of a Reboot Series Fashion Style.

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MLP The Movie Fashion Seaponies & Seashell Lagoon Sets Available
Another update from Amazon right now with the availability of various new MLP The Movie sets, including the Fashion Style seaponies! It's the first official batch that's being sold, in contrast to the somewhat overpriced third party listings from the past weeks.
The first wave of the Land & Sea Fashion Style ponies consist of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, who are available for $11.99 each. They have 8 points of articulation and come with a seapony tail, which is removable.
Princess Skystar, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are available in the first Glitter & Style set for MLP The Movie, and they come combined with several accessories each. They have glossy eyes and translucent wings, but their seapony tail is permanent. They're priced at $16.99 a piece.
And finally there's the Seashell Lagoon playset, for $39.99, with Pinkie Pie and a beautiful light-up wall and bubble maker. As usual Hasbro didn't save on accessories for this playset, so you'll get plenty of food, pearls, crown, furniture and even a fish to keep Pinkie Pie company.

All Amazon Listings:
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Fluttershy
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Rainbow Dash
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Fluttershy
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Princess Skystar
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Twilight Sparkle
- My Little Pony The Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset (With Pinkie Pie)

We've also added the listings to our curated MLP The Movie merch list on Amazon, which includes all currently available sets and figures.

Argos Reveals Two New MLP The Movie Sets
We haven't seen any images yet, but Argos launched two mysterious listings about seapony figures for MLP The Movie. Interesting to see is that both sets will feature options to decorate or customize the characters.
The first set, called Deco Party with a 6" Rarity comes with two fabric skirts in the same of seapony tails and two markers to decorate those skirts. This sounds like a new type of Fashion Style!
Cutie Mark Pack is the name of the other set and comes with Tempest Shadow and the full mane 6. They're customizable with included glitter stickers of cutie marks. Sadly the listings does not mention anything about their size, but judging by the pricing they'll be regular brushables.
Argos is the first website to list these figures, but Argos is also known for sharing exclusive with Target. So maybe these will pop-up there soon too. We'll keep you posted!
Listings at Argos (United Kingdom only) can be found below:
- My Little Pony Deco Party (£25.99)
- My Little Pony Cutie Mark Pack (£39.99)

Tip for the fans: Check our list of MLP the Movie merch on Amazon for the first available sets!

Exclusive Songbird Serenade Figure Shown at SDCC
While there are no real My Little Pony SDCC exclusives this year, Hasbro was nice enough to do show a scoop at the San Diego Comic Con with this Songbird Serenade figure.
It's not the same figure as the Songbird Serenade brushable we saw a little while ago, as this figure is around the size of a Fashion Style figure and her cutie mark is a button. Judging by the packaging, her character and the fact that she's voiced by Sia, she'll probably sing when you press her cutie mark, as well as light effects in her bow. She comes with a pre-styled mane and also a removable shirt.
Also shown on the box is the fact that she will be a Target exclusive. This might be good news for international fans, as their exclusives usually pop up in other stores around the globe as well.
(Credits to SDCC Unofficial Blog for the photos)

Tip for the fans: Check our list of MLP the Movie merch on Amazon for the first available sets!