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MLP Merch Poll #125MLP Merch Poll #124 Results
Last week we asked you which MLP The Movie figure set is your favorite. The winner is a small surprise: the big Canterlot & Seaquestria set won! Usually these sets are less favorite because of the price tag, but it seems you're all into it! The baby seaponies, even though we haven't seen the movie yet, are also quite popular with 1/5th of the votes. All other sets are pretty evenly divided, but the Seashell Lagoon set is on the bottom of the sea with just over 4% of the votes.

My Little Pony the Movie Fluttershy Fashion Style Brushable

Amazon has again listed a lot of new upcoming My Little Pony the Movie brushables. We get a better look at some of the Land and Sea Fashion Styles ponies we spotted earlier. But we also now have a better look at the announced Fashion Styles which will be the first time we see larger ponies in the Reboot Series style. I think they all look great, especially Fluttershy or maybe I just like her dress a lot. We also see Applejack return as a Fashion Style which is also great.

Have all the listings and images below. None of them are available right now as expected but we'll notify you when they are.

Store Finds: Photo Finish Re-Release, Wave 18 & More
This week we have a rather small store finds update for you, but an update nonetheless. One of finds was a new release of the Photo Finish fashion style, but we also have an art set and blind bags for you this week.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Amazon Cyber Monday My Little Pony Deals Now Live
As is tradition, Cyber Monday is the day of the year to browse around online stores for great deals. Amazon does exactly that and we'd like to help you a bit with finding the My Little Pony sales they have going on. Over on MLP sale page you can get an overview of all sales that are going on, but if you're also into other brands be sure to check out all toy-related sales of today.
To make it even easier for you we've selected some of the deals below, with quite a variety: brushables, Equestria Girls, FiM Collection and even a Guardians of Harmony figure. Enjoy!

MLP Gala Dresses Brushables Merchant Image
Some merchant images have appeared which shows some of the upcoming merchandise. Some of them we've seen already but some of these are new. If a set has already been spotted then you can go to our article by clicking on the header above the image.

Thanks to SweetLemons for the heads up! Have all the images below:

MLP Photo Finish and Royal Ribbon Explore Equestria Fashion Styles
Quite an interesting find. It turns out that the second wave of the Explore Equestria Fashion Styles have been spotted at Target US. As announced at the fair, the second wave consist of Photo Finish and Royal Ribbon. (The first wave contains Sapphire Shores and Starlight Glimmer) They have also been listed on the Target website for $14.99 dollars but according to the site they are only available in stores at the moment. However they are also listed on Amazon and they are $24.99 there but they are sold by a third-party seller so expect the price to drop later.

Thanks to TheSnuggleKinz for the heads up and image!

MLP Wonderbolt Fashion Style 6-pack
Taobao already revealed that the Wonderbolts line would be a Target Exclusive line, but as always Argos UK also carries this line, and for some reason the new Wonderbolt merchandise has been spotted both in-stores and online... well only two sets.

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MLP Explore Equestria Action Friends Fluttershy Available on AmazonMLP Explore Equestria Action Friends Fluttershy Available on Amazon
Earlier this week we shared some store finds from around the world, including finds of the Action Friends in UK stores, and online in Canada. Those from the US who were still waiting can rejoice, as Amazon has listed the first two figures (Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) online. The listings of both fashion style-sized figures are from 3rd party sellers, but both have a price of around $16, which is very reasonable.
Listings for both figures can be found below! (Thanks to April for the info)

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 And slowly but steady more of the announced merch seems to be available on Amazon. This time the Fashion Styles for Sapphire Shores and Starlight Glimmer are now available for order on Amazon for $14.99 each. Have the listings and other information below!

Store Finds: Action Friends, Fashion Styles & Minis
Another quick update on store finds around the world! This time it's the UK, Ireland and Canada with new finds.
We're looking at doing more posts like this to give you all a quick update of what's available around the world, and possibly near you. If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.